Thousands die as treatable bug rendered "deadly" by suppression of highly effective, safe cures

by David Linden

One of the biggest humanitarian crimes committed by the government throughout this alleged crisis has been the suppression of/ignoring/refusal to deploy known effective remedies for Covid 19.

Little or no threat to anyone with a reasonably functional immune system, Covid 19 is in fact a very treatable bug even for those who are more vulnerable.

Many of my friends and colleagues may dispute that the COVID19 virus actually exists for the very good reason that it has never after all this time and despite it being allegedly "everywhere" been isolated, seen as an existing entity in an electron microscope or had its genetic sequence mapped.

They may well be right. It is kind of like everybody being freaked out about a vampire apocalypse when it turns out after a year or so that nobody has actually seen or can point to an actual vampire. However, for the sake of argument here, I am going to ignore the troublesome lack of hard evidence and assume that a COVID 19 virus actually exists even though it is nowhere near as virulent or deadly as its advertisers have made out.

One of the proven remedies for the virus is Ivermectin. The above meme gives you a neat summary of its stats and this link [Ivermectin is effective for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 48 studies] gives you the full scoop for those who want to delve into the nitty gritty.

Some doctors using Ivermectin are reporting a zero fatality rate and others a results/survival rate close to 100%. By way of just one example among man, here is the highly reputable US physician Pierre Kory explaining why he strongly advocates its use.

The studies cited here suggest somewhere in the region of an 80% success rate and this gels with reports from many other physicians.

This suggests that if we take the UK gov's notoriously false death stats at face value (about 120 000 at this writing), the large scale deployment of Ivermectin, not to mention other remedies, would have reduced the serious illness toll by 80% and the demand for hospital beds, intensive care etc by 80%. It would have reduced the alleged fatalities from 120, 000 to 24, 000.

The mere fact of deploying Ivermectin and allied remedies - actually helping doctors bring a workable cure to their patients - on a broad scale would, in essence, have meant no pandemic to terrify people about and no mass sales of vaccines.

The 24 000 alleged fatalities would have been reduced further by (a) not using intubation which is now known to have killed patients and (b) not releasing elderly people early from hospital with various infections so they could them infect others in their nursing homes with COVID19 or whatever infections they happened to have, which were being routinely counted as "COVID19" and (c) not issuing the scandalous blanket DNRs that resulted in more avoidable deaths.

But that is assuming the gov's fatality stats are even remotely accurate. The tricks used to inflate the numbers are now well known. They include but are not limited to:

(a) lumping various illnesses with similar symptoms together (flu, colds, pneumonia, chest infections, Influenza A, Influenza B etc) under the blanket term "COVID 19". This is an old trick that was done with the polio epidemic and AIDS and possibly others. It gives you a ready-made epidemic.

(b) using the flawed and fraudulent PCR test, the shortcomings of which are now well known, that gives you thousands - some say over 90% - false positives. When anyone tested positive (falsely or otherwise) dies within 28 days of the test they are counted as a COVID 19 fatality even if they had a heart attack or were run over by a ruddy bus. Again, this deception is well known.

The fatality figures have been inflated so that a completely false number has been generated. The excellent news site UKColumn has estimated that the true number of deaths that were actually caused by the COVID19 bug - and almost exclusively the very frail and elderly or those suffering from serious illnesses such as diabetes and cancer - is around 18, 000.

Had the known remedies such as Ivermectin been deployed and not ignored, the fatalities form COVID19 might well have been around 3600 for the UK. Fewer if the other factors such as early release from hospitals, DNRs and intubation discussed above are taken into account.

3600 or fewer fatalities, mainly amongst the very frail and elderly would have created no terror nd provided no excuse to mass market experimental vaccines, shut down the economy, confiscate human rights and generally give the citizenry a hard time.

The inhibition of the normal workings of the NHS (doctors unable to see patients, cancelled operations etc) due to re-prioritisation would not have occurred and this would have saved thousands of lives as well.

The falsification of the stats, the use of the fraudulent PCR test and the withholding of known remedies all comprise the woof and warp of a mass deception, the creation of a fake pandemic that amounts for all intents and purposes to an attack by a criminal government upon its own people.

Those responsible must be held to account.

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