by David Linden

COVID UPDATE IN BRIEF 3rd October 2021

Concerns are growing over the true motives for the government's vaccination program as worrying data continues to emerge that shows:

The SARS COV-2virus has a very low hospitalisation and fatality rate even among the elderly.

For most demographics it remains statistically very close to zero even without the several highly effective remedies that exist.

These revelations have come as a surprise to some as obfuscation and mis-representation of the statistics by government and media sources had conspired to create a false picture of the actual situation.

The data reveals that we are not facing a mass-killing epidemic that might have justified a reckless stampede to administer experimental injections.

This has led to the widespread realization that the government's evident obsession with injecting every citizen with disregard for the clear and present dangers thereof is simply not warranted by the actual situation.

This is particularly so when it comes to children and young people as it has been plainly obvious from the outset that they are at virtually-zero risk from this particular virus.

As more and more people become aware that the relentless vaccination push, the vaccine passports and other violations of basic rights are not justified by the situation that actually exists, questions are now being asked in a growing number of circles as to what the true motives for the vaccine drive could be.

This mystery has become all the more pressing in light of the fact that more people are being killed or made more severely ill by the vaccines than by the alleged virus.

As these are early days, with adverse reactions and death already many times more the combined injuries and deaths of all other vaccines in history, it is feared that in the longer term the effects of the experimental injections may well turn out to be truly catastrophic.

As one observer said:

"In a way we are fortunate that so many injuries showed up almost immediately because they in effect sounded an alarm that prompted many people to show sensible caution and avoid the injections. As they are under no real threat from the virus - especially as so many safe remedies exist in any case - a "wait and see" approach has been the wisest course. With the horrifying extent of vax injuries now showing up, that caution has been vindicated and may turn out to have saved many people from serious health problems and even death."

To date, the government has provided no satisfactory explanation for its behaviour, although it is hoped - for its own sake as its drive has placed millions of children at needless risk and thus accelerated the growth of popular anger - that it will soon come clean as to its true agenda.