On Experimental Vaccines and pseudo vaccines

How Big Pharma rakes it in by turning the citizenry into guinea pigs

by David Linden

Okay, so the vaxes and pseud-vaxes are authorised for EMERGENCY USE. This is probably not understood by many people, mainly because it is not thoroughly explained by those in a terrible rush to inject them into their bodies..

They are still in their clinical trial phase.

In the interests of "informed consent", are people clearly told this when they are vaccinated?

Anyone who asserts they have been fully trialled and tested and are proven safe is LYING. Because the clinical trials that would establish this or disprove it have not been completed.

The reason we have long term trials is that the adverse effects from vaccines, if they occur, tend to show up over a protracted period of time (long term health issues and so forth).

Hence the clinical trials. The clinical trials will not be complete until 2023 when we'll have a better idea as to their safety and efficacy. Even then there are no guarantees - the Swine Flu vaccine for instance (allegedly thoroughly trialled and tested) caused adverse health issues such as narcolepsy that resulted in the manufacturer getting sued (this was before Big Pharma's pals in government took steps to protect the industry from the consequences of injuring people).

The general population, in being given this experimental product still under trial are in effect participating in those long-term trials as unwitting guinea pigs.

The use of the general population as lab rats has already shown up various problems such as the risk for people who have allergy problems. The proper trials not having been done this soon became evident once the trials on the general population were under way.

It is not yet known what other problems are going to become evident over the next few years. Again, if there are any, such as sterility, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases etc, these would have (probably) been detected in clinical trials and will now be detected instead if citizens become ill or die.

Someone pointed out that this use of the general population as guinea pigs upon whom chemical corporations test their products (and rake in the dosh whilst doing so) is probably a new phenomenon. Even the vicious psychopaths of Nazi Germany selected despised minorities such as the Jews for their experiments and did not extend their crimes to using the entire German populace. Evidently the UK and other governments have now taken this additional psychotic step and have included their entire populations as despised minorities who are fair game.

While the 'emergency" persists, Big Pharma can make money from these biochemical agents REGARDLESS OF HOW SAFE OR UNSAFE THEY ARE. At roughly 20GBP per dose, and with two doses per person they are making 40GBP per person who submits. Given there have already been 25 million doses allegedly administered in the UK, then they have already made around half a billion GBP from the UK alone.

This is a brilliant caper. They get each citizen to pay them for the privilege of being a guinea pig in their trials and rake it in before their product has even been approved safe for general use.

They will continue to do so as long as the alleged emergency persists.

Their pals in government can keep the emergency going with all the usual trickery, manipulation of the stats etc simply by asserting there is an emergency going on.

This may or may not include lockdowns in one form or another.


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