The People's Guardian is coming

On the decay of government - and how to correct it

A leading People's Media website, UK Reloaded, has today advocated the setting up of a "People's Guardian" to act as a watchdog over government.

With power drawn from the grass roots support of millions of citizens, the vision is of a powerful non-party political movement able to advise and instruct politicians as to acceptable conduct.

The advocate of the new movement envisions that this will correct the decay of government and the consequent disaffection from it by a dangerously large number of citizens.

It is a proces of decay that the current unlwful and dishonest behaviour of the criminal cliques who have seized the helm of state has brought to a crisis point.

With the patience of the citizenry worn thin, the new initiative sets out a set of constructive ideas as to where we go from here andhw we restore value, life and integrity to our government.

We highly recommned you read the article in full. You can find it here