Unite and Win or Squabble and Die

Right and Left united by common enemy

by Karl HOBBS

The breathtaking global growth of the Freedom Movement, catalysed and inspired by the globalist attack on the human community, has taken on another encouraging aspect: that of across-the-spectrum unity against a common enemy.

This phenomenon was recently exemplified by a Sky News discussion between Conservative pundit Tucker Carlson and leading Democrat Naomi Wolf ( a former democrat advisor and the author of 'The End of America').

With implications for the whole global community and not just US politics, the discussion brought into focus an important fac that more and more people are starting to recognise:

Regardless of our party affiliations, we have a common enemy.

The recognition is now spreading so fast that the globalist attack on our nations and communities in the form of the heavily propagandised Covid Terror operation, may be having an unplanned-for result: the spontaneous unification of the People in the face of a common survival threat.

One source, the columnist Kieron McFadden, who writes exclusively for UK Reloaded and The Liberty Beacon explained the phenomenon further thus:

Whether we identify as left or right, conservative or liberal, working against the very survival of all of us is a suppressive faction that recognises and values no such ideals or allegiances. That enemy is a self serving, parasitic "elite" who are working hard to end democracy, end political debate and end any meaningful affiliation to political or social ideals.

They do not care about you and are working against you WHOEVER you are and WHATEVER your beliefs and ideals.

They will destroy and enslave you if you let them.

They will divest you of everything whilst you are busy arguing with your fellow citizens over goals and values that will be rendered void and meaningless if they win the day.

We, all of us, really must wise up, raise our game and Unite and Win.

Or succumb to their divide-and-rule provocations to squabble - and thereby perish.

The view can be found here https://www.bitchute.com/video/JZj1hAnPn0K8/

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