Blinded by the Science

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help people see

by Kieron McFadden

One of the problems with this latest subversive attack on our civilisation is that it uses "science" or the pretence thereof anyway.

And the fake science hits us under cover of a smokescreen of complexity, highly technical jargon and big words very few people understand, except experts and I'm not sure all of those do either.

The whole issue of viruses, vaccines, tests and trials and all the rest comes to us packaged up in the most horrendous technical jargon anyone ever saw. The arguments fly back and forth, people copy-and-paste technical papers that may or may not be completely stupid (but who knows?) that they themselves don't really understand and use that to try and bamboozle someone else.

Try reading about any technical subject, be it virology, epidemiology, chemistry, astronautics, cosmology or ruddy bee keeping without clearing up all the technical jargon the experts fling about and you end up feeling pretty stupid about the whole thing. And you don't have days on end to clear up one technical word after another, and then technical words in the definitions of technical words so as to become an expert in genetics in order to know whether Boris Johnson and his chums at Pfizer are trying to covertly sterilise you or cull your grandma.

There are people who understand the technical stuff but they are few and they are generally rubbish at explaining their subject to laymen like you or me.

So we all wind up in a big fog of confusion and half-understoods and we get upset with the subject, with the source of the big words and with one another .

The government and other oppressive elements use this confusion to bewitch, bother and bewilder the citizenry and the citizenry will often take on board the media propaganda sound bites because at least they can be understood even while they're lies.

"We're following The Science" says our slightly demented unkempt Prime Minister. Or "We are so relieved that the heroes at Pfizer have come to our rescue with a vaccine after several days of heroic research!"

Well, everybody can understand those PR sentences. They make sense. They may not be entirely truthful but at least we can understand them. But what lies in back of them, the science, is a different kettle of fish. So it's easier to take the muppet's word for it than ransack Google for an impromptu degree in biochemistry (Google is generally rubbish at explaining things as well) in an effort to grasp what that science is exactly.

And then having gotten it all squared away, having to start all over again when a few thousand virologists, epidemiologists and so forth interject a bazillion challenges that are bewilderingly scienc-y as well.

The position of the boys at Suppression Central is an untenable one, full of holes but, for many, full of scientific mystery they can't penetrate. The rubbish put out by the architects of the coup is easily debunked and there are thousands of experts ready and able to do the debunking except that very often the debunking is just as hard to understand and merely adds to the fog of confusion.

That slightly glazed look in the eyes of the mask-wearing public in Sainsbury's or Tesco is bewilderment enshrouded in a mental fog of half understood or misunderstood meanings and the enigmatic mysteries of the abstruse gods of Science to which only its anointed High Priests by the name of Hancock, Johnson, Vallance and Sunak are privy.

So the Freedom Movement could do itself a big favour by not assuming every housewife or window cleaner in the country has a degree in biochemistry or has any more than a vague idea, for example, of what a gene is.

It can understand that that housewife or window cleaner are in large measure excluded from the game by those confusions.

It can take some trouble to ensure the citizen is armed with true understanding by explaining the issues, the arguments and the science if possible in simple layman's terms that do not assume prior knowledge.

In other words, give the layman a ruddy break.

Knowledge and understanding will empower the citizen and free him won't it? Which is why the effort of the boys operating out of Suppression Central goes in the opposite direction of seeking to bamboozle, befuddle and deceive.

Help raise understanding and all else will follow.

We are trying to free people after all, not merely force our own viewpoint on them.

Increased understanding is the antidote to brainwashing.