Widespread Covid Unrest Sweeps France

BREAKING NEWS 19th July 2021:

by Stefan LeChef

Widespread Covid unrest sweeps France.

News coming in tells us what the French think of their globalist stooge Macroleon after his escalation of the attack on his own people with proposed vaccine passports and other idiocies.

You muck the French about at your peril as Le Muppet Grotesque is now finding out as protests erupt in 134 French towns and cities .

This is according to the MSM, which likes to play down the Contra-Stupidity narrative as much as it can get away with so the protests are probably even greater than they are letting on.

The thing is people will put up with a lot from their governments but there is a point where enough is enough. Macroleon has brought France close to that point.

UK next?

I'll bring you more info on the unrest in France as soon as I have it