Johnson, Hancock sued over Test and Trace

The Two Hoaxers in the dock. Scum rises as more corruption surfaces

by Mike Lords

As if being ringleaders in the COVID Hoax were not enough corruption for the long-suffering British public to be going on with . the villainous duo, Johnson and Hancock, are also being sued over irregularities arising from the appointment of Tory peer Dido Harding as head of the government's Test and Trace system.

The Good Law Project and the Runnymede Trust have brought forward legal action against the two over alleged cronyism.

They claim that top-level Conservative Party affiliates were given key public sector roles on a bypass of the proper and regular processes for recruitment and that positions were filled without being advertised to the public.

They also claim that the blatant cronyism exhibited by government violated its legal and moral duty to safeguard public sector equality and the Equality Act 2010 in the process.

Recruitment of a Tory Party without open competition, they contend, contributed to discrimination.against people from ethnic and other minorities.

This latest episode comes on top the scandal involving this corruption-ridden government';s awarding of track and trace contracts to SERCO.

In a backroom deal, the Outsourcing giant was quietlyhanded a £57 million contract to run provide "management services" at COVID testing centres across the UK without putting the contracts out to tender

The government used the hoax COVID-19 pandemic as the excuse to take advantage of an exemption in procurement laws so as to avoid opening public contracts to competition.

Labour MP Dawn Butler, a member of the House of Commons science and technology select committee, said the lack of transparency around pandemic outsourcing is a “national scandal”.

A weak Parliament has, however, done nothing enforce ethical conduct upon miscreant ministers.

Many believe that SERCO's Tory party connections may have played a part in the favoritism, as its CEO is Rupert Soame. He’s a man with an undistinguished business career, but he is a grandson of Churchill, a brother-in-law of Tory MP Phillip Dunne and younger brother of former Tory grandee Nicholas Soames.

In 2019 SERVCO was fined nearly £23m as part of a settlement with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) over electronic tagging contracts.

Partners-in-crimes. The two Hoaxers, Johnson and Hancock