Excellent news from the Covid Front as the alleged pandemic winds down

by Steve Cook

It is refreshing to be able to bring you some good news about Covid19, despite the government's best efforts to protect the Eugenics industry by prolonging the statistical gloom.

The ongoing mass experiment in which millions of citizens selflessly sacrificed themselves to science, has shown conclusively that the threat of Covid19 to your health and wellbeing, seriously overstated from the outset, has since dwindled to negligible levels.

At the same time, it has emerged that the single most worrying threat to human life and wellbeing is currently the government, although many experts argue that this has always been the case and governments routinely kill more of their citizens through malice, mismanagement and ineptitude than any natural causes, albeit such governments routinely manage to obfuscate the facts and shift the blame.

The following quotes demonstrate thoroughly that you have LITTLE TO FEAR from Covid19 itself, yet considerably more to fear from various hostile criminal elements who have hijacked the government and are trying to kill the citizenry.

Not having something to fear can be understandably distressing to those who value having an intangible but widespread menace in their lives but they can be reassured that whilst Covid is now exposed as a not-credible source of fear, their government has stepped in to fill the breach admirably by providing all the very real threat you will ever need.

Many people are asking what happened to Covid19, the illness that by a remarkable coincidence is in almost all cases indistinguishable from colds and flu and can be shown to exist by such methods as the PCR test's famous false positives.

Having been marketed for over a year as something as frightening as the Black Death, explanations are being sought for how it was able to generate widespread hysteria given its very high percentage of no or mild symptoms and low fatality rate across almost every demographic..

An explanation may lie in the fact that the alleged past and present surges in "cases" misdiagnosed from the flawed PCR test, are now fortunately broadly understood to be statistical falsehoods. The inability of the PRC test to diagnose anything is also now well known, as is its tendency to produce false positives as well as its inability, recently admitted by the CDC, to distinguish between Covid 19 and influenza.

These basic shortcomings combined with the various tricks and fiddles with the stats for which governments are famous are now known to have created stats that falsely show surges of cases.

What has also not been explained to the public for fear that the news would bring a premature end to the panic is that these alleged surges are:

a.) of increasingly mild or asymptomatic 'cases' amid very large numbers of false diagnoses and

b.) lead to far fewer deaths (see this article https://stiriinternationale.ro/four-charts-showing.../). In fact, actual deaths are running close to zero even for those already in poor health DESPITE the various tricks used to inflate the death stats.

This aligns with the phenomenon known to virologists as 'Muller's Ratchet' whereby viruses mutate in the direction of becoming more infectious but progressively milder. And the current disease being advertised is now proven to be not even as infectious as it has been portrayed by the misleading statistics.

Insight into how the stats are fiddled by the statisticians of the currently government death cult, is very ably provided by the FB Page called 'John Dee's Almanac', where a retired NHS statistician does a priceless job of explaining how the various statistical tricks and deceits are worked.

As pointed out by numerous experts, alongside this alleged bug becoming progressively milder, KNOWN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE remedies have existed from the outset but have been withheld from thousands of people who needed them so that experimental pseudo-vaccines could be marketed.

This was deemed a vital strategy to help the Eugenics industry make maximum profits whilst pursuing its objectives in the so-called War on Wellness.

A surprise development and setback to the plan to inject the entire populace before anyone realised anything was amiss with the alleged vaccines, however, has been the early onset of serious adverse reactions and fatalities. These have provided the target populace with early warnings of danger the architects of the rollout could have done without.

The warnings have proven quite stark, prompting broad resistance to the so-called jabs on the part of millions of people who are not in apathy and would prefer not to die. Consequently the experimental pseudo-vaccines, in just a few short months, have swiftly accrued far more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines combined:

" . . . . the number of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines reported to the MHRA, totalling 1,037,376, are 17.25 times higher than the number of adverse reactions reported to the MHRA to all other vaccines approved since 2010.

" . . . . the number of deaths due to the Covid-19 vaccines reported to the MHRA, totalling 1,440, are over 5 times higher than the number of deaths reported to the MHRA as adverse reactions to all other vaccines approved since 2010."

This is a frightening figure when you consider the total number of adverse reactions and deaths for the Covid-19 vaccines have accumulated over 6 months compared to the total number of adverse reactions and deaths for all other vaccines approved since 2010 having accumulated over the past 11 years."

SOURCE (Early July 2021): https://dailyexpose.co.uk/.../fact-deaths-due-to-the.../

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