The War on Humanity, news from the psychiatric front

The War on Humanity: news from the psychiatric front

Intro by Steve Cook

The war on humanity has been going on for quite some time. The current debacle over the fake pandemic and the booby-trapped pseudo-vaccines is but the opening up of a new front.

The opening of the new front is a somewhat panicky effort by the enemies of Man prompted by the continual floundering of earlier offensives. Humanity should take great heart from the fact that all these elaborate attacks, their continual hammering and pounding of the human community toward the goal of crushing, cowing and enslaving Man have not succeeded.

They have caused the human community much needless pain and inflicted many casualties on people who deserve to be treated far better but they not in all this time and after a tremendous expenditure of effort achieved their goal.

Man is much tougher and more resilient than he is usually given credit for – and so it will prove with the current “health scare” offensive.

On the subject if earlier offensives, one such is that carried out by the globalists’ control cult of psychiatry, a “Fifth Column” attack that has caused much mischief. Whilst it flounders and fails it yet brings much needless suffering and turmoil to decent people.

We can help it flounder and fail some more by raising awareness of it and bringing everyone to an understanding of the enemy’s operations and what they are trying to do. That arming of people with knowledge can of itself help bring the sneaking saboteurs of the psychiatric cult to their knees.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has for the past half century led the counter offensive against psychiatry, shone searchlights upon its sneak attacks and provided understanding of the enemy’s strategies is fantastically empowering.


The unscientific redefinition of normal behaviour

By virtue of their junk science, psychiatrists are unnecessarily attempting to turn ordinary people into psychiatric patients. Through the unscientific redefinition of normal behaviour, the psychiatric industry has been busily promoting mental illness during these unprecedented times. By doing so, they have been adding to the already mounting concerns.

Dramatic sound bites from senior psychiatrists which paint a bleak picture of the future are more likely to create mental illness rather than do something constructive to alleviate natural concerns and restore mental strength and wellness.

This comes at a time when psychiatrists are attempting to be viewed on a par with medical professionals. Their practice however of redefining life’s problems as so-called ‘mental disorders’ has resulted in them and their profession being held up to ridicule. Scientific-sounding but meaningless headings are being used to fuel the profit-driven psychiatric industry.

In a significant departure from medical diagnosis, psychiatric diagnoses are devoted to the categorisation of symptoms only rather than the observation of actual physical disease. Without any scientific laboratory tests showing the presence or absence of mental problems, it is extremely difficult to see how psychiatry’s diagnostic system works.

A common psychiatric theory is that mental difficulties result from a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain and that drugs can address such an ‘imbalance.’ As with other psychiatric theories, there is no biological or other evidence to prove this theory.

There is no question that some people suffer from severe emotional problems, especially during this time. However, psychiatrists and drug companies have used this urgent and pressing problem to build themselves a lucrative niche, creating a multi-million pound industry that is feeding at the public trough.

Psychiatry will continue to try and infect the population with false ideas, which create unwanted conditions through the use of prescribed and dangerous mind-altering drugs. If however one were to maintain enough social distance from the profession, it would likely die out just like a virus.

As the planet goes through its various stages of reboot, it would be wise to remain aware and to be fully informed so that you can protect against the possibility of other false psychiatric ideas spreading and infecting the population.

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