OCHRE Tutorial

December 2014; Updated August 2016

The OCHRE Tutorial (TUT) is a special project intended for demonstration purposes and it is also available as a playground in which new users can try out OCHRE without getting into any trouble with official project data.

(Photo by M. Prosser)

To access the tutorial project, run OCHRE from any of the start-up links on the OCHRE website, select the OCHRE Tutorial project, and either double-click it, or click the Open project button. There is no need to enter a Username or Password. You will be assigned GUEST access with insert-delete privileges and you will be working anonymously. Feel free to add or change data, either just to experiment or as you follow along with suggestions in the tutorial guides below. If you have any trouble or any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for help or further information.

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1. Navigate to the Persons & Organizations hierarchy, then to the Guestbook hierarchy.

2. Click the insert new item button to add yourself as a new person.

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4. Leave us a note on the Notes tab of your person, with the date you visited.

Additional tutorials will be forthcoming. If there are topics you would like to see us address, please let us know.