Welcome to our vanity pages! Bienvenue!

Here you'll find many photos and lots of info about THE MAN and his wife, Catherine.


This site is intended mainly to document our travels, especially in the US and in South-East Asia where we worked as teachers for many years.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Catherine's parents, René and Jacqueline, shown here in Central Park, New York, in December 1987.

Voici donc le site de Catherine Colardelle et de Nigel Ward, tous les deux professeurs par profession. Vous découvrez l'unique paragraphe en français de tout le site (le site a été créé par Nigel, qui est anglais, d'où les bizarreries multiples...).

Ce site est surtout destiné à présenter à nos amis et à nos familles nos photos de voyages (nous nous sommes pas mal promenés en Asie du Sud-Est) et à leur donner de nos nouvelles. Des photos, il y en a!

Ce site est dédié aux parents de Catherine. Sa mère, Jacqueline, est décédée en décembre 1996 et son père, René, l'a rejoint en décembre 2002. Ils nous manquent beaucoup. Voici une photo prise à Central Park, New York, en décembre 1987.


THE MAN spent most of his childhood in the south of England (Guildford, then Surbiton) before moving to London to study physics at the Imperial College of Science and Technology. Following his heart, he moved to Brussels to be with his girlfriend, then back to England (Canterbury) for a year of teacher training. Back again in Brussels, he taught first English as a Foreign Language, then physics (at the British School and the International School). Next he moved to San Francisco, supposedly just for a year. But his heart was stolen by a not-so-wicked witch with the body of a ballet dancer and the mind of Proust, and he gave up all ties with Belgium and began teaching physics at the French American International School.

After a few years, THE WOMAN succeeded at last in casting a spell which carried them both far across the sea to a deserted little island called Hong Kong. Under the influence of another magic spell, THE MAN was temporarily reduced to the role of an 'amah' (domestic helper), cleaning dishes, washing floors, and massaging the pedestrian areas of HIS WOMAN. Looking for other victims, THE WOMAN found the perfect occupation, working in a school where innocent children were forced to submit to several hours of brain-washing every week. Faced with the difficult task of convincing her students that Latin is important, worthwhile and FUN, she worked miracles, or should I say magic? Such was the burgeoning power of the mistress of darkness that she had soon convinced the defenceless and naive young minds that Latin was the best invention since sliced baguette.

In 1994, THE WOMAN moved to Hong Kong to begin a six year contract at the French International School and THE MAN followed (heel, boy!) and spent several months writing high school physics software that was used in a number of international schools.

THE MAN taught science and information technology in 95-96 at the Hong Kong International School, then moved on to the German Swiss International School, and then back to the Hong Kong International School where he taught (97-00) various physics classes as well as Visual Basic Programming.

In 2000 the DYNAMIC DUO moved on to the Cote d'Azur, France, where THE MAN taught science and computer science at the Centre International de Valbonne (CIV) and THE WOMAN taught French and Latin in the same school.

THE WOMAN wasn't too happy at the CIV and worked hard to get a job elsewhere. In 2005 she was offered a nice teaching job in Brussels, where we lived from 2005 to 2014. THE WOMAN continued to teach French and Latin while THE MAN taught Integrated Science, Physics, Computer science (including robotics, which he introduced to the school).

In 2014 we moved back to the Cote d'Azur, where we are now.


THE WOMAN was made in Rheims, source of the world's most scintillating champagnes, while THE MAN was made in Sheffield, England, like many a fine blade.


THE WOMAN was born under the sign of Aquarius.

THE MAN is a well-balanced LIBRAN. In the Chinese calendar, he was born in the year of the DOG, an animal which the Chinese regard with very little respect unless served with glutinous rice and plenty of MSG.


THE WOMAN is a two-legged omnivore and THE MAN is of the same basic category, though there are some minor differences.


The DYNAMIC DUO can be reached at nward2008-at-gmail.com. Send us an email if you need our postal address, or phone number.


It is clear that both Nigel and Catherine were conceived in order to illuminate the Nintendo-impaired minds of generation X.


Nigel belongs to Ms. Catherine (pronounced like 'latrine') Colardelle, the finest Latin teacher ever to have taught in China! Catherine doesn't belong to ANYBODY!


Whither thou goest, I will go. (Except maybe Mongkok.)

Nigel at Point Lobos on the California coast, 1991.

And the proof that I was born to be a nerd...

My other half

It's the chalk that does it. Only in the rolling countryside surrounding the majestic "Montagne de Reims" does the soil contain such rich strata of pure white chalk. Brought up on a diet of chalky milk, chalky vegetables and chalky drinking water, it's no surprise that people born here are predestined to work in the teaching profession. How else could they avoid the horrors of CWS (chalk withdrawal syndrome)?

Oh, and that chalky soil also nourishes the local vines whose fermented juice is known in Epicurean circles as 'bubbly'.

Here's Catherine in 1968, preparing for her "Communion Solennelle".

So it is that Mademoiselle Catherine set forth into the world, bottle in one hand and box of chalk in the other. Our humble country girl headed first for the famous Louis Le Grand School for Boys. Where better could she indulge in stratospheric intellectual endeavor whilst enjoying the attention of a hormonally-impaired masculine majority?

Her search for Prince Charming was not fulfilled at Big Louis' place, however, and it was not long before she decided to pick up her toothbrush and begin the long trek to ... America. She settled down for a while in New York with a taxi driver with whom she shared a common interest in Hamiltonian mathematics. This photo was taken during her New York years, in 1980.

When the mathemagician moved to San Francisco our heroine followed, but miscalculations followed and their relationship didn't last long. Workwise, she was luckier, for she soon left a part time job with Liquid Air Corporation to join the faculty of that hallowed temple of learning, the French American International School of San Francisco. Yes, it is at FAIS that Ms. Colardelle first truly fell in love, or at least stepped in it. It is here that she met THE MAN. Faced with Catherine's dazzling beauty (see below), who could fail to fall under her spell?

Just look at that charming smile. In case you were wondering, this photograph has been lovingly enhanced.

Catherine and Nigel got married at San Francisco City Hall on July 5, 1994, and here's the OFFICIAL wedding photo to prove it.