Cap Ferrat and Eze

In October 2000 Brian, my father, and his wife Jo came to visit. They didn't stay long but we had time for a tour up to the village of Gourdon with its fine view of the back-country of Nice and Cannes, and the Med in the distance.

A few days later we headed up to Cap Ferrat, stopping in Nice on the way. We discovered a part of Nice that we had not seen before, for the city is separated in two halves by a hill. Here (below left) is the east section, seen from that hill. The sleek ferry to Corsica awaits departure.

Cap Ferrat is famous for expensive homes. We had been told that it also has fine nudist beaches but unfortunately they were empty (no pictures - sorry!). The walk around the peninsula was OK, but not great. Here (above right) is a typical scene.

Here, below left, is a view of Cap Ferrat taken from the 'Haute Corniche', a road that was made world-famous by the Hitchcock film 'To Catch a Thief'. And yes, the Med really IS this colour!

The tiny village of Eze (above right) is probably the most famous 'perched village' in the region. There used to be a chateau here but it was destroyed by order of king Louis XIV.

Below left: looking over the traditional rooftops of Eze to Cap Ferrat in the distance. We were surprised to find the village crowned by a large cactus garden.