Us in the US

We lived in San Francisco, California from 1988 to 1994, and hope to return... Here are some pix from our travels in the US and our time in San Francisco.

First, a link to a generic photo album:


Las Vegas

Truly an amazing place! Here are Catherine and her parents outside the Luxor pyramid.

And here's the entrance to another casino, Caesar's Palace.

Here is a Nevada photo album.


Click HERE for a photo album.


One of many crocodiles we saw in the Everglades. We had a good time there but I'm afraid the future of the "river of grass" looks grim as so much of the water that used to flow down here from Lake Okee Chobee is now diverted to developed areas.

The Keys

Sugar is a captive dolphin at one of the hotels on Sugar Key.

We saw Florida's highest mountain while we there - it reaches 26 feet above sea level.

We have a photo album called 'Indian Lands which has photos from Utah, New Mexico and more.


Bryce Canyon

We liked Bryce Canyon more than the Grand Canyon, though Bryce is much smaller. All most people can do at the Grand Canyon is take photos, whereas Bryce is like a bright orange city that you can walk around (in fact Catherine is overlooking the 'silent city' in this photo).

New Mexico


This beautiful Church of San Francisco is one of the oldest in the States.

By the way, if anyone finds the photo at the top of this page to be anti-American, please note that this gentleman is in fact French.