We've got a new baby! She joined us in October 2001. We adopted her at the age of 4 months - she was in such poor health that she looked like a two month old, weighing just 800 grams. She had ringworm, which turned out to be quite contagious... but we treat her every few days and her health has improved greatly. Here she is getting her first bath, prior to her treatment.

We had to soak Suki with a medicinal product every four days...

Although she was the least healthy kitten of the litter, she's actually very cute-looking. Her grandfather was voted the most handsome Sacré de Birmanie (Sacred cat of Burma, not to be confused with 'Burmese' cats) on the planet!

She'll probably always be small, like a kitten, but that's what most people would love their cats to be. She's irresistible!

This photo above left and the one below left were taken in December 2001 when Suki was 7 months old and had more than doubled her weight in the two months that we had had her. She's a thoroughbred, a blue point Sacré de Birmanie (Sacred cat of Burma, not to be confused with 'Burmese' cats), and her eyes are a quite startling blue.

The photo below right was taken in April 2002, when Suki was 10 months old, 3 kilos, completely healthy, and looking majestic!

Click HERE to see Suki bringing 6 kittens into the world in November 2002.