Big Sky Country

As we ventured far and wide through unexplored corners of the Great American Wilderness, one of our finest discoveries was a little known region on the Canadian border: Glacier National Park. This has the most impressive mountain scenery of any part of the US that we've seen, more dramatic than Colorado (we haven't been to Alaska). We still don't think that there is anything in the contiguous US to match the majesty of the Alps, though.

Montana is nicknamed 'Big Sky Country' and the sky certainly does feel huge as you drive across the wide plains that make up much of this lonely state.

This area around BullHead Lake shows the U-shaped glacial valleys typical of the area. There are still a few glaciers left here but they are melting fast.

There are also plenty of mountain goats (I think they're trying to get rid of them) and an abundance of grizzlies (though we didn't see any, may the Lord be praised)

This is St. Mary Lake, near the border. Glacier National Park continues on the Canadian side under a different name, but we didn't have time to see that part.