We have a photo album of Wyoming photos.

Our drive from San Francisco to Wyoming took us across some vast areas of desert in Nevada. This gas station at Trinity City, Nevada, was the only building for many miles.

Below left is the world's most famous geyser! Yellowstone has more geysers than the rest of the world combined, but Old Faithful is still the most regular and the most majestic. The Old Faithful Lodge is a huge wooden building - even the old doors are beautiful...

Many of the hot pools at Yellowstone are works of art in themselves...

The Morning Glory Pool is one of many with spectacular colors due to the bacteria living in the very hot water.

To appreciate the size of the Grand Prismatic Pool, try to spot the people on the boardwalk to the left of this photo. This pool is best seen from the air but "no", I didn't take this picture.

We also spent some time near the 'Grand Tetons' (Big Nipples) and the picturesque town nearby known as Jackson Hole. Some of the Grand Teton peaks can be seen in this photo, behind the local bison.

Jackson Hole is a popular tourist town - and rightly so. One feature (see photo below left) is a park with arches made from thousands of elk antlers (elk lose their antlers every year).

We camped near Jenny Lake and did some great hiking up the Grand Teton mountains in the background (below right).