Our week in Provence was shamefully relaxing and passive - we spent most of the week hanging around the pool and reading, but it was such a nice pool!

We stayed in a converted water mill owned by a fairly successful writer. Le Moulin D'Auzigue had plenty of room for the four of us (Claire had left us for some kind of marine camp) and we were lucky that no one was staying in the rooms in the building next door since this meant we had the pool to ourselves.

Le Moulin d'Auzigue is located near Cavillargues, not far from Bagnoles, west of the Rhone.

The presence of vines in the garden gives some indication that the weather here is very kind, though we had our fair share of cloud here too. The mill had so much going for it - a charming building surrounded by beautiful trees in a sheltered valley - what more could you ask? And apart from the farmer/concierge couple in the adjoining building we had no neighbors for at least a kilometer and no traffic noise since the road was closed.

A half hour drive from the mill took us to this Cistercian abbey - it dates from the twelfth century.

The only proper day trip we made during our week in Provence was a tour through the Gorge de l'Ardeche - this gorge isn't well known outside France but at some points the gorge is very deep and most photogenic.

I probably shouldn't have included this photo as this is the worst part of the Gorge de l'Ardeche - swamped with tourists in the summer but still the best known image of this impressive gorge.