Photo Albums

I use Google photo albums more and more so that you can enjoy our photos in dazzling full screen quality. Don't forget to press F11 (Windows) to get true full screen. If you can't read the captions that should appear at the bottom of many photos then click the Info ('i') button to display them. Click HERE for the best page to see all our pre-2017 albums. Albums from 2017 and later can only be accessed via the links below:

Venice, Italy, November 2017 (album) (we also went in 2006)

Our garden

Dordogne, April 2017

Only look at the links below if you want to see the albums listed in (reverse) chronological order. You can find links to the same albums scattered throughout this site.

Xmas in London, December 2016

Brittany, France, September 2016

Valle d'Aosta, Italy, August 2016

South-West France, June 2016

Alpes-Maritimes, France, May/June 2016

Two weeks in London, December 2015

Vienna, Austria, June 2015

Bordeaux, France, August 2015

Les Callanques de Marseilles, France, April 2015

Triple birthday (Jo, Colin, Richard), UQ, June 2014

WW1 battlefields, France, April 2014

Julia and Simon visit, 2013

Sinai, Egypt, February 2013

Norway, May 2012

Santorini, Greece, May 2011

Portugal, May 2010

Me @ 50, July 2009

Red Sea, Egypt, 2009

Provence, France, summer 2008

A week in the UQ, July 2008

USA (not California or Hawaii), 1988-1994

California, USA, 1988-1994

Hawaii, USA, 1994-2000

Julia's wedding, 1986

30 Years of Family and Friends


Marrakesh, Morocco, 2008

Meet our cats


Venice in 2006