"Jenny Lind Chapel", Visitor's Guide ($10)

This 15-minute video, prepared by Erwin Weber and narrated by Kai Swanson, tells a moving story of the Chapel by means of colored slides, period photographs, paintings and documents. It follows the immigrants on their long journey in 1849 from their homeland in northern Sweden to the rugged frontier plains in northwestern Illinois.

"Jenny Lind Chapel", Historic Site ($20)

This 50-minute video, also prepared by Erwin Weber, provides a more detailed account of the history of the Chapel. The host and narrator is Dr. Conrad Bergendoff who was the fifth president of Augustana College (1935-1962). Other narrators include Albert Lestor, Hortence Lindorff, Harry Nelson and Kai Swanson.

For both videos, Dr. Tom Robin Harris and Janina Ehrlich, former members of the Augustana College music department, and Jeff Cohen, a former concert artist at the college, composed the background music. Traditional Swedish hymns are played on the organ in Jenny Lind Chapel by Hortence Lindorff.

These two videos are now available in DVD format and may be purchased at the chapel museum for $10 and $20, respectively. If you wish to have them sent to you by mail, please print page 2 of this document, fill it out and send it to the Chapel. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement that your order has been received if you supply your e-mail address.

Note: These DVDs will play fine in the DVD players of modern computers and in external DVD drives connected to computers. They might not play in older, stand-alone DVD players.

Here is a copy of the instructions for viewing the videos at the Chapel museum.