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Regenerative agriculture

Food and shelter are human rights

We give away bread and food for the needy over five years now. We try to help in all fundamental aspectes like; food, advise, with letters, procedures and more. Support in the form of food or other useful materials and more locations to continu en let grow our work is welcome ffrmnetwork@gmail.com 'Let's make this World a better place'.

Our Mission: Let's make this world be(e) friendly as a real paradise!

Everybody has the possibility to participate in our way of working

Stimulate consciousness in every aspect were you

see better possibilities

Try to help each other in any aspect

Let us know your actions and thoughts and participate into the new possibilities

Sing, act, inform, change your perspective, choice to create happiness, plant a tree, innovative, healthy, good for your children and future proof in any aspect. You will start today? We will help you!

Your own True Nature and True Nature in General

We ask you to make a decision; Lets make this World a more natural, healthy and beautiful place. We inform you, invite you and stimulate were asked to start beautiful initiatives all over the World.

We started with our EcoPeace Mark to invite all sort of people, organizations, company's, and others to participate in a new society Link (Dutch)

Natural health *

Innovation *

Perspective in agriculture *

Food security *

Regenerative agriculture and gardens*

Sustainability *

Rights of Indigenous people*

Social help *

Education *

Save our planet *

Earthcare *

Free from financial slavery *

The future of our children *

Deep democracy *

Grateful gardens *

Inspiration *

Monitoring *

Network *

Climate Change Anwers*

Agro Ecology*

Regenerative agriculture*

Syntropische landbouw*

Ancient Future Regeneration Gardens*

* Consultation possible in any given situation

* Exchange of useful information * ffrmnetwork@gmail.com

Let's make this world lookalike a paradise!

EcoVrede Nederland initiatieven en publicaties;

Armoede..; of een verkeerde benaming Artikel Zomer 2018

Afvalverwerking; een andere aanpak Artikel Zomer 2018

Tiny Houses en Natuurontwikkeling Ontwerpschets met de uitnodiging ons ruimte te geven Herfst 2018

EVS Gebouwbeheer Non Profit

Food Forests Advice, Realisation, Implementation Social Profit

Homepage FFRM Network Dutch/Nederlands

Welcome! We are happy that you are interested and that you are visiting our website. We have a lot to tell you. Our basic goal is building up stepping stones to a natural-living society in harmony with nature. Making a paradise! Creating a form of a Local Natural Basic Income. We initiate food forests wherever needed or asked for. A food forest (FF) is a first practical stepping stone towards a different way of working in food production and agriculture, support of natural biodiversity, education and other useful aspects to serve this society. In most countries, food forests are only in the beginning of their progress. A lot has to be studied. Because of that, we made a first step, as you can read below, in 'scientifically proven' research methods, a quality mark to serve initiatives, and backup in realizing food forests on every location in the world. We give advice and support and ask you to participate in our network. Together we can make this world a better place. You will find more information here.

Thank you!

Like to stay in touch or want to participate? Let us know.

We like to share our knowledge about the possibilities and the profits of implementing food forests. It's all about an innovative new way of thinking and acting!

  • A food forest is a climate-smart and environmentally sustainable food system

Food for free as a natural basic income. Everybody has the right to eat and the right to feed their children in the best way possible!

Food forests as a new way of thinking, acting and organising:

future-proof, inspiring, healthy, good looking, cool and social

When we started after a lot of research:

EcoVrede Netherlands and FFRM Network: Vision Document

Making Paradise 2 EcoVredeGaard Extern Voorjaar 2017


'Land restoration combined with the realization of Food Forests will fight climate change, protecting ecosystems with good results in health, educational possibilities, stimulating biodiversity, the stable availability of building materials, and more. The future of man is in the woods. Let's make a paradise!'

FFRMnetwork introduction April 2018

Abstract FFRM Network Spring 2018 Presentation at the EURAF Conference Nijmegen NL


Food Forest Abbreviations Become a partner in FFRM Network?


'Food forests increase livability especially when they are realized in or nearby cities. That is also an aspect of choice in the development of, or in adaptations to, a city. The question is; w hat is in the first place; income through new constructions or livability and various other health-generating aspects to all people. We like to inform you! www.ffrmnetwork.org'

We have to change our way of thinking and decision making!

Honest products, way of working and future proof; how can we act in a more natural way as human beings? What can we learn to our children about nature and natural living and protect their future for example by planting food forests. www.ffrmnetwork.org

Please fill out the online form by clicking this link:

We respect your privacy and will only send essential information no more as once every month.

You can reach us about;

  • Advise in starting a food forest
  • Research tools
  • Lecture or meeting
  • Background information
  • Specialist questions
  • Social and Money aspects
  • Or any related item!


* Legal support in legal and regulatory matters, changes and extra statements

* Writing documents and requests

* Setting up partnerships

* Advice in realization of the combination nature and food production, business transition

* Realization of food forests and other natural initiatives - planning, workshops, guidance

* Innovations in science related to building up a healthy society

Consultation hours for food forests and related initiatives

Every wednesday afternoon we provide a consultation hour from 13 to 15 hours.

Information that can help you;

  • Design and construction
  • Involved Instances
  • Regulation
  • Ownership
  • Guidance in specific processes
  • Plant material selection
  • Soil processing aspects
  • Monitoring
  • Communication aspects
  • Applications and budget
  • FFRM Quality mark for your location
  • Network partner
  • Sharing research data

** All other common topics.

  • We provide lectures and workshops for starting groups.
  • You can subscribe to our regular information service.

  • Questions also possible by email
  • By telephone on request
  • Visit us in Arnhem - Netherlands

FFRM network; Food Forest Realization and Monitoring

FFRM Network

Food Forest Realisation & Monitoring

A new social initiative in building up a healthy society!

We like to work together with different persons and organizations around the World in all sorts and forms!

  • Advise, research, helping hands, innovative concepts, new goals, working with new rules, understanding nature!

Po Box 60051 6800 JB Arnhem - NL / EG

EcoVrede Nederland - Stichting EVS NL - EG

  • Bank: NL23RABO158439635 on the name of EVS - Arnhem NL
  • KvK: 50879804 NL

If you like to get our publication on paper please(!) set your name and address extra(!) in the description at your payment!

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' Food forests increase livability especially when they are realized in or nearby cities. That's also an aspect of choice in the development of, or in adaptations to, a city and the policymakers. What's on the first place; income through new constructions or livability and various other health-generating aspects to all the people?

We like to inform you! It's about a new way of thinking and acting. 'Let's make this World a better place to be!' www.ffrmnetwork.org

We ask for locations to realize these wonderful initiatives. See our website to get more information www.ecovrede.nl or send us an email at; ffrmnetwork at gmail.com '


Bring our live (more) in harmony with nature

Hoe natuurvolkeren in de problemen komen en wat zij eten moeten aanpassen vanwege palmolieplantages.Het is er moeilijker op geworden .. niet beter. De natuur gaat achteruit, soorten nemen af en er is minder keuze en er moet meer gekocht worden.

Zo geraken mensen in een visieuze cirkel. Tijd om te veranderen en natuur als eerste prioriteit neer te zetten in al onze besluiten. Wij hebben heel veel kleine en zelfstandige boeren nodig die lokaal aan de slag gaan.