Contact or Communication with us in the best possible way

We like to inform you in the possibilities to stay in contact or get contact with us;

First; we prefer Gmail, Google Duo, Zoom, Jitsi, Google Meet

They can be find and downloaded for free and free in use.

Data or information transfer;

by Gmail or Google Drive

Big amount of data by We Tranfer

Like to have an appointment?

Please make a proposal in date and time! Look first at the international time zone to find an workable moment. We work normaly between nine and four o'clock - Central European time.

* Letters; Postbus 60051 6800 JB Arnhem NL/EG

* Email;

* Visitors; when we have an appointment be aware we have different locations to start in Arnhem, Elst and some others

Please sent us the following information to start properly;

  • your name and organization name
  • Your contact information; email, whats app, Internet site,
  • Questions or proposals
  • Ideas or questions arbout visiting a meeting, workshop or personal consult


  • Ask for a presentation or a lecture - give as the date, subjects, group information and how many time we have
  • Ideas for new papers
  • Useful information to other participants
  • Studies or study results

FFRM Network; Let's make this World like a real paradise!

FFRM Network is a non profit social initiative founded at the beginning of 2018 and based on study and research in the last ten years in the field of agriculture, food production, Nature and related items like bio communication, frequency and our common future. Working for the common good.


Phone; 0031(0)619679389 - first send us an email with your basic information (!)

Chamber of commerce: 50879804 - NL Company name EVS Ecological Innovative Society