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Soil Restoration, Ideas and stragegies for a regenerative way of working. Understanding nature - is building up our own future

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What if healing the soil and healing our relationship with soil is essential to healing ourselves, our society and our world?

What could that look like? What would that involve?

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"The dirt scientists know their work isn’t glamorous. But alarmed soil experts at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology, where scientists conduct crop studies lasting decades, say human activity above ground has wreaked havoc below.

Chemical spills, industrialized farming, urban sprawl and erosion are gnawing away on one of the world’s most relied-upon natural resources. It’s a problem that some soil scientists liken to climate change: glacial, inexorable, potentially disastrous if it’s left unaddressed.

The European Commission estimates Europe loses 9 million metric tons of soil annually — equivalent to 275 soccer pitches each day. Regaining just one cubic centimeter of topsoil can take centuries.

“The loss of the soil is really extreme around the world,” said Kelly Ramirez, a soil microbiologist at NIOO’s sleek Wageningen lab — a timber-and-glass structure roofed with grass and moss, surrounded by a moat. “Every year we wait and don’t act on these things it becomes worse and worse.” ..."

Bodem en Bewuste Bodemvervuiling

"Like most natural resources, we cannot continue to take soil for granted. It takes thousands of years to create a thin layer of soil and we are losing the rich, deep soil, which took hundreds of thousands of years to form, at an alarming rate. ..."

"Pillar 1: Promote sustainable management of soil resources for soil protection, conservation and sustainable productivity

The increasing degree and extent of soil degradation processes due to mismanagement and land use changes are threatening our soils. Urgent action is needed to reverse this trend if we are to ensure the necessary food production for future generations, mitigation of climate change, provision of clean groundwater, and reduction of biodiversity loss. ....."

(from the film above;) "Did you know that we are currently losing 12 million hectares of arable land every year due to desertification? This is about 23 hectares per minute! And 30% of all world's agricultural land is already highly degraded… where will we get the food to feed the growing population? Our planet will soon be home to 9 billion people, and providing enough food and vital resources for all will be a great challenge for our generation. Dams and man-made lakes are some of the main reasons for land degradation in fragile alluvium ecosystems. As the river continues to bring the same amount of dispensed sediments (same as before it was dammed), the mad starts to accumulate at the bottom of the reservoir. With time, this problem gets worse and worse - reducing the amount of available fresh water and hydropower. Namely more than 42% of the world’s dams face siltation problems in the next decade, with an estimated cost of siltation at over $21 billion per year. Afforest4Future has a system design that will tackle exactly these issues. It was developed during four years of doctoral research at TU Wien done by one of our founders, Vesela Tanaskovic. We offer a holistic approach to solve one of humanity’s burning issues. Our patent-pending methodology desilts desert lakes and prolongs their life cycle and efficiency whilst utilising the by-product to produce fertile soil from desert sand and rock. ...."