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It's a regular update on a Monday?? WTF?? Here's our news for this week 22/10/2018:



They're slowly but surely happening! Meguca and Barry Fosset are updated, stuff is slowly being uploaded to the GDrive, game reports are in progress. I won't stop until we're back up to date. Keep an eye on it over the next week or so.



A huge THANK YOU to our Rock Band party attendees for taking time out to come over and have a bit of fun scoffing, boozing, warbling into mics and pretending to be rockstars with plastic toy instruments. It was a blast, we should do it again some time.

Special mention to the Saturday D&D crew for their patience with constant schedule disruption these last few weeks. Your patience is appreciated, gang.



The Wednesday crew is nearing the end of the current adventure. Wednesday players should have a thought on whether they want to move onto Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for the next part of the campaign, whether they want a bit of PARANOIA to break up the play or whether we want to switch GMs (or switch to boardgaming) for the midweek slot for a while. Either way, this crew will remain active. I expect great things from the 'Murder Inn crew' for the future!

For the Saturday crew, normality resumes this week with the Barovian Nights game moving back to it's normal slot for Sat PMs.



We have some beginner's bouldering planned this week as I struggle to get back into shape after the back surgery. Meet me at the Depot Manchester in Trafford Park Tuesday night if you fancy some very easy, very light climbing and a lot of fun messing about on the walls. If you fancied a try, now's the best time to do it (while I'm still taking it easy myself!)

Quote of the week

"I can't sing. I really don't know the words for this one..." - Katie, before talking to the mic and absolutely NAILING a 100% run on Rock Band last Saturday. Good job, Katie!


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