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News and views

Here are the news and other things going on for week commencing 10/09/18. It's been a strange old week and there's a lot to put up so here's a little summary:


THE GOOD.......

Happily, there's lot's of little pockets of good news this week. Check it out:

Olly celebrated his birthday last week and is having a gathering shortly. Watch out for updates from Ol himself. Be sure to shoot Ol an 'Happy Birthday' or two!

Ol's bird (who has been very ill of late) is reportedly making a recovery. Good news indeed and I'm sure a weight off Ol's mind.

I was handed the 'all-clear' on my recent cancer scare and am apparently healing faster than expected. Welcome news around Butcher Farm and certainly one that brightened us up.

Sarah has been walking around independently without crutches for the first time since the Font trip and will be returning to work full time in her office rather than from home later this week. Not being properly mobile is always frustrating and this has also been a cause for some joy in the Butcher Farm household.

(I'm a little late to press with this but) Jess and James have announced their engagement!!! Jess's ring is beautiful and custom made (great choice, James!) and the pair are extremely happy. Please join us in congratulating them on such uplifting and excellent news!


...THE BAD...

Three members of our group have all been hit by redundancies recently - Jess, James and myself. As a result, please expect that some of us may not be as socially active for a while as we've gotta watch dem copper pieces. Jobhunting commences in 3...2...1... (my thanks to the group for their suggestions and leads so far).



We almost had character deaths on both Weds AND Sat this week for Olly and Denney! Quick thinking on both Katie and Dee's behalf saved deaths from occurring (and a well-timed critical failure on behalf of an attacking Wolf didn't hurt).

Following the fight with Alec's adventuring party in Secomber last Wednesday, the party (and some of Alec's people) have sort of been arrested and questioned. Meguca and her rival archer, Nyssa, are both in jail while the rest of Meguca's party are negotiating to allow the bones exchange and the opportunity to fix up the damage to the inn for their freedom.

Ol decided to save me the trouble of painting miniatures for what you've now turned into a recurring rivalry (or potential for future employment?). See his genius, below. Left to right it's Nev (the mysterious Rogue), Decker (the Priest), Nyssa (the Arcane Archer), Alec (the leader), Grylls (the Wildman/possible Druid), and Lex (the mad firebomb-throwing magic-user).

Quote of the week

"I'm looking forward to the last 90 minutes of the show which contains possibly the world's best Giraffe joke...." - Dave Gorman (comedian of 'Modern life is good-ish' fame performing his show, 'With Great Powerpoint comes great responsibility-point' on Sat). It really was the best Giraffe joke we've ever heard. I heartily recommend seeing this show in it's second run when Dave comes back to the Lowry in February. His support act (co-writer on 'Modern Life is....' Nick Doody) performs a literal love-song to Batman that just has to be heard, too. Well worth a night out.


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