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Here's this weeks updates for the week commencing 04/12/2018:


Both Wednesday and Saturday groups are in the midst of level up activities. I'll post new character sheets to the site soon.

The Wednesday group are about to embark on a new campaign following the Alchemist's life arc coming to a close. They will start on the story arch RED DAWNING next week.



The Barovian Nights campaign almost hit a TPK on Sat. Tackling the dungeons under the Durst Mansion, the party were caught between a Ghostly cult and their Avatar of Decay and an angry Strahd Von Zarovich.

A Beserk barbarian (Dee) went toe to toe with the vampire lord and the ghostly minions using an idea from an unconscious and half-drowned Gnome (Denney) while the selfless Priest (Nate) and the nimble archer/spell-chucker (Sarah) kept the cult at bay with their Channel Divinity/Magic Medallion combination. The game was TENSE.

All party members escaped with their lives (barely) and have rescued the ghosts of two frightened children in the process. Let's see what this week brings.



Some of the Wednesday group have a visit to the cinema in Manchester planned this Wednesday to see My Hero Academia - a popular anime (plot synopsis of the series here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Hero_Academia). Looks like a good time Speak to Olly and Ste if you want in on this outing.

Quote of the week

"Are there really just 50 shades of Grey?" - Kane.

So funny at the time, I just had to share it. I tasked one of the company's 4 apprentices with some desktop publishing work to include the company's website colours of Grey, white and green. This was his question when faced with figuring out which shade of grey he needed.

Gloriously clueless. A few weeks ago we asked him to go and get us some Tartan paint for the comms room and a left handed screwdriver....


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