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Here's this weeks updates for the festive period from 28/01/2019:



This week sees our youngest member celebrate his birthday. I hope you'll all join me is withing Nathan many happy returns this week. I hope your SO gets you may gaming goodies, buddy!



One of our Wednesday group members, Olly, is sadly stepping away from the regular campaign due to time pressures on his week. We'll be 'parking' his character, Meguca, and continuing on without him.

The Wednesday crew will miss you, Ol. We'll keep your seat warm if you find the time to game again.



With Olly leaving the crew, I need to perform some re-writes for the Red Dawning plot line (quite a lot of this next bit had ties directly to Meguca. I won't say much more than that). Given my schedule this week I doubt it would be fit for Wednesday so instead we will offer board gaming for this weeks session and pick up the campaign the week after.



For a start, thanks to everyone for putting up with the schedule disruptions these last two weeks. As has been evident recently, there may be some time disruptions to RPG campaigns over the next few weeks as I have to find jobs, fight for jobs, attend interviews, prep for exams etc. Given the nature of my job I can't predict these time pressures, sadly, but I'll do my best to keep people in the loop. My apologies for this but if it helps, look at it this way - If I don't have a job, I can't buy cool stuff for us all to game with :)

Please, continue to bear with me for a while so I can sort my job out. I promise it won't be for much longer.

Quote of the week

From Wednesday's DBZ movie....

Vegeta: Looks like this is going to be tougher than we thought.

Goku: Yeah... I can't wait!

(I wonder how Frieza felt about babysitting Broly while you and Vegeta played at body-sharing, Goku?)


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