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Here's this weeks updates for the period from 19/02/2019:



Various members of the group have been struck down with illness recently disrupting plans but it seems people are mostly on the mend, allowing us to get together again for fun around a table. Expect to see events return largely to normal scheduling soon.

For any still suffering, get well soon. We miss ya!



The Red Dawning campaign gets back on it's feet this week after some rewrites to the plot following Olly's departure. We'll do a recap and adventure forth into the Sword Coast this week, all being well with people.



Sarah wanted to invite the crew to go see the Lego Movie 2. Because everything IS awesome when you're part of a team.....including going to a movie.

Just let us know if you're interested and we'll arrange dates around that.

NOTE: It seems AMC are stopping evening showings as of Thursday this week for this one, as are most Odeon cinemas.



Steve bought me an Owlbear last week. A friggin' OWLBEAR. It's awesome. Now I need to unleash it on someone. Watch out! (Cheers, Dude!)



We wanted to express our thanks for people's patience with disruptions recently. We're not quite out of the woods yet but wanted to let you know that your efforts are noticed and appreciated.

Quote of the week

From Saturday's Barovian Night's campaign:

Nathan (to Denney): "If you do that I'm going to leap across this table and stab you up! Ya hear?!"

This outburst happened during a jailbreak the party just performed in order to rescue their NPC travelling companion (Ireena Kolyvich) from the clutches of the Burgomaster's thug, Izek. Denney was the only person with spell-slots left and was suggesting some interesting uses for the final slot as most of the party were on 1 HP.

It's a good job Nate was smiling as he wagged his finger mockingly at Denney so we all knew he was joking but in his defence, he really did need dem sweet healz.

No blue-haired gnomes were stabbed during the making of this game. All NPCs were saved to protect their honour. Don't worry, Den. I've moved the knives to the other side of the kitchen....


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