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Here's some updates for week commencing 22/07/2019:



Gaming is largely on hold this week due to a few events and some missing and some ill players.

Midweek slot is replaced by climbing this week, Ste has an eatery meet on tonight and Sarah has some Wedding prep stuff going on over the weekend. It's all go at the farm this week.



One of our missing players, Jack P, showed up for gaming on Saturday unexpectedly bringing tasty treats galore and getting stuck in to Formula D and Splendor and polling back a huge deficit to almost claim 2nd place in our race....only to be pipped back into 4th at the very last roll of the dice. Unlucky but plucky!

It was great to see you , Jack - next time, throw more car radios and boost harder.



I've had several requests both inside and outside of the gaming group to set up some climbing sessions so expect this to make a return to regular status over the next few weeks.

I'm rusty so if you want an easy start now would be the time to get into things here.



This little gem came from Dunning yesterday. Have a look at the video to the right and you'll see what I mean.

If you hear us scream "Diggy Diggy Hole" at short people for the next few weeks, you'll know why.

Quote of the week:

Ste (playing Formula D) "I just don't care. I'm either going to win or be a flaming ball of wreckage. What do I care? My driver's rich, she'll just buy a new car if she breaks this one"

Turns out Money is once again the greatest superpower when it comes to games. Ste won :)


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