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Here are the news and other things going on for week commencing 06/08/2018:



Exciting times for our Warlock/Thief combo from our C-Team, Koren and Daz. They've put in an offer on a lovely new house in Carrington and have a mortgage in principal. If all goes to plan it looks like they'll be moving really soon. Well done, you two! Give us a shout if you need any help with the move!



Sarah finally got her cast off last week. While she still needs her crutches, it was a huge relief for her and makes some things a lot easier. They've swapped the cast for a giant black armoured boot. It makes her look like some sort of tea-drinking, crutch-waving robot. Watch out if she ever gets hold of my airsoft gear - she may end up going all OCP on our asses!

"Drop it! Dead or alive, you're coming for tea"

Quote of the week

"Bone Appetit" - Olly (as he pressed his character's crossbow to the head of an enemy skeleton)

Ol had his bow-toting Warlock, Meguca, utter this little gem last Wednesday. have a look at the Alchemist's life Adventure log for details!


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