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Here's this weeks updates for the festive period from 07/01/2019:



Wednesday sees the launch of the Red Dawning campaign. With a familiar face returning to Dove's Aerie after the party takes possession and renovates, the party will be sent on a fetch-quest that may lead them on to seeing an old friend and, if completed, to something greater than even the Red Wizard thought possible.



The Barovian Nights campaign relaunches after it's break on Saturday. With the charcters being escorted to Vallaki by the town guard, what will they encounter at the town famed for keeping Strahd and his minions at bay with it's festivals?



Some of the crew visited Stabcon as advertised and played more than a few games. On our play list were:

  • Colt Express
  • Pandemic: Fall of Rome
  • Trains
  • Tiny Epic Zombies
  • Manifold (RPG)
  • The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls
  • String Railway
  • Nina and Pinto
  • Forbidden Sky
  • Deep Sea Adventure

While the play count was lower than most other years we've been, some of the games we played were very good indeed, especially the Sagrada and Formula D test plays Sarah and I did on Monday and the game of Splendor we had before the con.

Dee bought Tiny Epic Zombies (ask him to teach you that) and the Binding of Isaac is mine (Kickstarter. Arrived the day before the con and got it's first play there). I also acquired Power Grid.

Between this lot and the games gifted for Christmas/Birthday among the group, the crew are well stocked for boardgaming for a while!



I just wanted to put out a big THANK YOU to everyone's kindness over the festivities and my Birthday and for making our Dragonscale New Year event and Ste's Bowling night such a fab time. It's great to have great friends, and you lot are some of the greatest I could hope for.

For those of you who couldn't make festivities for work, prior engagements and so on: you were missed. We'll see you soon!

Quote of the week

Something from the Netflix Castlevania series that made me think of you lot. Sypha Belnades (magic-user), Trevor Belmont (monster hunter and wielder of the Vampire Killer whip) and Alucard (Dracula's Half-Vampire son), are preparing to travel together to kill Dracula when this exchange happens:

Sypha: Such a merry band we are. [She pauses, beginning to walk away then stops.] I will find us a covered wagon and horses if you two can manage not to kill each other while I'm gone. [She looks back at Trevor and Alucard.]

Alucard: Oh, please. We're not children.

[Sypha walks away.]

Trevor: [Pointing at Alucard] Eat sh*t and die.

Alucard: Yes, f*ck you.

[They both chuckle.]

You lot should recruit these three, they are just as dysfunctional as you are :)

Watch Castlevania - it's really quite good and is quite clever with it's use of the source material.


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