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Here's this weeks updates for the week commencing 12/11/2018:


The Wednesday game is on it's final session of the current adventure arc this week! Will the crew manage to confront the Halfling bandit-lord, Devaston, and reclaim their buddy Alchemist buddy, Alias Benbrook?

The Saturday game is cancelled this week due to wedding prep and family commitments. We tried to find a reschedule slot but it simply won't be possible this week - sorry, gang.



After both Jack and Steve's successes these last couple of weeks, I'm happy to report yet another huge success! Sarah managed her fist route climbs at Awesome Walls over the weekend, managing to get up several 6m and a whopping 12m tall climb despite having not been able to climb at all since her break. Well done, Minion!



Seems like the group have elected to continue with D&D after they 'assault' Devaston's tower. There will be a level up at the end of this session and a chance to switch characters for anyone wanting to do that.

Once we've done the 'campaign clean-up' we have a two week break for boardgaming while I write the next parts or linkages for the campaign (and do some reading if we hit Dragon Heist). During this break, we'll be offering boardgaming as an alternative entertainment. Games to be decided on player preference at each session - willing to take requests.

Quote of the week

"MAKI! MAKI! MAKI! MAKI!" - Denney, Sarah and Dee playing Sushi, GO! Party on Sat.Who knew collecting Japanese treats would turn the table into gibbering fools?


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