Logic Death Zone

Back in the late 1990's/early 2000's, I ran a website called Dragonscale.co.uk that was dedicated to UK based RPG resources. The website was typical of it's era (a bit ugly, somewhat disorganised and lacking in the rich media content of modern sites) but had a small, dedicated following and some features no other site was offering at the time.

The site included some RPG materials (D&D stuff, conversions, games, settings and even complete rule-systems), humour material, player doodles, interactive stories, forums and tales of utter Logic Death. Some of the old site's recovered contents are presented here unedited for your amusement and posterity. All I'll say is: the internet and the gaming hobby were very different back then. Enjoy!

Welcome to my abode.

I am, of course, Logic Death and I used to host the Logic Death Zone pages of the old Dragonscale site.

Many a time I heard the hapless souls of clueless gamers cry out to the heavens, "What is Logic Death!". Their Gods did not answer but thankfully, I am here to answer that query in person.

I am as my name suggests. I am the death of all logic. The momentary lapse in concentration that makes you crit a fellow party member by accident? That's me. The 1-in-a-million die-roll that comes in when you needed it least? That's also me. That dumb decision taken by an otherwise rational party member in a moment of madness that leads to hilarious (but unfortunate) circumstances? That's me, too.

I'm always there, ready to bring events to their ironic (and occasionally moronic) conclusions and have been stalking the Dragonscale group since the beginning. Even the decision to re-post old materials to this site is my influence at work and you can find links below.....you can thank me later.

Remember, Logic Death is always watching you.

Old Dragonscale site materials

  • Karaoke Khaos - alternative lyrics with a gamer theme for popular songs
  • Gallery - various doodles by gamers of the Dragonscale group
  • Project 2E - upgrades and re-workings for AD&D 2nd Ed's Players Option: Skills & Powers
  • Gaming Articles - various GM and player help articles I wrote for Dragonscale (and other) sites
  • Humour articles - amusing content from various incarnations of the old Logic Death Zone

More material will be added as I recover content out of my old backups. Gods help you all.