Barry Fosset

Race: Human

Class: Warlock (Hexblade)

Player: Chris Barton


Barry and his family are from a line of adventures based out of Waterdeep. Over the years his family have taken on many quests and adventures all over the city of Waterdeep. Over the year they'd been asked by the Helms, city watch and many other to deal with issues as they come and over the years more and more of the adventures would end up in the cities sewers and waterways. Dealing with monster infestations, remnants of the spell plague and various cults that developed the Fossets were seen asset to the city and began to be known as plumbers as they deal with things that are in the sewers and have a some of the best knowledge of the sewer systems of the city.

Barry used his family knowledge to smuggle wears and make a bit of money doing the odd double dealing and being generally a bit of ne'er-do-well in his youth. Until one day when he was in the sewers clearing out some kobolds and at the eastern section of the area, he found a room with drain pipes, a voice told him "you must solve the riddle in order to gain a magical sword."

After looking around he could see something down grating in the northwest corner of the sewer and to his surprise finds a Hand. After finding a note with other clues eventually he find a Kobold shaman with a staff and deciphers the rest of the clues to drain the pipes and then freed Lilarcor, also known as Lawrence Lilarcor, is an enchanted talking two handed sword.

Lawrence Lilarcor was well known, not for being brave, but as an idiot. As the tale goes, the boastful Lilarcor left his village at the urging of his friends so that the "great hero" could do battle with a devious Treant. He walked for days in the dead of winter until, feverish, he found his target and began an epic wrestling match. Unfortunately (or perhaps luckily), the "Treant" was nothing more than a craggy old normal oak. His friends had been jesting, not actually expecting that Lilarcor would go fight the fictitiously dangerous tree. That might have been the end of it, but Lilarcor, not really knowing what a Treant was in the first, didn't realize the truth. He eventually uprooted the oak and, marching proudly home, he declared himself a hero. Thus was born a laughing stock of epic proportions, and over time the name of Lilarcor became the sacrificial fool in many tales of "less than brilliance".It is not known whether this enchanted weapon is Lilarcor himself, perhaps imprisoned by an evil mage or some other odd coincidence of fate, but it certainly acts in a manner consistent with his level of competence. If it is he, he has never bemoaned his captivity. He might not realise, or care, that he is no longer a human.As a weapon, Lilarcor has its uses, but many a warrior has eventually given it away. Banter such as "Ouch, that musta hurt", "Oh yeah! Got 'im good", and "Beware my bite for it might...might...might really hurt or something" is a constant barrage on a warrior's psyche.

Character sheet

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