Cautious Hopes

Cautious Hope is an Alchemy shop in the town of Secomber set up and operated by the Human Alchemist, Alias Benbrook, after his sedentary life went pear-shaped and his subsequent adventuring career failed miserably.

It is a pleasant, if somewhat disorganised, shop open to any without prejudice. Alias is an alchemist of little skills but plenty of curioristy and ambition and as such the shop can sometimes boast interesting and effective brews.

Alias runs a little hub for adventurers to pick up essential news and jobs from a back room of his shop and maintains contact with several useful people from his (short-lived) adventuring days. The shop itself is prone to be closed more often than it's open, not keeping to any set schedule as Alias spends much of his time chasing down ingredients, gathering information and running adventurous errands for customers in need.

The shops reputation is starting to grow as a place where the downtrodden and desperate may yet find assistance and sympathy for their wretched situations and as such Alias' customers often show up with requests Alias needs his adventurous friends to assist with.