Princes of the Apocalypse

Campaign Description

Game system: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Restrictions: Official non-playtest sources only. Single class only.

Level: 1 - 10

This campaign is based loosely around the WotC officially published reimagining of the 1985 classic AD&D adventure module, the Temple of Elemental Evil and it’s follow up for the D20 system in 2001, recently rebooted, retooled and updated for the 5th edition (D&D Next) ruleset.

As our tale opens there are murmerings in the more superstitious and paranoid areas of the land that a terrible threat gathers in the gateway to the northern lands and that strange goings on are happening around the Dessarin Valley. Throughout the Sword Coast, small bands of savage marauders bring destruction, bandit groups are on the roads, pirates plague the Dessarin River, monsters are seen throughout the Sumber Hills and farmsteads are being raided for whatever valuables they may have. While these incidents are relatively small in isolation and not completely unknown in and of themselves they are growing in frequency, strangeness and ferocity. In local settlements defences are understandably stretched thin, trade is starting to suffer, strange travellers are seen, local ruins are being renovated by unusual religious sects or warrior groups which all is leading to a growth in discord and suspicion. Sinister strangers lurk in the shadows, whispering about how everything is soon to change. The seemingly mad cry out about how chaos is about to consume the world and more people are starting to listen to their incessant babbling and wonder if they are indeed just a little true this time.

Almost as if mother nature herself was unsettled by the recent changes and the ravings of mad prophets of chaos, this year brought an unseasonably warm and stormy spring. Tales spread of flooding, wind storms, wildfires and tremors. To top things off, an important delegation from the Dwarven city of Mirabar has gone missing leaving a noted Dwarven historian lost and an important cargo of magical seeds missing. Are these events all some bizarre coincidence, or is there a deeper reason behind them? Can our intrepid group of adventurers locate the missing delegation and quell the fears of the local populace?

As usual for Dragonscale group campaigns the adventure will be transplanted to our own, generic, fantasy world setting with the area where the adventure is being held being treated as a different area of the game-world. This will allow the preservation of the Forgotten Realms flavour and setting depth while allowing for cross-pollination of elements from our own previous campaigns as necessary.

No previous knowledge of the Forgotten Realms setting is necessary – all relevant flavour, political and location information will be posted to the campaign Wiki for player reference.

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