Alias Benbrook

Alias Benbrook (Human Alchemist)

Alias is the party’s main work contact who is usually based out of Secomber. Alias is late-middle-aged and is approaching a time where he really shouldn’t be doing anything too physical. He was bitten by the bug of adventure late in his life after a failed sedentary life and feels the need for excitement and risk. Sadly his capabilities just aren’t up to it and he proved to be a liability to himself and his adventuring groups when he attempted to go out questing for a couple of years.

While he will stay put in his shop day-to-day, Alias' need for adventure leads him to take on risky clients, especially if they have an interesting backstory. The unintended benefit of this is that Alias can frequently feed a group of adventurers with well-paying work, which in turn improves his reputation, when in turn garners him more clients with adventurous requirements.

Alias owns a shop in Secomber called the Cautious Hope. He is an Alchemist of small-to-middling skill and sells various poultices and potions to any and all-comers without prejudice. He operates a sort of 'adventurers hub' for his ex-contacts and adventuring buddies out of the back room of the shop, making sure that they get the better potions he produces and news of any paying customers in need of something more than a greying has-been adventurer and his funny-coloured waters.

Occasionally Alias does field-work for the more unusual, interesting or dangerous jobs, especially if there's a chance he may acquire rare or needed ingredients. As long as such trips are not TOO dangerous, of course.