Alchemist Life

Campaign Description

Game system: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Setting: High Fantasy (Forgotten Realms)

Restrictions: Official non-playtest sources only. Races from Player's handbook only.

Level: 3 - 10

Alias Benbrook is a middle-aged human alchemist who had led an unremarkable and sedentary life until it all fell apart. His wife left him, his employer sacked him, his friends moved away to more pleasant climates (and prettier women) and his lenders foreclosed on him, reclaiming his house and the little laboratory he had set up in it's basement so he could practice his Alchemy in his spare time.

Sitting in a local bar feeling sorry for himself Alias watched the more interesting folk come and go with their tales of adventure, derring-do and of life that never seemed to be dull or needlessly cruel. These were people taking control of their lives and meeting their challenges head-on with a smile on their lips and a beer in their belly. Alias liked the idea of it. So inspired, Alias went adventuring......and found that he was simply terrible at it.

What Alias DID find, however, is that his Alchemy hobby was remarkably useful and sought somewhat after. Taking advice from one of his ex-adventuring companions (who was simply trying to get Alias out of the way), Alias set up shop in a town once famed for being home to a famous historical Alchemist. Using his adventuring contacts, Alchemical skill and pleasant demeanour, Alias set up a new life: A shopkeep's life. A quest-giver's life. An Alchemist's Life.

How much trouble can one middle-aged man with limited contacts, middling skills, a small customer base and aspirations of adventure get his new friends into? Throughout this campaign we may just find that out!

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