Ajor Teoth

Human Rebel Red Wizard of Thay

Ajor is a stern and serious man of middle age that the party rescued from the dungeons of the halfling, Devaston Lightheart, at the end of the Alchemist Life campaign. He is a man of principal and sees himself as an agent of necessary change back in his native land of Thay.

Outwardly opposed to Thay's lich leader, Szass Tam, and his cohort of undead followers, Ajor used his personal resources and relationships to help the rebellion in Thay. He feels somewhat indebted to the party and as such, offers them lucrative high-risk, high-reward work which may, in turn, help the rebellion make Thay a less deadly and more prosperous country.

Ajor seems skilled in the arts of Evocation and Enchantment in particular and owns a teleportation circle network, one node of which is in the party's home base of Dove's Aerie (a base that Ajor suggested they should claim). He is interested in the potential healing properties of the Balaba fruit that the party now find themselves guarding and hopes to remove the detrimental effects of it's consumption, even as he works with Barry Fosset to weaponise the detrimental effects for whatever plans Barry may have for the future.

Alias Benbrook

Human Alchemist. Owner of the Cautious Hope.

Alias is an Alchemist and oftentimes employer of the party operating a shop in Secomber called, The Cautious Hope.

Alias seems to attract trouble wherever he goes with a mixture of bad luck, clueless good intentions, and poor risk analysis skills. The party recently had to rescue Alias from the clutches of the Halfling bandit, Devaston Lightheart, only to find Alias had actually found a way to make the fruits stay dormant or move to ripeness at an accelerated rate.

While Alias usually travels for materials, work and a little adventure, being the prisoner of the Halfling bandits has demonstrated yet again that he simply isn't cut out for risky endeavours. He seems more determined and a little more driven since his ordeal at the Lightheart's hands.

The Halfling villagers of Dove's Hollow thanked Alias for his part in helping cure Ling-Rot disease by granting him the Lightheart's old home to be used as an alchemist's shop in their village. Despite the fact that the village and it's surroundings can't house more than 20 or so families, Alias accepted this gift and has resolved to train an apprentice from the local community once his new shop is ready to open.

Alec Blackhand

Human mercenary adventurer. Leader of the adventuring group, Hound's Teeth.

Alec is a confident rogueish warrior with equal parts charm and menace. Clad in his oiled black studded leather and sporting obviously well-made weapons, his easy demeanour and confidence shows a man who has faced dangerous situations and won out time and time again.

Not one to flap when the plan goes south, Alec is a quick thinker and a commanding presence in a fight. Leading the Hound's Teeth (comprising of Cleric Deckard, Arcane Archer, Nyssa, Druid Grylls, Warlock Lex and Rogue), Alec has found himself both allied with and set against the party but he seems to have a soft spot for the group and has offered to collaborate in the future, perhaps finding them employment through his various masters throughout Waterdeep. It was Alec who'd suggested that Alias may be in trouble, for example, but his mercenary nature meant that Alec asked for a small gift for Grylls in return.

The party are split on whether Alec is friend or foe. Useful as he is and last known apparently working for the Waukeen Church, who knows in what capacity Alec and his crew will show up next.