Those of you who have been with the group long enough will know that I keep a running log of past games through a series of documents generally referred to as the "Odyssey documents". Many kind members of the group have contributed their archives and memories to these documents. The finished articles will serve as a sort-of history of the group as a whole once completed.

Please see the completed documents below. Feel free to download them or peruse them here at your leisure.

Part 1 - A Dungeons and Dragons Odyssey

A Dungeons and Dragons odyssey

Part 2 - Odyssey 2: From Talon Pass to the USS Copernicus

Note: Document currently around 60% complete. Some assistance required to finalise some details.

Part 3 - Odyssey 3: Adventures in Middle-Age

Note: Current document. This one is around 50% complete. Some details needed about January Stabcon games and Chris's WHFRP campaign.