Red Dawning

Campaign Description

Game system: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Setting: High Fantasy (Forgotten Realms)

Restrictions: Official non-playtest sources only. Races from Player's handbook only. Spells, skills and feats from XgtE allowed.

Level: 7 - 14

Recently a prisoner of a deeply paranoid Halfling bandit lord and his minions, Ajor Teoth has long been away from the rebellion in Thay. Szass Tam and the Lich masters of Thay have too long ruined Thay's potential to be a great country. Fear and subterfuge is not the way to treat your people, especially after the trials of the Spellplague. It's time for the sun to rise over Thay's name once more but the problem is that the rebellion is simply stretched for resources and uncertain as to how to strike at the very heart of it's undead leaders.

If only a member of the rebellion knew a group of hardy, well armed and motivated adventurers that could help with that and perhaps show the rebellion that it needs to have the steel to back it's sorcery in doing what must be done.

For Thay! The sun shall rise again and it will be RED.

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