Group members

The Dragonscale group is made up of a bunch of fun-loving gamers and remarkable people. Want to know more about them? A little intro into our membership can be found right here.

Doug "Wraith" Lochery

Doug is a founding member and one of the group's main Dungeon Masters and table hosts. Often runs game events over at his home (which he shares with his partner, Sarah). He's been a regular DM for the Dungeons and Dragons system since 1993 (AD&D 2nd edition) and sometimes inflicts his cooking on the group. He has an extensive Fantasy Fiction library, a love of Sci-Fi cinema and gets involved in climbing, Airsoft and snowboarding regularly. Sometimes referred to as an 'action-geek'. Edits the site, so be nice.

John "Dee" Dunning

One of the other two founding members still involved in the group and the chap who has suffered through every RPG Doug has ever ran (see the Odyssey page for details). Dee (as he's most often known) is the sort of player every table needs: reliable, steadfast and game for just about anything (as long as it's not Call of Cthulu). Dee also has been involved in the Airsoft scene, where he acquired a terrifying (and baffling) reputation for stealth. I mean, have you SEEN how this guy walks around with his weapons? Not exactly subtle!

Sarah Powell-Veness

Pretty, smart, pretty, happy and infectiously enthusiastic as well as pretty, Sarah has the damnable curse of having to live with Doug in their home of Butcher Farm. She's a regular feature around the gaming tables of the group and is a capable climber away from it, matching Doug in his adrenaline seeking madness. He knees don't often thank her for her often unorthodox climbing style, however!

Sarah's unique skills lie in Aromatherapy and massage, and she runs her own business making people feel better with the best essential oils and her own caring touch. Did I mention she was pretty?

Stephen Barton

Stephen joined the group back in 2012 when he answered an ad for D&D players posted in Manchester's premier gaming store, Fanboy3. A regular at the tables since and a keen gamer in his own group and at Manchester's student gaming club, 'Vague', Ste has a keen mind for game mechanics, a never-say-die attitude and a great sense of humour to go with it. Another of our regular GMs, Ste spreads himself out along many games systems and genres.

Need a character optimising or a system sussing out? Ste's your man. Need a stuck plot moving on? Ste's got your back (sometimes on a pike or attached to a plot-battering-ram). He's also been the originator of many of the groups recurring jokes, not least of which the eponymous battle-cry, "Beeeeeeess!" (a joke borne from another player's over-reliance of the Seeker class "Biting Swarm" power from D&D's 4th Edition)

Chris Barton

Brought into the group by his brother, Ste, in 2012, Chris also became a regular feature at our tables and is one of the group's regular hosts, giving his living space up to the group's fun and frolics. Chris has brought many other gamers into the fold and has expanded the group and even ran some games for us all.

Like his brother, Chris has a great sense of humour but he has a lot more mischief about him when at the table, both as a GM or as a player. Always there and dependable to provide patient assistance for newcomers, optional advice on character builds, an extra body for a struggling group or comic relief, Chris gives himself to the game session to be used however it needs. He's also an accomplished cook. Just don't ask for veg!

When the Barton brothers get together on the same side of a game, they are a force to be reckoned with. Many players have been wrecked by the combo of this terrible twosome. Welcome to the Bartondrome, scrubs! Population: you (loser!)

Katie Bell

Katie is a relative newcomer to the group, joining us in 2018 through Chris and immediately throwing herself into her role as a pie-obsessed Halfling rogue in the Warhammer universe.

Katie has a quick wit and is always engaged, enthusiastic and thoughtful (although as the campaign wears on, we're discovering that she's got a wicked streak to her!). An absolute joy to be around for her fellow players and rarely without a smile on her face, Katie has quickly made an impact at our tables and seems to enjoy crafting lengthy backgrounds for her characters. If only every beginner threw themselves at their RPGs like she does, I'd be a very happy DM!

John "Obi" O'Brian

Obi is the artistic soul of the group, often found being musical, arty or mysteriously creative in some way. Both thoughtful and serious but somehow irreverent and relaxed at the same time, Obi is always fun when he's able to get to a table to play. He works long and hard!

Obi shares his home with Chris Barton (who brought Obi into the group in 2016), his work space with Ste Barton and graciously allows gaming groups to crash his space to play with or without him. Always ready to throw himself into the mix, Obi is always a welcome addition to a role-playing session that needs a little fun injecting into it.

Olly Hanbridge-Smith

Another new addition to the group in 2018 but a veteran of Ste and Chris's other gaming groups and brought in by Ste, Olly has been role-playing since the days of D&D 3rd edition and shows a deep knowledge for the game.

Frequently focused on making a character with a quirk he can play off, Ol has one eye on his character, one on the enjoyment of the group and one on how a GM might feel to run the game he's in. Truly a thoughtful player. He even makes custom Lego minifigs for his groups to act as character minis, taking care to have them represent the characters as closely as plastic interlocking brick toys can.

What I want to know is, where does he keep that third eye when it isn't in use?

Denney Slater

Jokingly referring to himself as 'Otaku', Denney is the group's resident Japanime fan. While most of our group members are into anime and manga to one degree or another, Denney shows a depth of knowledge for the subject few of us can match and is always a great source for recommendations for good shows to watch, whatever your genre preference.

Denney is another of our newer members, joining us in 2018. He proved himself to be exceedingly capable at board gaming very quickly and hides a keen mind behind a respectful and gracious exterior. Loyal and steadfast, Denney is a gamer you can rely on and is throwing himself at role-playing games with aplomb. Just don't underestimate his abilities or you might find yourself losing!

What sort of role-player will he turn out to be? Keep an eye on our campaign updates to find out!

Nathan Fielding

Another of our newer members, Nathan joined the group by responding to an advert on Reddit (only placed thanks to the advice of Jess Smith, berserk C-Team member and all round go get 'em gal. Thanks, Jess!) and holds the current accolade of youngest active member in the group. Not knowing what he was getting himself into, Nate sat down at our table and got sucked into a game about Gypsies, Werewolves and other things that go bump in the night.

Nate is fantastically punctual despite living quite far away and is an accomplished DM of his own accord, having entertained his group for several years by this point. His GMing chops show whenever he's playing around our table and the way he characterises his creations and engages in plot speculation, analysis and planning with the group show clearly that he's thoughtful, fun and fab at what he does.

Nathan's other interests align very well with the group at large meaning he gets on with everyone around the table. Generous with his snacks and dice, engaging to be around and fun both in and out of character, we hope Nate avails himself of our hospitality for a good while longer.

Currently occasional/inactive members

The group membership is larger than the list above suggests, with real life currently being in the way of many of our members. The most excellent people who are currently unable to get around our tables regularly include the following:

  • Jess Smith (impulsive and enthusiastic. Always guaranteed to get a game going and not the sort of gal to take any nonsense! Not one to take a game slowly and provides impetus to her group)
  • James Purrett (Observant and smart at the table, providing a grounding influence while getting up to no-good behind everyone's backs with his rogue character. Often a much needed voice of reason)
  • Koren Horvath (Thoughtful and reserved at the table but with a quiet skill and intelligence that is an asset to the group. When she speaks up, it always has a positive impact to her game)
  • Darren Toft (Often cautious during games but always willing to have a crack and constantly engaged in whatever the group is doing. He is also our other Lego collector and an excellent Airsoft player)
  • Jack Prosser (an exceedingly generous soul and a skilled CCG player. He plays well with anyone....but has a devious killer streak that he sometimes unleashes, sometimes to the detriment of his team)
  • Bryan Johnston (the enthusiastically irreverent heart and soul of the group and identifier of the phenomenon that is, Logic Death. The third founding member of the group, sometimes a force of sheer chaos and oftentimes the comic relief for any game he's in. Owner of the only in-game sulking chair)

We hope to see all of the above players back around our tables as soon as life allows for it. The games aren't the same without you, gang!