Erik Deville

Player: John Dunning

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Sorcerer (Wild Mage)


Erik Deville lived in an Elven settlement near a human town. Some of the local humans developed a fascination with the Elves and occasional dalliances were not unknown but frowned heavily upon. Erik was the product of one such dalliance and despite his parents trying to make a relationship work in the human town, tragedy soon struck when both the Elf and Human societies refused to accept the union and a pack of thugs looked to show Erik’s parents just how wrong a union it was with disastrous results.

After the loss of his human parent, Erik lived with the Elves and was forced to be given a human name to mark him out from the Elven children. Despite being treated like he was the only thing in his village that wasn’t special in some way due to his ‘filthy human blood’ , fate soon gave Erik something to mark him out from the pack and to prove how ‘special’ he really was.

Something in Erik’s blood called out to the wilder places in the woods and Erik began to believe he had a strong connection to nature. It was not so, however, and the boy soon discovered nature’s magic wasn’t what called to him – it was more chaotic than that, more wild and uncontrolled.

Erik had to know more about what pulled him away from the safety of his lone parent. He would start sneaking out to places where he felt he could revel in the feeling of raw chaos, of power darting this way and that beyond a veil that, seemingly, only he could see beyond of all the children in the village. These excursions grew in number, frequency and distance until he’d sampled 100 different sites that made him feel 100,000 different feelings. Erik was hooked on this wild power and he had to feel more of it. He had to understand it and to be able to call upon it’s sweet touch as often as possible.

Many years later Erik’s self-discovery had become an obsession, His remaining parent was called upon by the elders to contain Erik and make him behave. Refusal came with consequences and Erik barely escaped with his life. Now on the run and with no parents tying him to home, Erik resolved to seek answers to the power he could touch and before long he realised he couldn’t just feel this wild power – he could wield it!

After several years in contemplation, learning more about how to call upon the power within himself and touch the Chaos beyond, Erik now wanders the land looking for answers as to how to get the most from his wild magic and why he was chosen, of all those in his village and town, to wield it.

From his chaotic upbringing, Erik now embraces the chaos that has surely made him it’s companion, and he’s determined to ensure that he, in turn, makes that chaos his.