Adventure Log


What happens when you play out with village kids?

The party follow the children and find a sh***ing dwarf. Nice.

With the Party in Red Larch and starting to make enquiries about local ruins and the Mirabaran delegation our plot started to unfold, ever so gently, like a fine, flowering tea….

Myrtle Bullroarer (our Halfling Ranger) followed the crying child all the way to what looked like a poultry shop of some kind and tried to eavesdrop on the young girls explanation of what had upset her as the child’s Grandmother comforted the crying child. Through this it was discovered that the girl has seen a ghost man while out playing and that he’d told her to go away (G-G-G-GHOST!). With a rough idea of the direction, Myrtle resolved to check this out – where there’s places things don’t want you to be, there’s things people don’t want you to see, after all.

Erik was following Myrtle and came across the local constable arguing with the local innkeeper. The constable was insisting that he had to muster his men to search a known Bandit spot as he’d had sightings from travellers but the woman insisted that all of Red Larch’s troubles had a common source and were probably to do with the evil emanating from Lance Rock. After being told curtly to go away and leave the law to chase the real bad guys, the constable continued to his men, running into (and talking with) Erik briefly along the way and promising to meet up to talk about local ruins and bandit activity later.

With Zydrunas and Erik Deville joining her Myrtle was discovered by the Grandmother of the yound girl and treated like a parton of this poultry shop establishment. After being furtively asked to check for ‘dangerous animals and the like’ in the direction the girl had identified as Ghostly for the payment of some specially prepared chicken.

The party had their first solid hooks and chose to follow the Ghost lead. While leaving the store two young Tethyrian kids barrelled through the party to talk to the young Girl Pell Mhandyvver. They shouted excitedly “The Plague Dwarf’s back! The Plague Dwarf’s back!!” and what follows is a typically childish recounting of a trip out to Lance Rock gone wrong when the kids were turned away by an old Dwarf telling them that there was plague out there.

Ghost forgotten for the moment, the party followed this new information and promised to ‘babysit’ the three kids for the afternoon in exchange for a meal that night. Somehow convincing the Grandmother they were trustworthy and true-hearted (despite Zy looking like he was going to eat the kids), the party had the kids lead them off on a magical journey to the Plague Dwarf’s new location.

Their prize was to come across a hillside camp outside of the farms where a Dwarf was sitting behind a bush doing something that sounds like sitting. The Dwarf was drunk, having decided to set up a little still in the copse of trees and brew berry wine. The exchange between the dwarf and the party was brief and somewhat standoffish (especially as the Dwarf was have-drunk and passive-aggressive) but the Dwarf at least confirmed that he was a scout paid by the Mirabarans to find some sites on interest for them to visit on the way through the area.

It seems the delegation from Mirabar the party were looking for were delivering a dead knight somewhere but the Dwarf scout had seen no sign of the special seeds Myrtle had been sent to retrieve when the delegation was reported missing. The Dwarf had indeed been out to Lance Rock and saw signs warning of plague and so, to save the kids any trouble, had shooed them away before moving on himself. Adding that he’d seen the delegation a few Tendays ago and seeing no reason they’d be ‘missing’ the Dwarf went back to his drinking.

The party returned to town and collected their prize – now being seen as AWESOME in the eyes of their tiny travelling companions. Taking rooms (and a stable for Zy) at the Swinging Sword Inn, the party ran across the woman who was arguing with the constable later that day. After meeting her for late-night drinks and discovering she may have a trace of the gift of divination about her, the party found out more about the argument and were told of the ‘evil’ coming from Lance Rock.

Apparently there’s more going on in this town than missing Dwarves and lost seeds. With a trip out to Lance Rock to verify the Dwarfs claims seemingly on the cards, a known bandit camp not far from town that the local law may need a hand with and a potential ghost (or other, misunderstood nasty) to also investigate things are starting to get a little more interesting.