Dove's Hollow

Halfling village in the forest of Dove's Run

Nestled away in the Sword Coast, off the beaten track and away from the influence of the Lord's Alliance, Zhentarim and the Order of the Gauntlet is the tiny Halfling village of Dove's Hollow, a charming place of stone and timber dwellings surrounded by small clearings or trappers, woodsmen and goat herders.

Largely isolated and away from the trade routes (as there's nothing of interest in Dove's Run any more), the village suffers from slow trade and news and is quite insular but content with it's own company.

The villagers are friendly and welcoming and the village sports an Inn, a small general shop, and an Alchemists store (under construction). Gossip is the preferred currency of the day with the 20 or so families around the village trading goods more frequently than paying for them.

Dove's Hollow was one of a few supply outposts set up to provide for the mining operations in the forest many decades previously. While most of the other villages packed up and moved on when the trade and prosperity of the mines failed, nobody really told the halfling's that the gig was up and they continued along with their merry lives in their quaint little hidey-hole in the forest.

The Halflings live in fear of local bandits no longer thanks to the efforts of the party but still fear roaming packs of Hobgoblin infiltrators. That said, they are more likely to offer the Hobgoblins bed and board than arrows and stones.

Dove's Aerie

5-story Sandstone tower. Party's home base.

Dove's Aerie is a tall tower in the heart of Dove's Run situated inside a magical grove designed to turn intruders around and prevent their approach to the special Balaba tree.

The party acquired the tower from Mila and Devaston Lightheart when rescuing the Red Wizard, Ajor, and their Alchemist friend and employer, Alias.

The tower features a hidden basement level, accessible from the 5th floor by magical portal, a library and a teleportation circle linked to Ajor's personal network.

The grove contains a Groundskeeper's cottage, now converted into a consecrated forge for Moradin, a potting shed and the giant Balaba tree. Outside the grove there is a wooden trappers hut once occupied by the feared Captain Slice, who was thoroughly humiliated by the party when they assaulted the bandit encampment she ran for the Lighthearts.

The tower serves as the party's home base from which they enjoy a measure of peace and quiet between adventures. While the presence of the Balaba tree is certainly a draw for interested parties, the magical grove should keep non-flyers out as long as the wards are maintained.


Magocracy. Country of the Red Wizards.

Population approx. 4,900,000Ruler: Szass TamLanguage: ThayanCapital: SurthayCommon races: Human, Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins, Dwarves, Halflings

The nation of Thay came about when a sect, calling itself the Red Wizards, declared its freedom from the god kings of Mulhorand, an area of what is now modern-day Thay. The sect's center of strength was in the northern provinces where the natives did not have the inbred reverence for the god-kings. After razing the city of Delhumide they declared themselves the free nation of Thay in 922 DR. Since then, Mulhorand has defended itself, quite successfully, against two invasions from Thay.

Modern day Thay is ruled by it's supreme High Regent, the Arch-Lich Szass Tam, who self-declared himself leader supreme in a bloody coup against the council of 8 ruling Zulkirs after a lengthy deception where he was seen to be saving the people of Thay from a conjured army of demons that he himself had actually caused to be. Szass positioned himself to end all suffering in Thay, and endeared himself to the people but in truth however well he may appear to be loved he has made the country even darker than it's war-like history of invasion and power-plays. The country is now one of fear, undeath and demons, where those who oppose Szass Tam and the ruling elite find themselves dead....or worse.

There is a surviving rebellion in Thay fighting against Szass Tam and his cronies but the personality and sheer power of the Lich has made their task of unseating him extremely difficult. They have been seeking assistance both inside and outside of Thay's borders.

Thay is split into 11 regions called Tharchs and each is governed by it's own Tharcion (a governor that reports to the Zulkirs, now Szass Tam). The country is largely one of windswept badlands, parched heathland and foreboding mountains with small marshlands and a swamp also present.

Commerce in Thay largely revolved around the practise of slavery but artisans producing gems, sculptures art and farmers growing hardy grain and fruit also provide healthy incomes that feed the Thayan appetite for magic and conquest of neighbours not friendly to the Red Wizards. In the Sword Coast the Thayans are often noted for trade in (and acquisition of) magical artefacts, no doubt to fuel the various Zultir's political aims.