Secomber is a small, relatively peaceful town that once acted as the border town between the Western Heartlands and the Sword Coast in Northern Faerun and was built on the site of the ancient ruins of the capital of a Wizard-state (Athlantia). The town was famous for containing a number of colorful gardens, for decorative pink rocks mined nearby and for housing the tower of famed Alchemist-adventurer, Amanitas.

Secomber's location on the northern edge of the dangerous High Moor and placement between Waterdeep to it's east and Baldur's Gate to it's west mean that it generally can reliably receive news and trade. Sitting on the Delimbyr Trade Route between Waterdeep and Llorkh brings some traffic but little wealth these days. The area around Secomber tends to support travelling trades, guides (particularly to the High Moor and High Forest), stone-cutting, farming and fishing and the town is home largely to Humand and Halflings.

Despite the peaceful nature of these trades, Secomber is not in a particularly safe location. The usual dangerous travellers, occasional visitations by Giants, beasties released from Athalantan ruins (both under Secomber and in the High Moor) and barbarian tribes and Hobgoblin clans situated in the High Moor all threaten Secomber's peace from time to time. This makes sure that Secomber is usually home to an adventuring party or two, who use it to rest or to strike out into the high moor to tackle the wild dangers found there.

Secomber is ostensibly under the protection of the Lord's alliance, with a small garrison of guards present to keep the peace. They bolster local militia and are answerable to the local Rod of Justice (a 'Lord' of Secomber responsible for civic and criminal matters). The current safety concern of the Lords is the Hobgoblins who, in recent years, have grown powerful enough to be demanding tribute from local settlements. While Secomber does voluntarily leave heavy tribute for them (after mining in Hobgoblin lands and suffering attacks as a result), the Hobgoblins have grown more numerous and organised in recent years, occasionally testing Secombers defences. There is an order in force banning strikes against the Hobgoblins while a solution is worked out as, in it's currently poor and weakened state, Secomber itself would suffer heavy reprisals for any aggression it endorses.

Amanitas' Tower to the north of the town lies in ruins, the famous (flamboyant and arrogant) Alchemist having dies many decades ago with no heir. The Tower is not to be claimed or rebuilt by order of the local Lords.