What Is DFCI?

DFCI is short for Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX IGNITION. It's a 2D fighting game developed by French Bread and published by SEGA featuring popular characters from the Dengeki Bunko anime and light novel franchises as well as guest characters from SEGA games. Players can develop expressive playstyles based on their unique character and assist of choice.

Where Do I Start To Learn This Game?

If you are learning DFCI for the first time, this guide is best read from top to bottom starting from Basics and Controls and Gameplay Tips, choosing your Character and Assist, then ending with In-Depth Strategies and supplementary videos through our Video Database. DFCI is an easy to pick up game due to the effectiveness of simple combos and relatively straightforward gameplay, however it's rich resource system and underlying mechanics reveals a much more complex and satisfying game. The more you understand resource management the more likely you will succeed and experience the true charm DFCI has to offer.

Advice From The Author

DFCI can be a difficult game to get into because of the small community, it can be difficult finding an opponent at the same skill level as you. Don't get discouraged and feel free to ask questions in the Discord Server. Long time players are quick to guide you and offer feedback to ensure you can get up to speed as effortlessly as possible, giving you easier entry into the higher level of play where your main concern will be match up knowledge.