e-learning platform

ClimAlt offers a free e-learning platform for youth workers, trainers, and youth curious to learn more about climate change, its causes, effects, and possible alternatives.

The e-learning platform is freely available in 4 languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, English and Italian). As for the online course, you will find 3 main chapters (Causes-Impacts-Alternatives) divided into 7 modules and 14 lectures. Each module includes video lectures (10 hours), quizzes, and suggested readings. You will also find the recording of the 4 webinars realized at the end of the course in which experts and representatives from associations presented some examples of organizations proactively contributing to tackling climate change. The 4 webinars focus on: interconnections between Covid19 and Climate Change; agroecology and Climate Change; EU funds to achieve energy goals and practical solutions for domestic heating and cooling systems.

Once accessed, the contents are free to browse.


The training is intended for youth/educators/activists:

  • from 16 on (suggested)

  • interested in environmental and climate topics

  • with English level B1 (this is a plus for the understanding of additional materials)

How to access the platform

ClimAlt open e-learning platform is freely accessible on Google classroom. You will be requested to provide a Google account in order to access the service.


IT luciegreyl@asud.net

EN info@navdanyainternational.org

BG r.slavkova@zazemiata.org

DK hi@playagency.dk

HR info@door.hr

FB: @ClimAltProject