ClimAlt offers training for both trainers, youth workers and youth.

Educators from our network will benefit from 1-week training on gamification techniques realised by our partner Play Agency. Training contents will be made accessible online here.

The core training activity of ClimAlt is the development of a 32-hour e-learning course on climate change causes, effects and possible alternatives available in 4 languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, English and Italian) and tested by 100 youths around Europe. Its educational materials will be uploaded here and freely downloadable in 4 languages (en-bg-hr-it) for further use by youth, youth workers, educators, students, volunteers, activists, citizens.

The course will be completed by 4 in-depth webinars open to the public focusing on alternative sustainable models in the different countries.


ClimAlt partnership under Play Agency leadership will imagine, design, produce and disseminate a game to enhance youth constructive attitude towards climate change phenomenon.

The game will provide a deeper understanding of the key topics through first-hand experience and experimentation. It will be freely available here in 4 languages (Bulgarian, Croatian, English and Italian).

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