ClimAlt aims to raise youth awareness on solutions to climate change through exploring, discussing, analysing and spreading local and concrete examples of climate friendly activities, thus reinforcing the perception that changes are possible and that youth can generate them. The project foresees a 1 week youth workers’ training, an online youth training on global environmental issues, the development of an educational game in which the youth will apply knowledge and competences acquired during the training and the organization of 4 public events to share the project’s end-products and results, aimed to inspire the public to multiply the project’s impacts.


ClimAlt offers training for both trainers, youth workers and youth through a 1-week training on gamification techniques, a 32-hour e-learning course on climate change, its causes, effects and possible alternatives, and 4 in-depth webinars.



ClimAlt partnership will imagine, design, produce and disseminate a game based on the concept of a treasure hunt to enhance a constructive approach in confronting climate change phenomenon.