11. APARTMENTS/UNITS KEY: Each resident should provide the Association office with a key to his unit to be used in case of emergency – fire, leakage, etc. These keys are stored in the Condominium office in a Key Safe, and are available for emergency use only. They will not be given to real estate agents, visitors, or anyone else who wishes to enter a unit in the absence of the resident. If an emergency occurs that requires forced entry into any unit, the owner will be held responsible for any resulting damage.

12. BALCONIES: Only Patio Furniture, Antennas or Plants are allowed. Screen doors must be attached to doors. Nothing will be shaken or emptied from balconies. No clothes or mops drying. Please note the additional balcony restrictions under “ 23. Safety Hazard”.

13. ANTENNAS: Private radio or TV antenna shall not be affixed or placed on any exterior wall, railings, or roof. Satellite TV antennas are to be installed using poles with movable bases.


  • Any modifications to your unit require prior approval by the Board of Directors.
  • All contractors must be licensed and insured.
  • You must provide drawings and a list of materials to be used in such renovation.
  • You must comply with the community standards (shape, material, appearance, color. Etc.).

15. WINDOWS/SLIDING DOORS: Foil or other objectionable material is not to be used on the windows, except as a temporary measure – not to exceed two (2) weeks – until appropriate draperies or shades can be installed. Broken windows must be fixed or replaced within three (3) weeks.


  • Approval by the Board of Directors required prior to installation.
  • To install a security screen doors you must first comply with the original approved design and quality and meet the uniform appearance and quality standards.
  • Screen doors are to remain closed at all times.

17. WASHING MACHINES/DRYERS: Washing machines and dryers are not to be installed in the units. Laundry facilities have been provided in each building for this purpose.

18. GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Owner must maintain a sink garbage disposal unit in good working order.


  • Unit owners may not sell, lease, or mortgage any apartment without approval or the Board of Directors or its designee (30-day processing period).
  • All new residents must be screened PRIOR to moving in. Contact Condominium Office for current fees cost. This rule applies to all persons over the age of 18 regardless of relationship.
  • All residents must be registered at the office regardless of age.
  • The number of residents is limited by the size of the apartment:

1 Bedroom - 2 residents

2 Bedrooms - 4 residents

  • Units cannot be leased during the first year of ownership without prior approval of the Board.
  • Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to occupy an apartment without an adult in residence.
  • No individual rooms may be rented and no transient tenants may be accommodated. No subleasing allowed. All leases must be made for a minimum of one year. The leasing of a unit shall not release the owner from compliance with these rules and regulations or from any of his other responsibilities as a unit owner.
  • A resident must not move in or off the premises of Capri Gardens without prior written approval from the Board of Directors. The approved hours for moving are 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday.


    1. Owners /Residents are responsible for the enforcement of Condominium Rules and Regulations for their guests and employees.
    2. All guests and/or contractors must display parking permit on front windshield. Temporary parking permit can be obtained at the office.
    3. Guests may not stay longer than fifteen (15) days without written permission from the Board. When residents are planning to have guests, they must:
      1. Furnish them with a copy of the Rules and Regulations

      1. Introduce them to the guard, and notify the office of their presence.

21. PETS:

  • No dogs are allowed at Capri Gardens at any time. Residents or guests are not allowed to bring dogs on the premises, nor are residents allowed to house or watchdogs for other people.
  • Cats that are left to roam the property will be subject to removal.
  • Only two (2) cats permitted per unit.
  • No pets allowed in the pool or recreation areas.

22. ATTACHMENTS: Awnings, flag poles, hammocks or other projections shall not be attached to the outside walls or ceilings of buildings without Board approval