Screening Process


  • Complete Application (incomplete applications will not be processed)
  • Signed Lease copy.
  • Photo Identification.
  • Application Fee *

* Current Application Fees:

$100 per individual. (18 years or older)

$120 for Married couples with proof.

Screening Process

All prospective residents or buyers must receive a certificate of approval issued by the Capri Condominium Association before moving-in or proceeding with the purchase. Please note that any resident moving in or purchase completed before the screening is completed may result in a fine to the owner of up to $100 daily until screening is completed / submitted. Also the unscreened resident may be denied access to the property.

The entire screening process may take up to 30 days. Although it is usually completed in less time, please plan for the full 30 calendar days.


Submit all application documents (as listed below) and application fee.


Application will be processed by outside screening agency. After the processing is completed, a final interview will be scheduled.


Interview and Rules Agreement.

List of Needed Screening Documents

  1. Lease or Purchase Screening Application
  2. Copy of Driver's License or Passport.

Each Application must be submitted along with a $100 non-refundable fee. $20 for spouse ($120 total per married couple). Each resident over the age of 21 must submit a separate application.