Fees/ Fines


  • Maintenance fees are due by the first of each month. If not received by the 10th of the month, an interest charge may be assessed by the Association.
  • All the outlined rules as well as all local ordinances and regulations must be observed by all unit owners, lessees, and their families, guests and employees. Units owners remain financially responsible for any resulting fines and other cost (such as related attorneys’ fees and court costs) related to any violation incurred by their lessees, guest, families, employees, or authorized agents and not recovered from the violator.
  • Unless otherwise provided in these rules and regulations or elsewhere in the condominium documents, reported violations of these rules and regulations will be handled as follows:
    • a. First and second violation, a written notice of the violation will be provided to the offender.
    • b. In the case of a third violation, the offender will be fined up to $100.00 per day for every day of violation, up to a maximum of $1000.000 according to Fl Status 718. The offender may appeal before a committee composed of non-board members.
    • c. The following violations may result in immediate fines and other cost: Violation Resulting in Property Damage, Moving-in Prior Screening, and Trash Dumping.