1. What is the screening process?
  2. Are dogs allowed?
  3. What areas is the Association responsible for and what areas is the unit owner responsible for (Electrical, Plumbing, Pest Control)?
  4. What guidelines do I follow to perform repairs in my unit?
  5. What procedure do I follows if I don't agree with a fine on my unit?
  6. When do Board Meetings take place?
  7. Can I vote during regular board meetings?
  8. How many residents are allowed per unit type?
  9. What does insurance covers? How can I attain proof of condominium insurance?
  10. How is the board elected?
  11. How do I become a candidate to the Association Board?


  1. Click here to view Screening Process.
  2. Dogs are not allowed. Please review rules regarding units (under Pets).
  3. As a rule of thumb any infrastructure that services more than one unit, is maintained by the association. For example, the main pipes and main electrical lines that service multiple units are maintained by the association. On the other hand, the internal plumbing and internal electrical wiring of units is owned and maintained by the unit owner. Likewise, air conditioning units are owned and maintained by each units owner (including section located on roof). Please note that unit owners remain responsible to any damage caused to common areas and limited common areas beyond normal wear and tear. Unit owners also remain responsible for any damage to other units. If you have any additional questions: please contact us.
  4. Please contact the office for guidelines. Contractors must provide proof of insurance to the office. Units owners are responsible to ensure that contractors clean up after work completion.
  5. Please send a letter explaining why you think the fine was issue erroneously, how the issue was corrected and any other relevant details.
  6. Usually the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings will always be posted at least 48 hours before.
  7. Units owners (non-board members) can vote during special and annual meetings (elections and changes to condominium documents). During regular operational meetings, all unit owners and residents are encouraged to participate but do not vote.
  8. The number of residents is limited by the size of the apartment: 1 Bedroom - 2 residents, 2 Bedrooms - 4 residents.
  9. The condominium carries windstorm, flood, and liability insurance for the common areas. Units content and property (such as air conditioning) is covered by your home owners insurance. For more details please read: the insurance information section.
  10. The association board is elected annually by all unit owners. If there are more open positions that candidates, all candidates are elected automatically. If there is not enough votes by units owners (in person or by mail-in vote), the current board will remain in place and vacancies are appointed by the board. The procedure is in accordance to the rules set by the State of Florida as well as the Condominium Documents.
  11. All unit owners will receive by mail a candidacy form and instructions before annual elections are held.