• a. Residents are not to use their unit, storage space, or any other condominium property for any purpose that will increase the rate of insurance for the Condominium Association or violate any local safety rule (i.e., flammables).

    • b. Gas propelled vehicles are not to be stored on balconies, inside apartment, hallways or stairways, pursuant to Dade County Ordinance No. 29-8, C6.

    • c. Cooking on balconies, terraces, porches, and common areas is prohibited. BBQs are to be used only in the designated area north of the tennis courts during emergencies only and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

    • d. Hanging baskets must be placed well within the boundaries of the balcony so as not to endanger others if they fall. Any damage to other units resulting from water drainage, falling plants, etc. will be the responsibility of the offending resident. Nothing may be placed on first-floor balcony ledges. Tall plants must be trimmed so that they maintain at least 2 feet clearance.

24. HALLWAYS: No items may be placed on the hallways (mats, chairs, brooms, etc). They are considered tripping hazards in case of emergencies. Any such items may be removed and discarded at any time without prior warning.

25. EXITS: Fire exits must remain clear at all times: sidewalks, entrances, stairways, halls, and other common elements must not be obstructed.

26. SMOKE DETECTORS: In accordance with North Miami City Ordinance, all owners must have installed a least (1) hard-wired smoke detector per unit. Such detector must be located as close as possible to main bedroom and be maintained in working order. The City of North Miami may impose fines or imprisonment for non-compliance.

27. CLIMBING: Climbing trees and any other dangerous activities to property or individuals is prohibited.