Common Areas


1. ACCESS: All residents must obtain a key for access to pedestrian gate and amenities. Lessees must obtain key from owner or be authorized by the owner to purchase a key directly from the office. Likewise, you must obtain a gate remote for vehicle access. Improper access such as tailgating or climbing fences may result in a fine or towing of the vehicle at owner’s expense. Owners remain responsible that lessees and their visitors access the property in a proper manner. Blocking or tampering any access control device (such as gates, locks and fences) or security device (such as sensors and cameras) may result in an immediate fine.

2. LOITERING: Loitering in hallways, parking areas, elevators, and entrances is not permitted.

3. NOISE: Residents and their guests are not to make any noise that interferes with the rights and/or comfort of other residents, (i.e., excessively loud music, horns, TVs, parties, trash disposal, etc.), especially between the hours 11:00pm to 7:00am pursuant to North Miami “Public Nuisance Law” and/or “Acts of Disturbing the Peace.” Stereo speakers are not to be placed or installed on any common wall. No major deliveries or construction on Sundays.

4. SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed common elements and entrances, elevators, stairwells, storage rooms, laundry rooms, billiard room, gym, and clubhouse.

5. SOLICITING: Soliciting, Posting and/or distributing of advertising or slogans are not permitted without prior permission of the Board.


  • Park in assigned area only – head in. All units have assigned parking spaces.
  • Guest spaces are available for visitors or for residents with a second car. All residents’ cars must be registered with the office and have a permanent parking decal affixed to rear bumper or rear window. You must notify the office of any changes (license plate number, color, etc.).
  • Guests (with cars) who are staying more than 3 days must obtain a temporary parking permit.
  • Park only in designated areas. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or improperly parked may be subject to towing at the owners’ expenses without previous warning. Any inoperable vehicle or vehicle with invalid tags will be towed.
  • All vehicles must abide by the 5-mile per hour signs.
  • No boats, trailers, motor homes, moving trucks, campers or vehicles longer than 18 feet are allowed at Capri Gardens parking lot.
  • No car washing is permitted.
  • No working on vehicles allowed. Only exceptions are tire changes, battery jumps, or minor emergency repairs.
  • No store shopping carts permitted anywhere in the property.

7. CHILDREN: Children under ten (10) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or their designee. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children.

8. BALLS: Ball playing against the walls of the Condominium and Recreation Buildings is prohibited. Only soft inflatable balls are allowed in the pool area. Only tennis balls are allowed in the tennis courts. No ball playing in other common areas (especially hallways and parking lots).

9. BICYCLES: Bicycles are to be kept inside your apartment or in bicycle storage rooms – storing bicycles or other recreational equipment on terraces is not permitted. No skateboarding, roller skating or bicycle riding on the premises.

10. GARBAGE: Garbage, trash, boxes, bottles and other miscellaneous articles are not to be placed on balconies, halls or stairways. Garbage is to be secured in bags and deposited in the trash chute. Over-sized boxes are to be cut up or folded adequately and placed inside the first floor dumpster. Garbage and trash are not to be left on the floor of the trash rooms at any time. Junk mail is to be disposed of in trash receptacles.