March 9th, 2021

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Hello and welcome to ask the neighbor. I'm your host Danko. Souter offski. Today is March 9, Tuesday we're gonna go to a song for you before we start the show.

All right, all right. Looks like we're having some technical difficulty, guys. Thank you DJ chop come I have that back online here soon. We are. It's March 9. It's Tuesday. You're listening to ask the neighbor. I'm your host Danko Swarovsky. This shows all about the home, the neighbor, the neighborhood. If you have any questions that you'd like to call in and ask us about today, you can do that at 248557 3300. And again, this is Ask the neighbor you can reach it at Ask the neighbor calm. Our show, we discussed all kinds of different things, mostly things around the home, things like repairs around the house, things you may have questions about that you'd like somebody else to chime in. That's asked the neighbor. So you can check us out at Ask the and get some more information. You can even actually submit a question right there off the website. I want to thank 690 am for broadcasting us here every day between 9am and 10am, between nine and 11am every day, Monday through Friday. Thank you for doing that. That's 690 am WNZK. Thank you for that. Alright, I also want to just shout out to our sponsors and mentioned some of the things that they do. One is a system of counsel and or you can access it through your mobile website. And you can either talk it into your phone or you can type it in one o n e m a There if you're in a waiting room and you're thinking of something to do, well, one mag offers you over 200 different digital magazines instead of when you're waiting at the waiting room to touch dirty magazines or touch people's use magazines. One mag is a digital solution through your phone that you can access different magazines, film, reading material, all kinds of different stuff. So when you're bored next time check out one Also thank you to Bank of Ann Arbor You can go there and put in a service request a mobile service request and people will respond to you You from there. Thank you to Ceci Lincoln in Ann Arbor, thank you for your support for our shows. Our other shows that we run, run on Fridays, we run very Detroit between 11 and 1130. And then we run very Ann Arbor, between 1130 and 12. And then very Chicago, comes right after that. So you can check them all out, you can go to very and access the digital guidance system. This is a system where you can kind of navigate our city here. And between art, music, food and style, you can get access to all this different information at the at your fingertips, very Also, vary. Ann does the same thing. But for Ann Arbor. It's a digital guidance system where you can actually find different things throughout the city, and so to Chicago, and you can connect, they're all connected through one mag. So one mag is the one of the vehicles that you can access a lot of our different information and through these websites, you can listen to our show live or you can access our podcasts which have our old shows on there from very Detroit, very NRB and very Chicago, that's on forward slash very Detroit. Thank you to bid front bid is a sell by owner get an offer system where people can just

put in a bid a noncommittal bid for your home, and maybe you're interested in it, you can get more information at bid Also, thank you to Lewis jewelers, Lewis jewelers supports are very an arbor program. We're sharing their information, you can check them out at Lewis A great, great jewelry store in Ann Arbor. Thank you for tuning in guys, you're listening to ask the neighbor, ask the is where you go for more information. I'm your host ankle sitter offski. We broadcast every day here now this is our second week. And it's been going great. We've had callers calling in from all over the metro. And I appreciate that. We answer questions. If you have questions regarding things around the home, we've been talking about gutters. We've been talking about recipes, we've had all kinds of different questions come through the pipeline. And it's just been beautiful art radio ours, our internet seems to be kind of down. So tunes may be coming a little slow. But we're definitely going to be talking here all day here on Ask the neighbor. So we appreciate you tuning in. I wanted to just also let you know if you have anything to sell. There are different opportunities here where you could call, let us know what you have to sell. For instance, there is a heater water boiler system 70,000 bt you for sale for $1,200. You could call on the show and we give you more details about that. The phone number here is 248557 3300. You may have a vehicle that you want might want to sell, you can give us a call. If you have a vehicle that you're trying to sell or maybe you want somebody to pick it up. If it's in your way, you could go ahead and give us a call. We can figure out a way to help you. This is spring cleaning time, folks. So if you have any ideas that you don't have the resources for, please give us a call. We've got all kinds of resources regarding the home. So this is the phone number to call 248557 3300 and I'm your host Danko Sutter offski Thanks for tuning in. Ask the Ask the neighbor. Our program here runs between nine and 11am. We're looking for callers to call in at 248557 3300 You're listening to 690 Am w NZK I'm your host Danko. sotar offski I want to thank our callers this week we've had some great callers calling in all week we had Michigan's Michigan's handyman calm they've called in multiple times they might be joining us later in the show. I want to thank Jennifer for calling in all week. She's been with us all week Casey's been calling as well. We've had Madeline call in Donna Jean, Ike, Crystal. All these folks have different questions to ask. Some of them are just wishing us a good luck because we're kind of launching here for the first time as our second week for Ask the neighbor you might not be used to listening to us. But I'm your host Danko. Souter ask if you're flipping through the channels, give us a call. If you're a business out there that wants to offer Your home repair services or services that you may need done around the home. If you have questions about gardening, this is the place to call 248557 3300 Ask the neighbor, and when you ask the neighbor, you get all kinds of different responses. Yesterday we had a dire situation where we were looking for some jello, Lemon Lemon jello, in particular lemon Jello pudding for a pie for one of our listeners, and we were able to locate it and get it in, in route to the caller. So those are some of the things that we do here. That was just one example. But if you have something to sell, I think this is a good day to do that. It's Tuesday, it's sunny, it's going to be nice. Spring cleaning time, you're listening to ask the neighbor if you have any type of services that you want to offer to the audience. Um, let's say maybe you're a painter. Maybe you do different things that you're maybe a mobile auto repair that you'd like to offer and call in with the number here is 248557 3300 Ask the neighbor is the program you're listening to? We are a little bit at a low for music today. It seems like our internet isn't working as well as it could be. But DJ chub co how're we doing with that? Is that coming online here? Yeah, no we're all good now All right, why don't we go to a little tune here and we got a caller coming into after that?

All right, thank you for That DJ chub Ka, who do we have there? I think that's a khruangbin correctement. All right. Well, thank you for that. That was some interesting, cool music. You're listening to ask the neighbor. I'm your host Danko Souter. offski. Thanks for tuning in. Belinda. Belinda is on the line here right now. Hello, Belinda.

Unknown Speaker 15:20

Hello, how are you?

Speaker 1 15:22

Good. Thank you for calling into the show today, we appreciate that you're calling into ask the neighbor, you're a oh, this whole month is women's month. And we wanted to just talk a little bit of two women owned businesses that do all kinds of great things here in the city. And I'd like to ask you a little bit about your business. Sure. So what did you start? What kind of business do you are you Belinda?

Unknown Speaker 15:52

I have a recycling business. And our primary clients are commercial and industrial building owners.

Speaker 1 15:59

Okay, excellent. So how long ago did you get involved with the recycling business?

Unknown Speaker 16:06

It's been growing. So it's technically began. When I became a parent,

Speaker 1 16:15

a lot of things happen, then. Lots of things change. Yeah. So what kind of stimulated it like it? Was it the environmental damage that you were seeing or what

Unknown Speaker 16:35

exactly so like I said, because when I became a parent, I wanted to make sure that I did everything, right, I wanted to make sure everything we did for my daughter was wholesome, you know, making sure things were organic, making sure we were doing things, DIY for cleaning needs, you know, making sure chemicals weren't around in concert, we had, you know, gave her the best of what we could naturally and again, that just became not necessarily an obsession, but something that you know, I started looking at. And, as a parent, you want to do something for your children's children. So, of course, that means well, but it also means help. So if we don't, and, and other things, as well as natural resources. So if I can't do something to help hurt children have natural resources, then, you know, it's kind of a moot point, because, you know, everything is chemical laced everything is, you know, plastic pollution. And, and again, when you start looking at all of that, you start looking at the damage that we are doing, not just a human being to the wildlife, you know, and, yeah, that's just been the mission.

Speaker 1 17:47

So, um, it feels like, feels like, it was kind of like this whole plastic deal was, um, something that you were being more and more aware of, and especially as your children, you began to be apparent, you saw, because there's all this stuff about, like, microplastics that are in our water systems in our fish, that we eventually it's crazy when you dissect it. And, um, and so were you doing a lot of that research? Belinda?

Unknown Speaker 18:22

Yeah, yeah. And, you know, just kind of it feels like, I guess it's like every other thing, right? Like fight or flight? So am I going to be afraid of it and do nothing? Or am I going to do something about it? So it just became something that I wanted to do more about?

Speaker 1 18:38

And so what is the name of your business?

Unknown Speaker 18:42

It's green and being like, human beings, green being recycling. Oh, and one more plug for being a parent. My daughter helped me come up with that name. So I love the name.

Speaker 1 18:52

I love the name to green beings recycling. So what, what part of the city? Are you focused on? Are you focused on a certain part of the city or a certain type of recycling?

Unknown Speaker 19:05

No, so it's actually in the metro Detroit area. So you know, we go to all of the joy join the city, you know, in the Southeast Michigan area, hopefully, we become bigger and we can become national, you know, so but we're starting local. And we're focusing on right now just not just plastic pollution, but that seems to be the greatest problem. We are doing all non hazardous removal of recycling. So it entails cardboard, plastic, glass. So all of those things that are not

Speaker 1 19:49

interesting. So I love the name. How can we get to the website?

Unknown Speaker 19:55

So it's www green beans recycling all one word dot

Speaker 1 20:00

Okay, when did you start your business?

Unknown Speaker 20:03


Speaker 1 20:04

2013 2013

Unknown Speaker 20:07

Again, all the all the ideas started flowing.

Speaker 1 20:12

Right? No. And I love the way it began and how you you took it to the next level, and started to make a formula for it a name a brand. And it's more it sounds like it's like a more of a mission like green beings is more to me like, hey, let's all together be this great thing. Green being you got it? Right. That's right. Yeah. And coming from our Earth, not from outside of our Earth. And we are green beings. I mean, like, you know, when you think about how much we are connected to the environment, it is it is just amazing how much it affects us. And everything that we do. So did you go on like an all organic kind of all the way kind of mom kind of everything's got to be this and that and organic? And not BPA plastic and all this other stuff?

Unknown Speaker 21:05

Yes, I everybody I'm around I'm always like, Hey, where's your where's your what? refillable water bottle? Right? Anyone I'm around

Speaker 1 21:17

spreading the message checking in on the recycle the pollution, environmental damage everybody is causing? So how do you work with businesses for them to reduce their waste or to recycle you recycling everything that you gather from the businesses or are you having to throw some of that away.

Unknown Speaker 21:40

So technically, we're recycling everything that we collect, because we are, you know, very strategic, and making sure that we're accepting the things that can be recycled. Now, because of COVID-19 restrictions, there are some things that we would can't accept anymore, but things to once things are back on track. And that's also hampering our clientele, you know, because people, of course, that they own the commercial industrial buildings, they're not at capacity, and they're not, you know, some of them. So like, it's not even worth being open right now. So that's having an effect. But for those who are still in business, we're still collecting, and we're still taking it. So for my business, there were three business phases, but the first phase of the collection, and I take it to a local recycling center, so the local recycling centers, I trust that they are recycling him not going into the landfills. And the second phase for us will be we'll partner with those recycling centers. And the third phase is we're going to actually manufacture things based on those impossible, therefore, none of it is wasted. And I can't wait to finish phase three, because of COVID-19. We've had to pay more attention to getting to phase three. So we should be there hopefully, by you're in.

Speaker 1 22:57

Right. Um, so what are some things that we could make from these products we throw away?

Unknown Speaker 23:06

So, specifically, the plastic, I don't know if you've heard of it, but TRex decking. So it's manufactured and it looks just like wood, but it's actually made from plastic bags in particular. Oh, that decking and fencing is something that I'm looking to manufacture here in Michigan.

Speaker 1 23:29

Ah, okay. Well, you know, what, we just talked about that on our show yesterday, we were talking about decks and how, you know, you can go with the, the plastic basically deck that you don't probably have to replace, and, you know, there's a less of a environmental impact that you're doing. And that's beautiful because, you know, even the homeowner to then doesn't have to stain the product all the time. It's a little more expensive is what Michigan's handyman was telling us.

Unknown Speaker 24:03

Yeah, it is. But it's good because it has the longevity and you're saving the right you're saving that that the earth and and our natural resources from being placed. You know it in the end, it's worth has there been? We're gonna bring manufacturing back.

Speaker 1 24:23

No, I love that idea. Has there been a, like an over over abundance of plastics and whatnot here because of our China banned and not trading and so are we piling up on all the environmental pollution?

Unknown Speaker 24:41

is unfortunate. But yes, at that time, a ban ban has had an effect on our local recycling because the communities aren't recycling what they used to because it's not being accepted by chance. And if you asked me It's the people who are doing recycling right now. I think more of a commercial result in in mind, so they're not really recycling because they want to save the Earth. It's just about the dollars in essence in. So I felt like that's a conflict of interest. So if you have a waste management company who owns the landfills, and they're doing the recycling, that's a conflict. So sure, I'd like to disrupt that. So if I'm just a recycler, and I'm not a waste management company, I'm doing it because I want to recycle. So because of the fact that we've got the wrong people doing it, right now, they can have the prices skyrocket because tenants are taking it. So we don't, we don't care really about what happens to this, we just don't want to, we're going to start writing, raising the prices for communities that want to recycle. So of course, if that happens, you have the local politicians who say, well, we want to save our citizens money. So we're not we're going to put this on pause right now. And we're not going to recycle. So it's just causing this problem where it's going to the landfills instead, because it's a positive because of the cost. And now no one's you know, recycling the way they work. So if I can get in there, and I can start doing that manufacturing locally, then these, these cities and communities have a place that the recycling will go to, and the cost is not cost prohibitive. Yeah.

Speaker 1 26:31

You know, I was going to ask you, what are some tips that you would say to our audience, our listeners that we have, that they could do on a personal note at home? How important is it for the each household to recycle?

Unknown Speaker 26:50

Oh, it's very important. You know, I think, statistically, we, we, as an individual creates approximately a pound and a half of waste every day. And that was higher to COVID. But, but it may even be worth now because everyone's ordering in and what do you what do you get when you're ordering, you get tons of containers, and be more mindful of what you're doing and how you're doing it. And if you can go, and now now there are some places who are more aware, and you can take your container to them and refill it. So if that's a possibility, do that and ability to buy in bulk. Do that as well, because you don't have all the individual wrapping. And of course, please use reusable water bottle. And that alone will take care of the waste.

Speaker 1 27:46

Because yeah, here, a lot of the water bottles and a lot of the waste never makes it to be recycled, it gets thrown in the garbage, and it never gets recycled. So it's a problem we have right now. And especially if we want to have a good world for our children, we need to be aware of these things. What are some other tips and tricks that you tell your businesses to be mindful of?

Unknown Speaker 28:14

I tell them to you know, just kind of make sure that if, if there's someone around who you know, may not be as aware, sometimes we find things that are not rent. So if you've got a container, you've had a takeout, just rinse it and make sure that you know there's no debris or no food left over because that's yet another problem that waste management companies will cite as being contaminated. So if they can say the contaminated, then we're going to put it in the landfill. So please make sure everything is as clean as possible, because you don't want that to be a reason that someone would put something in the land.

Speaker 1 28:56

I also think Belinda that we may have more of a situation now and it's more important now because of all of the COVID PPE that has come into our planet. Oh, man, I can't even I saw so many plastic gloves thrown all over the streets when COVID first started, and then the masks all over just thrown in different places. I can't even imagine the environmental impact COVID had on the world.

Unknown Speaker 29:27

Yeah, yes, exactly. And, you know, just recoup what we can get those damages. Well, I think talking about it, and learning is cheap.

Speaker 1 29:41

Yeah, absolutely. Um, let's Is there anything else you want to let your audience know the audience know before we let you go and just maybe how they can get a hold of you. If you have a phone number for businesses to call that are environmentally conscious?

Unknown Speaker 29:57

Yes. The phone number is 734-673-3595 Okay, and the phone number is also on the website www dot green being

Speaker 1 30:16

Excellent. Thank you so much Belinda for calling in and sharing your business and your and your and your wishes for the planet. All right, we wish. Okay, appreciate Yeah, we wish you the best today and everyday keep recycling green beings recycling calm. Thanks for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you have a good day. Take care. All right. That was that's Belinda from green beans recycling. Next up we have time coming in and he is a caller calling in from Birmingham. Hello Tom. Hello. Hello. How are you? Good good. Welcome to Ask the neighbor you are calling in live you're on the radio on 690 Am time. This is a show where we discuss all things neighborly and things that we may want to sell things that we may need to get done at our homes. So I understand you have something to sell.

Unknown Speaker 31:11

Yes, I do. I have a home that I'm I'm taking down and it has a steam boiler in it, which is only about three years old. It's you know, it's 70,000 bt use it's in very good condition. And I'm looking for someone to sell the boiler to I just don't want to throw the Boiler Out or, or you know, when I'm taking the house down. I don't want to damage the boiler. I like to try to find someone that's interested in the boiler

Speaker 1 31:48

now. Is it a steam boiler or A water boiler?

Unknown Speaker 31:52

No, it's It's steam. I know it's water boiler. I'm sorry. Okay. It's a water boiler. It's not a steam boiler.

Speaker 1 32:01

Okay, water boiler water board. What's the difference? What's the difference time between a boiler

Unknown Speaker 32:07

the difference between the steam and the water? The steam has like radiators and the water has like like like these vents along the wall like fins that heat up. It's a circulating system. And we're as the boiler I mean the steam heat uses uses like radiators

Speaker 1 32:32

okay so like in the houses in Hamtramck where I grew up but they have the radiator

Unknown Speaker 32:38

Yeah. What it is is the the steam heat is a lot more popular because you know it's been out all it was it's been out a lot longer and they like people like to steam heat but the water no water the water boiler works very well it's it's a circulating system it you know it shoots the hot water out to the aisle to the events that that heat up and then it's the water circulates back to the to the boiler

Speaker 1 33:09

you know what I like about the water boiler system time is that you know it's got it's not going to be as dry in your house if you're using this kind of writing right? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 33:18

it's a it's a clean heat. Yeah, it's very it's not high maintenance. The boiler you know what it's a good system. Once you I wish I had I wish I had a place to put the boiler but I don't. So what I and I just can't just throw it a boiler away. The boiler is in to better condition it isn't isn't the right thing to do to put put put something like that into all you know, just throw it away. So what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to find someone that would be interested in that in that hot water boiler

Speaker 1 33:56

where is the boiler located Tom Where is the boy war?

Unknown Speaker 34:00

The boiler is in in a house in Troy 15 mile and John our area all right. And it's very you know, somebody wants to come over and take a look at the boiler. They can give me a call. My phone number is 24890943679 o 94367. Call me to for an appointment.

Speaker 1 34:32

Yep 2489 o 94367

Unknown Speaker 34:36

Excellent. This is you can you know you can call me and I'll be more than glad to take you out and show you the boiler.

Speaker 1 34:47

Excellent excellent. This is a A water boiler system folks located in Troy 1000 Beacuse 70,000.

Unknown Speaker 34:56

The boiler brand is Comfortmaker I have the zeros, I have the serial numbers and the model numbers available. You can you can, you can call the manufacturer, they'll tell you tell you the date that the boiler was made. It's about three years old. Wow,

Speaker 1 35:16

that's pretty new. That's really no results.

Unknown Speaker 35:19

You know, I called the original heating and cooling company that put the boiler in, I did it. I bought the home with the boiler. And they said that when they installed that boiler, it was around, it was around an $8,000 job. Whoa. So it's not you know, it's it's, uh, you know, it's a good boiler. And, yeah, if somebody wants somebody wanted to buy it, I can, you know, we can figure out what, you know what, what we would do?

Speaker 1 35:54

I would imagine that if you had any kind of house, really, you could put that in as long as it wasn't, oh,

Unknown Speaker 36:00

yeah, it could go into a garage. Yeah, could go into a house. It could. I mean, you could put it into a basement if you want to, if you if you wanted to, you know, keep the basement warm. I mean, it's you can do a lot with this boiler. It's just that

Speaker 1 36:15

I think the basement is the really big is a great idea because you know, all the cold air comes from up you know, from the basement, right?

Unknown Speaker 36:24

Oh, no, you don't if you could, if you know what it is if you can heat the basement, the rest of the house will stay will warn

Speaker 1 36:33

you right. Now it

Unknown Speaker 36:34

can be this system can be added this system can be added to another system very easily. It can be you know, it just could be this could be a good system for someone if they wondered if they were adding an addition or something to a home. Right. And they wanted they wanted to just have like separate heating.

Speaker 1 36:54

Yeah, or like in a sunroom area. If you want a little break

Unknown Speaker 36:58

room, porch area.

Speaker 1 37:00

Now comes it comes with it comes with the the heater coils, I guess you call them, they're different than the

Unknown Speaker 37:11

the coils the coils are there. But it would be quite a job to take those take those off the walls. And I mean, it couldn't be done. If somebody wanted to do it. Piping and all that. Yeah, but it would be it would I would suggest the boiler is like brand new, I would suggest adding new new cool new the new heating coils to the system. Yeah, I wouldn't go with the old one. I mean, if you want if they if they wanted the old ones, he let them have. We could have we did after we'd have to disconnect them off the walls and yeah, and stuff like that. But but that's okay. No, it's up to the individual.

Speaker 1 37:55

All right. Well, I bet you there's somebody out there listening, I hope that you get a phone call because

Unknown Speaker 38:00

you know, I hope I hope somebody out there listening that's looking for a good boiler.

Speaker 1 38:08

Yeah, this is a folks if you just tuning in, this is A water boiler system to heat the whole house 70,000 bt you the caller is Tom, his phone number is not a 2489 o 94367. You could give them a call. If you're maybe maybe you're a heating and cooling company that might want to keep this in reserve. In case you get a job like that. You know,

Unknown Speaker 38:41

I mean, if they if they look at the boiler, the boiler you would you would know that the boiler is three years old. It looks like brand new today.

Speaker 1 38:52

I imagine I mean three years for that kind of a systems nothing they probably 20 years.

Unknown Speaker 38:57

It's an it's in perfect shape.

Speaker 1 39:00

Well, we appreciate you. In fact, some people

Unknown Speaker 39:03

wanted to buy parts of it. And I said no, I'm just I don't want to part it out. I just want to sell on as a boiler with with everything that they need to have it working. I've had a couple people call me and say well, there's some parts on the boiler that we would like to buy and you got to buy the whole boiler I mean, I'm not going to sell parts now then after I fell apart in the boiler room isn't any good. Oh, isn't. It isn't

Speaker 1 39:35

good? No, no, we so So you heard it right from time folks. No parts have been sold from the boiler. It's all intact.

Unknown Speaker 39:44

So all intact is ready to be installed.

Speaker 1 39:49

I could see totally, you know, if I had a house that I was redoing, and I was debating between a furnace system and one of these water systems This is something that, you know, maybe somebody could do themselves. So

Unknown Speaker 40:04

it's a lot. It's a lot more efficient heating. Yeah, it's, it's, it's cleaner, right. And like I said, it's not a it's not a hard system, you know, those boilers last for almost forever. You just what you do is you just make sure that you maintain the water in the system maintain the boiler, sometimes the boiler, the water system needs to be flushed out. But that's, you know, whatever, whatever kind of heating system you have there are there are maintenance involved. I'm wondering

Speaker 1 40:39

on the cost savings time, is there a cost savings? You think with that kind of unit?

Unknown Speaker 40:44

I think I think I think it's, I think this type of system, I don't know, personally, but just from, from looking at it, I would say that this would be a very efficient way of heating. I mean, it's, you know, it isn't blowing air around or anything like that. It's just the heat is just on the near the floor area near the bottom of the wall, and the heat rises and assists the system, the water system just circulates. And what it does is it shoots the hot water out and then brings it back to water cooler and then puts it back in warm water out again. And you have a thermostat on it. You just you regulate it how you want it.

Speaker 1 41:30

Now, I know that I have a problem with the in the winter because of the dry heat, you know, so this kind of a system probably would be way better for me.

Unknown Speaker 41:39

Oh, yeah. Because you're not having all that boring hot air. Oh, yeah. I mean, the system. It just it just giving off the heat. Now, you know, it's not blowing around. And there's no blower system on it. I mean, it isn't like, isn't like a forced air furnace where you're, we're, the air is coming out and blowing all over the all over the room, versus just giving heat in the areas that you need it.

Speaker 1 42:07

And it's a natural rising heat. It's not though kind

Unknown Speaker 42:12

of always rises. It always rises. Well. What's interesting there drop.

Speaker 1 42:16

Yeah. What's interesting is I think people could even make it, you know, maybe put it in themselves because you're not having to put doors in I think

Unknown Speaker 42:23

I know somebody that's a little handy. I bet good. could install is very easily.

Speaker 1 42:29

Right. Imagine the savings that way. I mean, that's very good. A lot of good savings. Well, Tom, thank you for calling in and sharing that again. If you're interested or have questions about this water boiler that 70,000 Beatty use only a few years old, in excellent shape, you can give Tom a call at 248-909-4367. Thanks so much for calling in Tom about that. We appreciate all

Unknown Speaker 42:55

Thank you. Thank you neighbors,

Speaker 1 42:56

you bet. Ask the neighbor calm. All right.

Unknown Speaker 43:01

I'm looking for a neighbor to help me out.

Speaker 1 43:04

All right, well, what we're asking right now we'll keep on repeating it through the show. If you've got any.

Unknown Speaker 43:09

I want some neighbor, I want some neighbors to call me and get this boiler. Let's do like, if I could use it somewhere I would keep it. I have no place to use it.

Speaker 1 43:19

Thank you, neighbor. Thank you. Thank you very much for calling in. Alright guys take care of that was Tom. Tom, thank you for calling in and sharing that boiler experience. You've got a 70,000 bt u water boiler that's available. Give them a call. If you have any questions about it or want to take it off his hands you can do that, too, for 89094367 is Tom's number with the water boiler. Before that we had Belinda from Green beings She was telling us about how she recycles throughout the metro area, what her mission is and why she started it. And the great story about it was that she started it for children because she was concerned about the environment and about what's happening in our world. So thank you for tuning in guys. You're listening to ask the neighbor ask the is the website. You can check us out there you can put in a question if you have a question for us. We can read it online. You could follow us a couple different places. We're on very very Ann Arbor calm and very Chicago calm Every Friday we come at you with shows that are particular to arts news culture, for Detroit for Ann Arbor for Chicago, and we do it from 690 Am w NZK and I'm the host Danko Surowiecki coming at you. If you have a question, you want to sell something you want to talk, maybe not directly to the neighbor but through our show. You can ask the neighbor and you could do it at Ask the neighbor calm or you could call right here. 248557 3300 We've got a great show coming up, we're rounding up the first hour here in a little bit. Now we're on every day Monday through Friday 9am to 11am. We're looking for people to call in this is a call in show, this time slot was occupied by a show that discuss similar topics, is called a little bit different than ours. But we are here continuing that message, because we think it's important that the neighbor has a voice. And in this world of big media and regional media, we forget about the neighbor and what's happening on our block on our street. And it makes a big difference when we can just talk and share. And just make sure that we're all okay. And you know, this is what we're trying to do. If you guys have any questions, please give us a call at 248557 3300, you could go to the website to ask the We want to thank our sponsors, one If you're bored somewhere out there, and you're in a waiting room at the doctor's and you are thinking about picking up a magazine, well think first and go to one o n e ma And you can check out over a hundreds of magazines and all kinds of different topics that you can carry with you home and finish reading the article. Instead of leaving the magazine. There were times folks COVID has done a number on us. And you know, we're afraid to touch things who are afraid to go places we're afraid to do stuff. So ask the neighbor serves as a place where you can ask them questions. We'll get people to try to answer those questions. You can call us at 248557 3300. If you're driving around you provide a service or looking for a service. Holler in 248557 3300. Looks like we've got a caller right now calling in. And all right, we have major Shep Hello, major shop. What's going on? Hey, welcome. Welcome, my friend you are on. Ask the neighbor show. Right. Hi. All right. All right. All right. Major Shep, you were on one of our shows are very Detroit show because we met each other at the Eastern Market. I was buying some groceries and whatnot. And I met you there because you had a book you had just written? Well certainly tell us a little bit about that book. First.

Unknown Speaker 47:34

That particular book at the time I met you that was a black bottom bread, which is a memoir that I still publish upon in my pubs are company, black bottom bread pubs. And I had to stand at the Eastern Market. What I actually mentioned while I was selling my books that this this particular book relates to me growing up in a city Detroit, given my account or growing up in a certain area, give my spirit hopefully others will have to make the same mistakes. I did end up why I ended up but

Speaker 1 48:07

what triggered what what triggered the book major? What triggered it?

Unknown Speaker 48:12

Bam, you have a whole lot to say. And watching so many youngsters go down the road to destruction. When I figured they nobody want to listen to what I was saying. I thought I'll just put it out in a book. And that way, nobody have to listen to what I'm saying. Unless they choose to listen to the audio book. I put these books that people have because a lot of people think don't books don't be selling these days. But I can argue argue that that isn't the case with people definitely read.

Speaker 1 48:42

Oh yeah, for sure. They read now what got you into reading major shop? years in prison? Hey, that'll do it right.

Unknown Speaker 48:52

years in prison upon myself, trying to self educate myself. And once I fell in love with books, I couldn't put them down because it was so many different worlds I can discover and explore being taken myself from where I was it.

Speaker 1 49:08

Now you didn't have that growing up.

Unknown Speaker 49:12

Well, I had a grown up but it was a choice to make that I didn't want to read how to read, you know, reading in my household was something that everybody was encouraged to do but at the time I didn't want to do that because I wanted to run the streets,

Speaker 1 49:27

right? Like like the teenage like teenagers like to do right and make that make bad decisions at that age. You know, what are some things in your book Black Bottom bread that you try to help youth with? What are some of the things you say in there

Unknown Speaker 49:47

to be to take accountability for the actions okay. Because most times when people are living a life of uncertainty or Doing crime, they don't know what they're actually getting into when today's plan is in front of the court and judge are locked up and cook. So I'm sharing my experiences with them, so they won't have to go through such main thing that I touch on for the youth when I give my own life experiences, is to know that we are all responsible for our own actions. So when we do those things, we got to actually know what we don't know. And that's, that's what I'm trying to stress to them because I didn't know what so many options available to me to make their life because I had blinders on of being in a particular area, once you take those blinders off, the opportunities open up to you, easily, they always been there, we just never knew because we stuck in a jig or grab location,

Speaker 1 50:49

right? How do you how do you help you open those eyes? You know, it's easier said than done, right?

Unknown Speaker 50:58

Well, anytime I get a chance to talk to him, I don't talk to him, I would like to because of the chronic situation. But beforehand, know, anytime I had a chance to talk to him, I would talk to him about life experience because we never know others life experience because we think we'd only want to live in in certain ways. And a lot of youngsters come across trying to find their own path with their own path don't have to be defined by doing stupid things. Right?

Speaker 1 51:31

Now, um, you know, those stupid things, you know, that youth can do, obviously can mess up their whole lives and create a pattern of trouble, right? And it's unfortunate, you know, when we're young, you know, we all do stupid things. But we got to be extra careful when we're in the city, and it could really damage us our whole careers could be jacked up after that. Is that, you know, one little mistake, man and you're you're, you know, like, no, like, you can't get out of the system, basically, man, right? That's what I hear.

Unknown Speaker 52:07

No, that that's, that's definitely true. Because it's almost a cycle that you go in. Once you end up going through the system. When you get out you're not fully away from the system, because there's so many shackles and chains on you that you can't see this deal bind you to the same system that you live. So I don't want others to have the experience that if I have any say so to it. So with with the pubs a company that I started, I want to give others a voice when their voice wouldn't usually be acceptable, you know, I mean,

Speaker 1 52:42

right? Right. Right. Right. So this is you're giving a not only helping yourself, but you're trying to make a platform for youth, to encourage them to share their thoughts, their voice and you know, pick up books, read books, share books, get knowledge to make better decisions in their lives. So this how can people get the book, black body

Unknown Speaker 53:06

actually can get the book by visiting the website, black bottom bread calm, or they can follow me on Instagram at Black Bottom, bread and Instagram in the link from my link tree and all the available products is there as well. Excellent. You know, back when, uh, when the break, still be at the Eastern Market. Okay, good morning. I still be at Eastern Market selling more titles. And I still have a black bottom bread available. Because since the last time I talked to you, I released a poetry book on Christmas called thoughts from the bottom that can actually be purchased from the website, as well. And that's going to be available when I go back to Eastern marking. I also have a book coming out on April 13th, which is a novel called stump pullers. All these to be available. And children's book, Ellie and Trey will be available by having books as well.

Speaker 1 54:04

Okay, so I just want to make sure I got all that and our audience got all that you got a poetry book coming out?

Unknown Speaker 54:10

No. I have a portrait book that's already

Speaker 1 54:13

already out. Okay, already our thoughts from the bottom thoughts from the bottom

Unknown Speaker 54:20

that can be purchased from our website as well.

Speaker 1 54:22

Okay. And then, a book coming out in April,

Unknown Speaker 54:28

April the 13th novel called Stop fooling

Speaker 1 54:31

Poulos. How do you spell stump polis?

Unknown Speaker 54:35

S T U NTC. u ll er s

Speaker 1 54:42

staat. Tau. Fuller's? Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:47

The book is a urban tale of two teenagers figuring their path in life. Nice. Yes, it is.

Speaker 1 54:59

And it's so Good you're doing now this is a novel a fiction novel.

Unknown Speaker 55:03

Yes it is. Alright, so

Speaker 1 55:05

the first book your was black bottom bred and that's a document a memoir, a memoir. And then you have a poetry book out thoughts from the bottom and then you have I don't want to mess it up start tillers. Yeah, this exact type of stock tillers, you can access that on black bottom bread. And I just want to make sure I pronounce your the way you go by author. You go by major Shep

Unknown Speaker 55:32

major Shepherd, you

Speaker 1 55:35

majored Shepherd, ill? Yes. All right. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. We thank you so much for calling in and staying in touch with us. We look forward to your successes as you help others publish books, and keep that beautiful message going forward. And it's like it's perfect because you're really kind of part of this show. Ask the neighbor is the name of this show. We do it between nine and 11 every day. So if you ever have any questions about something around the home or whatnot, please give us a call. It's kind of like a community and we can always touch base about your book. So keep on giving us a call. Major Shep we appreciate it

Unknown Speaker 56:17

was certainly appreciate you alright buddy. Take

Speaker 1 56:19

care now. All right. Yeah, this is that was major Shepherd owl. And he is the author of black bottom bread. You can check it out at Black We just had a nice little interview with him. He's got a new novel coming out in on April 13. Called stunt tillers. It's an urban tale about teenagers trying to make good decisions. Great man. He's been on the very Detroit show. He also is an author trying to help youth in our city. Way to go major Shep. We're probably going to go to this surrounds up our our first hour you're listening to ask the neighbor. I'm your host Danko soda Rawski thank you for tuning in this first hour we had green beings recycling. We had a water boiler for sale. 70,000 bt you and we just talked with black bottom bred author major Shepard L. I want to thank our sponsors. One Bank of Ann Arbor work ceci Lincoln bid Lewis jewelers of Ann Arbor thank you so much. And we're gonna go to a song here and we're gonna start our second hour

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03

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Speaker 1 1:02:42

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Unknown Speaker 1:08:45

Hey, hey from Chicago.

Speaker 1 1:08:47

Good to hear you from the Windy City. Now, I want to ask you really quick here. This is Rich snare. I call him the hammer. Because morning, folks, thank you for calling in. You're listening to ask the neighbor Live from Chicago. We've got rich Nair, the hammer. We call him the hammer because he's an expert on remodeling and on construction.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13

Thank you, sir. Yeah, it's warm up here in Chicago today is going to be 61 Oh,

Speaker 1 1:09:17

you believe it? Wow. It was just a couple weeks ago where it was just freezing, freezing freezing,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23

to frosty to frosty. But yeah, we'll start doing exterior work pretty soon. That'll be that'll be a great thing for everybody.

Speaker 1 1:09:31

What? Tell us a little bit about how long how long have you been in the construction business?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37

That's good question. So near construction in Chicago started in 82. So next year will be 40 years which is hard to believe because I don't even feel 40 But uh, that's the story and started banging nails around my neighborhood around my house. Folks house when I was 15. So it's been a while

Speaker 1 1:09:58

and and Yeah, been it's been quite a bit, you know, I mean, so you can understand. I mean, I'm sure you've seen everything. Do you focus on a commercial? Construction, residential, residential construction, what's your major focus

Unknown Speaker 1:10:16

used to do a lot of big multi unit residential and commercial projects. And lately with the pandemic, we've been doing a lot of residential work, you know, crews of two or three people don't want too many people around, right, especially with the rules and regulations with the pandemic. So, we've been doing some light commercial and, and residential and multi residential work.

Speaker 1 1:10:45

Excellent. So if somebody was looking to get a quote in Chicago, I mean, they might catch us on the airwaves over there. They can reach you how how can they reach an A or construction?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59

They can go on Nayar construction, calm, which is and is in November a why er?

Speaker 1 1:11:07

Excellent. Excellent. So tell us a little bit about how you got the nickname the hammer.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15

Well, after work, sometimes I go sneak a cigar down, down on the south side around Sox Park and hanging around a crew for a couple of years. You know, knowing that I was a contractor. That's what they came up with.

Speaker 1 1:11:31

Haha, I love it. I love it. It's great. It's means I think it means a lot. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39

a south side, you know, love nickname. So everybody's got a nickname. Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:11:44

there's no, Larry, no one goes by rich or something like that. Not anymore. Tell us. Tell us about the South Side of Chicago. You know, we're here in Detroit right now. Tell us a little bit about the South Side of Chicago.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01

Well, it's pretty diverse. You know. It used to be that the powers that be and the North Side forgot about us. But downsides come up pretty fast. And we're talking Chinatown. We're talking Bridgeport around Sachs Park and Brownsville Hyde Park and South Shore those areas are starting to come up and become a little bit more vibrant. There's a lot of diversity. So, you know, go out at night eat, you can have whatever you want. Chicago was huge. We have just about every nationality you can think of in Chicago, probably a little bit like Detroit, too.

Speaker 1 1:12:39

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Um, you know, these industrial cities that kind of came out. Had a lot of immigrants come to them because there was a lot of labor. You know, we've got a large community of Macedonians in Gary, in Crown Point. That came to work for the steel mills around there and a lot of them then move north into Chicago. Some stayed in Gary. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03

absolutely. The the. Yes, you're right. Danko. The Northeast part of Indiana and the far southeast side of Chicago have a lot of Eastern Europeans, Serbians, Croatians, maybe like you said Macedonians, other people from Eastern Europe that came and did work at US Steel and other plants right now. There are some very huge plants still operating. There's a Indian billionaire that owns some of the biggest plants in Indiana and they're still one full steam ahead.

Speaker 1 1:13:37

That's the Mattel guy, isn't it? I think he's called salutely. Yeah, yeah. He He's bought up almost all of the steel and processing places are big, big guy. Kind of scary. But you know, it's interesting. So is Chicago making steel now is Gary making steel like it's really kicking it out?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:58

Yeah, they sure are. It's interesting because I was once in the auditorium Theater, which is downtown Chicago. We were doing some repair and I remember looking at the steel beams, and they had Carnegie's stamped all over him. How old the old days of steel are over. But you know, it's it's it's a new millennium. And so there are people out there that still needs steel, and there are new entrepreneurs, you know, plugging away. Hey,

Speaker 1 1:14:23

this is a great question. We've been talking about this all week for you. Costs of lumber.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:31

Oh, yeah. So we've had all kinds of hurricanes. I remember one piece of plywood used to be $8. And now you know you're talking three times that amount. Everything's gone up. Lumber used to be $1 a square foot for pine and now it's about three bucks a square foot nails. I remember how they used to be $1 a pound and now you're talking three $4 a pound so you know over time pretty quickly, actually, things have increased pretty rapidly in price just due to demand, I think,

Speaker 1 1:15:06

well, that's scaring me in a lot of different ways. You know, I studied economics, and I'm smelling a little inflation people, you know, these prices of lumber and the cost of money? You know, what's kind of happening here is I think our economy's preparing for, we have what seems to be we're about to print $2 trillion, and give it to the economy, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33

Well, where does that credible, right?

Speaker 1 1:15:34

Where does it come from? Right? Well, if culminating, it comes by diluting the money we have now it's like, we're not you can't make more resources. You're we're getting ourselves. It's like, it doesn't just come out of the air, folks. But these are something this is something that's going to affect the prices of everything. And I think our economy is prepping for that. You know, we've had, we had some people saying, you know, like here in Detroit that a lot of our lumber comes from, comes from Canada, and our borders have been closed, you know, so that they say that, you know, the prices have gone up because of that. We get a lot of lumber from Canada, I guess. Makes a lot of news. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12

I see the I see the there's, the trains are full of lumber, and you can see the stamps on all the all the lumber cars, and mostly coming from the north. You're right.

Speaker 1 1:16:25

So are they, uh, is this affecting your bids? When you go out to bid for a new construction, like or a remodel or you're doing your types of things? What is what is the consumer saying now? Because the price is much higher?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41

Yeah, well, that's interesting. You know, I've had to kind of fine tune things the last couple years and get with the new prices. Because the old pricing in the old percentages that you'd add in for pricing for materials has gone way up. And so, you know, I think the the cost of labor hasn't kept up with the price of materials and materials have gone way up pretty fast, I think. Yeah. Also just lack of resources. And you know, when things are scarce, things go up. And that's it seems to be that's the way things are going these days. Hold. It's

Speaker 1 1:17:14

also interesting hammer is here in Detroit housing prices are going through the roof. What's what's it like in Chicago for housing prices? And I guess some of that has to do with the price of current construction material costs, right? If I've got construction material costs, at such a high price, then for me to build that home is going to be that much more expensive. And then the labor costs have they've gone up. So the housing, like I said here has gone up. I don't know how it is in Chicago.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51

Yeah, one way a lot of homeowners have been buying and keeping their costs low is by buying a manufactured homes. There's there's a huge market in some areas, not not in some of the suburbs, where the codes don't allow things like that. But even further south, or in some of the rural areas, a lot of people go in the direction of manufactured homes, which are manufactured in a controlled environment in a factory where they can actually bang stuff out pretty quickly. Otherwise. homebuilding has gone up, it's not cheap anymore to build a home and a lot of people were buying buildings and renovating them so that they at least don't have to pour a foundation, right, go through all the new construction costs of building a new home.

Speaker 1 1:18:44

Yeah, it's really crazy. When you start to think about that. We've, I've seen a lot of new construction in the Detroit area. And I saw I've seen a lot of remodeling happening happening to all all throughout Detroit all throughout this Metro. And I'm guessing it's very similar like that in Chicago because of COVID. A lot of people have more time on their hands, they are able to do projects that they might not have had the chance to do before because now if you think people aren't taking that drive, you know, to work and back so they got a couple more hours, even if they're working from home their day seem that much bigger and they're not as exhausted.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:27

Home Depot lots have been very, very busy. Home Depot Menards. All the local builders, supply outlets have been very, very busy. They say construction has been going up and there are a lot of unemployed people doing side jobs and cash jobs. I think right now, that's sort of on the upswing, plus, just like you said Danko. The idea of adapt what they call adaptive reuse and renovation of existing structures as being going up to people have been renovating and buying, you know, places that need gutting out or renovate renovation jobs from the from the ground up. And there's been an upswing in that too, as well in Chicago.

Speaker 1 1:20:13

Yeah, I mean, it's interesting, like you see here in Detroit, and this is why I feel we're in a unique position here in Detroit, because there's a lot of homes that are owned by the city, here in Detroit. And it's, they're owned by the land bank. These are homes that are left by the previous owner. The taxes got out of control and had been abandoned. But like you said, you know, they've got a foundation, a basement, the wood, and some are, some are forgotten,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:49

you purchase those houses, and people bid on them or giving them away. It's like, in some parts of Chicago. If you're willing to renovate a structure, though, so no city owns some of these houses as well. And they'll sell them to you for $1.

Speaker 1 1:21:03

Right? Well, they're getting at least 1000 bucks here in Detroit for homes. But I mean, you know, the material in that house, like we're just talking about his insane, like how much you get with that house, even if you have to redo it, all right, you still don't have to pour the foundation, you still don't

Unknown Speaker 1:21:24

have you're getting a basement, you're getting foundations and you're getting walls and a roof. Yep, an awful lot of structural material that you'd have to normally purchase, right?

Speaker 1 1:21:32

The brick the brick alone on some of these homes that I see, you know, to brick a whole house, that might be three or 4000 square feet is crazy, right? So you're talking 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars that and that's why in India

Unknown Speaker 1:21:49

Brexit have even gone up now just an ordinary common brick is 80 cents to $1. You know, things have gone up because just the way they're manufactured and the scarcity of clay to for for brick, so now they're salvaging and knocking buildings down there, salvaging all the brick in Chicago, and you can buy it as antique brick.

Speaker 1 1:22:11

And that's, that's great too, because, you know, in the past, they would throw everything out and break it up and not be usable anymore. Why right? I mean, we can reuse all these great materials in Detroit, Scott, a lot of different places where they've taken the doors, the windows before they demolish the home. But, you know, we've got a long ways to go here in Detroit, as far as it goes for the urban core city. You know, there's, there's their streets that have one or two homes on there, the rest have been taken out. And then there's nobody

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46

said yes, you're right. You know, salvage is a great idea.

Speaker 1 1:22:51

And then you have neighborhoods that are you know, nothing's knocked down. Everything's historic and beautiful and big. And then that's what kind of makes Detroit unique. So you've got these like, or in the urban core, you've got the ability to, you know, they're selling some of them have two three locks with them, you know, these homes and your minutes from downtown. That's like unheard of in any other city. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:15

you got a giant backyard to go with your house and it sounds like

Speaker 1 1:23:18

exactly there was a house that was a actually I took a look at it was on Warren Avenue and literally not far from the Midtown which is the most expensive area where you could take a bike it was around 2000 square feet home on Warren it came with nine other lots with it in the city. Yeah, in the in the city was asking $7,900 for it. But oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:46

well that's such a deal.

Speaker 1 1:23:48

Right in the structure was solid. It was solid. I checked it out the foundation was in excellent shape. And but you know, the area around there, there's the houses are sporadic. A lot of things have been taken out a little bit rougher. But you can see the community bringing in like community gardens and starting to rebuild a community, which is great, you know, and I feel there's so many pockets of opportunity in Detroit. You know, people living like leaving New York City, you know, you hear these rents in New York City going down and whatnot. You know, people don't want to be in tight quarters as much. Now, because of the pandemic, people fled New York City, you know, because it's such so cramped. I don't know. Did you guys see any of that in Chicago like the people start selling a

Unknown Speaker 1:24:37

lot of people have come from the east of Chicago and maybe to Detroit as well, you know, you're right. And also on the south side. These empty lots are being converted as well, to community gardens. They tore down a lot of the projects like the Robert Taylor homes, along the highway along the Dan Ryan were all torn down. A lot of those lots became community gardens. There are a couple people in Chicago that sort of started reset the recycling business. And they would take a lot of the their compost and donate this to the gardens. So people could grow their own food, which is a great idea

Speaker 1 1:25:16

it is. And that's something we've been talking on this show, ask the neighbor, Folks you're listening to ask the neighbor. We're a show that's on every day now between nine and 11am. Here on W. NZ K 690 AM, and you can check us out online, you can access the show through very Detroit calm, very NRB calm or very We're promoting all those shows. Rich Nair. The hammer is with us. He is our host in Chicago, and has been connecting us in the Chicago market. One of our sister stations out there 10 At a m W. N. Wi, is part of our network. And we're broadcasting out there on Fridays, between 11 and 1130. Chicago time, and you can check it

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06

out. radio, yeah. And

Speaker 1 1:26:09

it's been going great. And we appreciate you opening up that market for us and doing all that you're doing. I know you're connected with the film market, you're connected with all types of people there in Chicago, and you're bringing such good guests, like who are the guests that are going to be on our show this this week, coming up here? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:29

that's a great question. We're gonna have wil Adams, who's a well known film director, and Chicago and also has had a series as well. And then we're also going to have a woman who's a representative of the new Savile Museum of African American History. And she's going to talk about the disciple and their commitment to the history of Chicago. And they are Smithsonian affiliate. That's beautiful. I mean, that's those are the two guests. This Friday. Yeah. And it's Cago. Chicago radio.

Speaker 1 1:27:10

Yeah. Yeah, very Exactly. So our our goal, right with these entities, these products, these voices is to share the nonprofit work that's being done in the community, like in Chicago, in Detroit, in Ann Arbor, you know, the the artist, the nonprofit's that are connected, and doing positive things in the community. That's what we're all about. That's what we're trying to do through our shows. That's what we're trying to do through Ask the neighbor. I hope you're tuning in folks, and listening in, we're gonna have a great rest of the show. We go on between nine and 11. We talk about things that you might want or been thinking about repairing in your house, but you're not sure about how to go about it. We have people that can answer those questions, resources related to food related to the home related to questions around the home, anything you might have that a neighbor could answer, and we kind of sit here as a resource pool to help you out and figure out what what you might might be the best option you might also have something you're selling that's for the home that you think one of our neighbors might get a benefit from we just had earlier today Tom is selling a boiler A water boiler and I don't know if you know anything about that hammer but A water boiler that you guys ever run into any water boilers.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:48

You mean like a hot water heater or use water what people get us in their house?

Speaker 1 1:28:55

Yeah. If you remember the steam boilers that used to be in the homes and there's still some in there, but we had a caller call in earlier and he's got a water boiler. It's 70,000 bt us and you know, he's got that call that he called in, and instead of the steam, it's a water boiler.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:18

Okay, and so it must it must heat up water and distributed through. There's a lot of radiant heating systems that people have in their homes, especially on their ground floors and like concrete slabs where they'll have a water boiler that heats up and distributes hot water through copper pipes and then they get the radiant heat through the pipes. And it goes around in one big circle and the boiler keeps heating up. The water goes out and then comes back in and heats up a slab or floor for somebody to stay warm.

Speaker 1 1:29:53

Hey, we appreciate that's what that is. We appreciate that advice because there's something else that somebody could use with that hot water boiler And that's an idea is heating up your, your floor. If it's a cement floor, you could probably use it for that. And other things. So, hammer we appreciate you calling in and being a big supporter of this show and a very Chicago, thank you for calling in the hammer Absolutely danco And I hope I hope you can join us from time to time to answer and field some questions out there because I know people will be calling in and asking for the hammer and the phone number they can call us. 248557 3300 I appreciate your time today hammer. You have a wonderful day.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:36

Absolutely. God bless you and it's gonna be a beautiful day here in Chicago. The snow and ice is almost gone. Yeah. Oh will be not only inside, but outside banging away. Thank you for having me on the show.

Speaker 1 1:30:47

You bet. You bet. Take care now. That's the hammer. God bless. Thank you from very Chicago. All right. All right. Thank you folks, for tuning in. You're listening to ask the neighbor calm. I'm your host Danko Souter. offski. We've got a special guest that just came in I can go man Welcome, Mike.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:03

Well, it's angle bomb, but

Speaker 1 1:31:08

that's better. That's better.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:10

Much better. And I'll tell you why. You ask me why right? Yeah. Why is that better? Okay, well, angle bomb is a German name. Okay. And all German names. And in the four letter is b u m. Represent tree. Oh, so Apple bomb is apple tree. Okay. Green bomb is green tree. Okay, and yes. What angle bomb is angle bomb is Angel Tree.

Speaker 1 1:31:40

Oh, tree. What does that produce?

I keep it. You've been a longtime host here on W NZ K 690. Am. You worked with Bob Allison for years?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00

Well, Bob and I were as close to being a family as can be. In fact, Maggie, his wonderful wife. It was just it was a baton twirler. And she unfortunately, now is very frail. And Bob, and of course, his son Rob, used to do ask your neighbor, right. And unfortunately, last March, Bob passed away. And you know, on the sidebar. It's interesting, because I do my show on Wednesdays from 11 to 12 noon, and I always promote safety. Well, Bob was a wonderful, wonderful, stubborn guy. And he was insistent that he wanted to keep his bedroom on the second floor. And I encourage them, I was fortunate enough to be at his house many times. We had a lot of great lunches together. They were mirrors and hopefully maybe we can get them as a sponsor because Oh, mirrors is right at 12 mile and Coolidge restaurant, right. And they got entertainment. You could entertain Dang. Oh, I

Speaker 1 1:33:22

don't know what I'd be doing. But I guess I could sing.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:27

I could tap dance. Yeah. And in fact, I have a CD and it was on Channel 56 As a tribute, because at that time, I think he was on his total number of years on radio or 59 years.

Speaker 1 1:33:47

I mean, don't make 59 years. Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:51

unfortunately, you're right. The good news is that it sounds sort of morbid. But yesterday, the oldest Michigan resident passed away. He was 114.

Speaker 1 1:34:08

So in Michigan, we can make 114 year olds.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:12

Right. Well, you got to start first. Yeah. And you build up? Yeah, just get.

Speaker 1 1:34:20

Right, right. So back to Bob. So he insisted on on going, staying on the second floor.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27

His bedroom on the second floor. And fortunately, he stumbled on the stairs. And, and his age he was in his 80s when you fall and you in fact, interestingly enough, you know, he went through two hip surgeries came out fairly well. It wasn't exactly peaches and cream, but he was mobile and he came in and did the show. And his passion was recipes which I hope we can institute on this show. Because there are a lot of listeners out there. And with your permission, I don't know, Judy and Westland is listening, but she started a Facebook. Friends of Bob Ellison's ask your neighbor show, and I was asked by Maggie to try to sell the cookbooks that he has remaining. And he was a very driven guy. He was with a rotary club. Yes. And as a special treat for anyone that calls in on your show. I'll arrange to send them a free sq. Neighbor, cookbook. Oh, wow. All they got to do is call. Okay. No. Radio without listeners and feedback. Yeah. It's like being in a closet.

Speaker 1 1:36:00

I love that. I mean, that's a great. That's a great way to look at it. You're listening to folks ask the neighbor with me is Ike Ingle bomb. Which means tree of angels.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:12

No Angel Tree Angel Tree. I'm only one tree. And I'm married. So yes, maybe I can make a few more trees. I don't know.

Speaker 1 1:36:24

Well, you heard it here, folks that the cookbook that used to be part of ask your neighbor. And part of ask your neighbor recipes brought to you by Bob Allison, I Kinga Obama's saying that if you call into the show, you will receive a free copy of the very sought after. Ask your neighbor recipes brought to you by Bob Allison. And here with us is Ike angle balm talking about how you can get one of those, you can get one by calling in at 248557 3300. And we are here till 11am. And we've had a great show. We're thankful for the radio station. We're thankful for WMC K 690 am for letting us broadcast. We're thankful for Ike angle bomb to come in and tell us a little bit of the history of the show. And how it relates to where we're going now with the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:37:22

Hey, you know, listeners of the show will know how you talk about history of the show with you know, he was on Bowling for dollars. Right? Right, right. And believe it or not, before the new stuff came in and all the WWE J radio was the most popular. And his program, Bowling for Dallas was a top notch show I bought. And then the higher ups at WWE, Jay said, you know, we want to switch to news program. And now it's all news. And and they parted company. Right? So Bob, because he had a passion for ask your neighbor went out and started buying airtime on other radio stations, including this one. So was because he finished up there as your neighbor from 911 to 11 is right around the same time so that he would get people calling in from all around the world with that, right. Oh, and he was he was the ultimate schmoozer. Yeah. Well, I

Speaker 1 1:38:42

mean, you know, what was great. Bob would always open up my show very Detroit because he was right before me on Fridays. And he had this passion. He's like, now here comes very Detroit with a very great show. Even at his age, he was really just such a radio personality here. And, and

Unknown Speaker 1:39:04

I had so much fun, we'd go out to lunch. And he had this beautiful voice. Yeah. So when he would say something, somebody in the restaurant is this that miss you miss that? People come over the table. Oh, it's such a joy. It's joyful time. And we used to go to sweet Lorraine's, which, unfortunately is no longer Yeah, there. But following in fact, it might be interesting if any of the listeners want to share what their favorite restaurant is. And we might tie it in with the show.

Speaker 1 1:39:44

Yeah, that would be great. That would be great. All right. I think we might have a caller calling in right now. I wonder if they're looking for the recipe, the recipe book or if they might want to share their favorite restaurant. Let's see who do we have here? All right. Hello, Maggie. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 1:40:01

I'm doing well. Danko how are you?

Speaker 1 1:40:04

Fantastic. I'm here with Ike angle bomb. And he's sharing a little bit of the history of the this time slot, where it used to be called ask your neighbor and we were talking about, we're giving away a recipe book for any callers that call in. He's got a Bob Ellison recipe books from the past. So that's kind of cool. But we also were just very cool. We were just asking people out out that are listening. What is your favorite restaurant? Or maybe a couple restaurants that you like? Ike had a good question. There was just curious. What is one of your favorite restaurants right now? I know you're out and about a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:47

Yeah, absolutely. So it kind of depends on the neighborhood and the cuisine. I mean, I live in Warren currently. So a super huge shout out to the some of the different varieties. Let me see here. I'm, as far as Italian goes on, the ammo is still a long time standing favorite. You have anything from Dan's diner, on Hoover, which offers some of the most amazing homemade and world renowned omelets. You know, breaking over into the side of Ferndale. You have oh, gosh, I'm just totally hitting a blank here. I need this cafe. Oh, yes, cafe is definitely, you know, a trendy, fun, cool place with some amazing food. I loved hearing Ike's example of sweet Lorraine's that was probably one of my favorites growing up and definitely a treat every time we got to go.

Speaker 1 1:41:48

Yeah, it's, uh, you know, we lost, we lost some restaurants like,

Unknown Speaker 1:41:51

Oh, it's terrible. In fact, I'll tell you. I can't think of any loss. That's, that's gonna hit so many people. Because let's face it. Food is such a wonderful way to share feelings and thoughts. And of course, it's sustenance. Right. Right. And, and it's somebody is gonna come to their senses. Hopefully, that there. Yeah, I'm a pharmacist. So medications, there's always the hazard that whatever you take, there's a downside. It's got side effects. Oh, yeah. And the buzz word or phrase in the medical field is cost benefit? Is it worth to, let's say, die, or have ailments that you have to deal with while you're still can walk around, right? Likewise, I'm not Pooh poohing masks and washing hands and distancing. You have to do that. But when it gets to the point where you're destroying society, hey, do we save certain lives? And the good news, you know, is that if you got the right genes, you actually can overcome even if he gets CBD or the COVID the virus. And so it's not a death sentence necessarily, like closing up parts of the economy and destroying the economy. That is not so good.

Speaker 1 1:43:34

Well, it's unfortunate to be in this situation. But I guess we don't know. We didn't know what to do. When everything came about. And I still don't know that we know everything. How is it affected Michigan's The business there, Megan?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:52

Yeah, so we definitely had to close down for a few months. We just wanted to make sure everybody was staying safe across the board, and wanting to really make sure we were compliant. Even though we were considered at one point in essential business because, you know, roofs were still breaking. People still needed home improvements that were you know, dire, whether it would be you know, having a handicap ramp built for somebody who was no longer able to walk because of COVID. So, I mean, we definitely took Baby Steps to reopen. And we are still doing our best to follow every guideline possible as far as making sure our foremen are messed up. And we have proper, you know, social distancing, as well as contact tracing, which has been a huge thing. But I couldn't agree with Ike more. A lot of these businesses that have really started to fall specifically in the food and restaurant industry. It's really sad to see you know, these staples of the culinary cuisines Detroit has to offer just kind of not come back.

Speaker 1 1:44:55

Yeah, one one really big bummer is I heard downtown and The Corktown area that lady of the house is going to be is either close or closing. So it's just like this was one of cork town's most famous restaurants and it's a bummer.

Unknown Speaker 1:45:15

i Yeah, absolutely. I was gonna pipe in. I have a series of Ica isms because of my first name. And one of them is that for every complicated problem, there is a simple solution. That does not work. Having said Having said that, there are many simple solutions to complicated problems that do work right now. And I'll be glad to pursue this. When I get an idea. I try to team up with talented people. And obviously, you're in the handyman business. Which number one, and my opinion, like for instance, we were talking about restaurants, the bigger loro rose pizzeria. has these igloos. Okay, why I think if with the right to talented people, anything can be done. When there be an idea of somebody like you it's in the Handi van business. Why don't we have customized and doesn't have to be customized, but a glues that can be put on people's property. And with Uber and the other delivery systems, people could have their own little backyard. Outside. Party. Yeah. Okay.

Speaker 1 1:46:40

No, that's a good idea. And so, I mean, I've seen the igloos are really cool. Yeah. And then they've got and then they're almost like little greenhouses, right? Why don't we get one? Get one of those. I love those things. Yeah. Well. Can you help us?

Unknown Speaker 1:47:03

Yeah, so true story, they actually sell the igloo kits on Amazon. And we've had a couple small businesses, you know, local restaurants, and even a huge shout out to the Detroit film lab. Oh, yeah. Our, you know, helping to hire us to make sure that they're able to still maintain, you know, obviously, permits are needed for a lot of these cities and a lot of these businesses, but when it comes to personal residence, I mean, we've, we've seen people want to have them build on their backyard decks.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:33

Alright, are you ready? Are you ready? For more? There is more ladies and gentlemen. What about putting awnings up? people's property? You can add on to the existing let's say they have a deck. Since you're looking for a deck. And with with a heating, you get heaters? I mean, as much as I love summer, And Winter has it's nice when it's snow when it's beautiful. But I'm not a sphere anymore. So, but I like that outside. Oh, yeah. Right.

Speaker 1 1:48:13

I mean, I'm picturing I'm picturing that whole covered area. And then I'm picturing maybe a hot tub in there, you know, I mean, so you know, you're covered, but

Unknown Speaker 1:48:23

let's do it. Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:48:25

I got I got I got the money. You got

Unknown Speaker 1:48:32

the money. There's always money available if you got a good idea. That's right. And this is I think, I'd love to work with the antibody. I'm not kidding. I, I I feel there's a niche. And since people are now in their homes, and with your talents, you just mentioned that you can help in the safety issues inside the house. You know, there's stair lifts and people do not have to start moving out into the I'm not Pooh poohing retirement homes. If you can afford it, that's great. But a lot of people can afford the kind of price you could renovate your home and be in your home and even if he gets frail. I have a team house calls wheels where we can provide every kind of service that you have in the retirement home and you can be right in your own home.

Unknown Speaker 1:49:31

Okay, perfect. We'd love to team up with you a bit here. Man. Yeah. Like we always offer financing so if you are interested in that

Unknown Speaker 1:49:45

I know Danko is gonna be he's gonna be the CEO and I'm gonna be the babbler that's gonna be the CEO.

Speaker 1 1:49:53

Well, I need your help Megan because I can only do so much you know, and I can't I can't finance everybody. So Michigan's that you can get financing from there too.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:06

Yeah, absolutely. We do offer financing, we team up with a company called synchrony. And they're a nationally known brand per se, when it comes to wanting to get financing. And the application process is really simple. It's done all online, we can come across an agreed price, either before the financing starts, or after you've already applied. And then yeah, absolutely. payment plans range, you know, varying on credit scores. And we've really enjoyed working with them, they've really made some awesome opportunities for people who didn't know that they could have that type of dream home. So

Speaker 1 1:50:45

you know, what's interesting, too, is once you do these kinds of things, it really boosts the home value up.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:51

Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Well think this through with me, unless I'm missing something. We were just talking before about the cost of housing and what have you. Yeah, right. going way up. Right. Okay. Well, when they make a heck of a lot more sense that you, especially with the financing capability, unfortunately, as you get older, you're definitely going to be frail and need help. Right. So there's, in my opinion, a niche for already prepped homes like this, for people that are on the fence, should I leave my house, I can afford to stay here, right, and you can afford for it to go into another home. Plus, the other aspect of it. One of my sponsors, is actually into reverse mortgages. Okay. Well, if you're 62 and over your home can become your financial house, it can become your own bank. Nice. And here's the beautiful part about it. I'm excited about it, because I'm 82

Speaker 1 1:52:09

you feel an act a lot younger. I mean, I'm gonna give you like in the 70s. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:19

Is your last name?

Speaker 1 1:52:23

Yep, yep. 82. You know, that's great. Tell you any

Unknown Speaker 1:52:29

life lessons to us young folks like, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:52:33

keep breathing. Breathing is very, very important.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:41

Yeah, absolutely. It's

Speaker 1 1:52:43

incredible, though. I mean, I could see people really investing in their homes now. And because of what we've seen with COVID, and the pricing of everything going up. You know, maybe a lot of the seniors are going to want to stay put in maybe, you know, I have you seen where let's just say, unfortunately, maybe your spouse passes away. And you're left alone. Have you ever seen like, let's say I got a three bedroom house, and maybe there's three seniors in that house that share in the Wheels program that you're talking about? You know, so you cut the cost down? You know, and you have company?

Unknown Speaker 1:53:26

I got news for you only in America, as they say, yeah. Okay. One of my friends actually think this through I think such a beautiful concept. What she has done. incredible entrepreneur. She has purchased? Not, you know, like regular Type homes, although can be done in regular homes. Yeah. It's called congregate living in England. That's what you do. Okay. So you. The point is, the point is somebody like you and the handyman deal, you could set it up so that people, your close friends are under the same roof. Right. And as I mentioned, I'm a pharmacist, we used to service over 100 nursing homes at one time, so I really got to know, the owner of the nursing homes, right. And every once in a while one of these nursing homes would be closed up because of the poor care they're giving. Oh, yeah. So if they would have to move the residents to another place. It's a statistic that as and I'm not bad mouthing nursing homes. There are a lot of great ones. But it's not exactly a Taj Mahal, right. Right as as neglected as the home was even the ones that were closed up when they move those patients was 30% of those patients died because of the fact they got used to where they were right now you protect this center the regular community. Do you realize how traumatic it is for families and you get elderly? You've got the pictures of your kids. And all of a sudden, hey, I want to put you in this fancy dancy right time in hell, right? I want to I want to see the pictures of my grandkids, right? This is where the bad guys it is hard time. So there is hope. If you can stay where you are. That's why they call it home sweet home.

Speaker 1 1:55:37

Yeah. You know, for sure, for sure. It's home sweet home,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:41

there's actually a nurse in Windsor, who, you know, through her retirement as a nurse found other retiree nurses who started buying, you know, single level homes over in Windsor. So there could be communal living for seniors. And I will also want to say it might be popular over in Grand Rapids. I've heard of a few situations like this, we haven't had any calls to service any of these types of homes here. But I would love to see Detroit get on board with that

Speaker 1 1:56:11

makes a lot of sense. Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, why not? Kinda, and, you know, because when you have too many people in a, in a nursing home situation, that's risky with what we have, you know, you know, if you can get down to four people

Unknown Speaker 1:56:26

and think about it, is that the show is titled ask the neighbor, right? And the value of having someone near you that, you know, all right, you're elderly, and I'm going to flop you into some place of people that I never saw. Right, right. Right. And the, you know, scary. So there's also the mental part of it. So you have an opportunity here. By the way, I grew up in Windsor. Oh, really?

Speaker 1 1:56:58

Okay, shout out to Windsor. Oh. Megan, it's been great to have you on our show. Could you just tell our listeners a little bit about how they can get a hold of you? Should they have any questions? Michigan's

Unknown Speaker 1:57:16

Absolutely. So our phone numbers 248-506-4000 or you can always find us online at www dot Michigans. And that's with an s And kind of to piggyback on Mike's comment, you know, we do a lot of outfitting for seniors, as well as for handicapped situations. So if you have any questions, or if you need any help and support, feel free to let us know.

Speaker 1 1:57:39

You've been great. Megan, thank you so much for calling in and sharing with the neighbors what your knowledge and experience has been. I know I got a hoot out of you to

Unknown Speaker 1:57:52

a big toe and I can Yeah, I look forward to seeing you guys and speaking with you soon. All right.

Speaker 1 1:57:59

Take care. That's Michigan's handyman calm. Yeah, Megan. We have Ike angle bomb with us. You've been listening to ask the neighbor ask the neighbor calm. I'm your host Danko Souter. offski. I want to thank our sponsors, one Bank of Ann Arbor Ceci Lincoln, bid front calm and Louis jewelers supporting our shows very in Arbor calm, very Detroit calm. And we had our special guest our co host in Chicago. The Hammer called in today for very Thank you like thank you, and thank you for listening to ask the neighbor