January 25th, 2022

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Tuesday January 25th, 2022 ( Daily Recap )

9am > 915am> Cathleen Graham > CannabisNurse.com

9:30>> MichiganGrange.org >> Sharon from The Grange called in and updated us on how to help families. Send Donations To: The Grange 389, 14835 Eckles Rd, Plymouth, MI 48170

10:00am >> Vegetarian Shepherds Pie >> https://pinchofyum.com/vegetarian-shepherds-pie

Peggy >> Chocolate Pie Recipe ... Lucy >> Looking for Cottage Cheese Crescent Rolls

10:15am >> Billy Whitehouse >> team@whitehouses.com | whitehouses.com

10:45am >> From Clutter to Clarity | Kerry Thomas | TedxAshburn >> https://youtu.be/CrsdoIOGCRw

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Alien Ant Farm: Smooth Criminal

Dolly Parton: Two Doors Down

Donna Summers : Heaven Knows

Alan Jackson: Remember When

Everly Brothers: All I Have to Do is Dream

Alan Jackson: Chattahoochee

Booker T & MG's - Green Onions

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Hello and good morning everyone. Welcome to Ask the neighbor it's January 25. It's Tuesday. It's eight degrees out there. We're gonna warm you up with this tune right here

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carpet you can see she was an Ebola so she went into the bathroom she was struck down Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? You okay on the carpet in the bed you okay are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay? You You have been struck by a smooth criminal you okay you love you okay you Daddy Daddy You Okay have you been struck by the Smooth Criminal okay we ran into the Are you okay are you okay are you okay alright

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DJ yeah that was alien and farm it's smooth criminal.

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Alright everybody you're listening to ask the neighbor I'm your host Dan Kosta Rawski warming you up with some tunes here this morning hopefully everybody's doing well out there and radio land. Give us a call 248557 3300 is the number ask the neighbor is going on one year starting March 1 Man this is the countdown to one year. Give us some love. Give us a call 248557 3300 It's happened in the one year anniversary March 1 is when we started and we kicked it off last Last year in 2021, during the pandemic, and I guess we're still in it 248557 3300 Give us a call, let us know what you are looking to know look into here, look into see 248557 3300 Check out very detroit.com and catch the stream anytime folks, you can go right to very detroit.com Click on the WNZK button and you can stream w NZK anytime, anywhere, right from very detroit.com you can also listen to our past shows when you click the listen button on very detroit.com or go to soundcloud.com forward slash very Detroit. And you'll see all of our shows are uploaded there. Every single one of them from very Ann Arbor, very Detroit, very Chicago, ask the neighbor, they're all up there on SoundCloud. You can check them out, you can get there by going to very detroit.com Don't forget us one mag.tv folks when you're bored and you want to check out magazines or good to other media, and you're in a waiting room situation, check out one mag.tv o ne ma g.tv your waiting room media solution. Thank you to fathers justice law 313-819-9176 That's father's justice law. 313819176 Thank you to Detroit bold coffee.com boldly brewed in Motown folks that's Detroit bold coffee.com available at different retailers around the area like Myers and Kroger. Or you can go right to their website, put in the promo code very Detroit. all lowercase all one word and you're going to get yourself a discount right there from Detroit bold coffee calm when you're on very detroit.com. You can also click on the shop Detroit button, which is going to connect you up to all the different relationships we have created with some retailers in this Metro. And there's different retailers on there, check them out, support them, and then put in the promo code very Detroit, all lowercase all one word. And that's one way to connect. Thank you to kebab island located on 13 Mile Road right across the street from Grand dazzles by Shaner and their phone number 586-751-7511 Check them out at kebab Island calm. Thank you to Troy jewelers located on Rochester between big Beaver and waddles to 485280962 That's 248-528-0962 Folks, you might have some jewelry you want to upgrade, you might change want to change it up, you want to maybe get a new design. Troy jewelers can help you. They do custom jewelry, and they do it right on the spot. Bring in your drawing, and they will hook you up and create something special for you or your loved one. Thank you to tech solutions consultants.com Rene Carcetti can help you be more resilient. As we see these financial times are common. be protected. Know where your money is and what you're doing with it. Make sure that it doesn't get too devalued. Give her a call figure out what your strategy is as a business. If you're looking to exit your business, if you're looking for valuation, give Renee a call at 248-566-3362 That's tax solutions. consultants.com Rene concetti can help you out to 48566362 and thank you to Lewes Tire Service fast and friendly service for over 50 years located on eight mile 317 East Eight Mile Road. That's Louis Tire Service 24854 to 0930 Check them out. You get half off when you mentioned ask the neighbor sent you. Alright folks, give us a call. 248557 3300 is the number we're playing some tunes. We're looking for Dolly Parton. We're gonna play one song here we're playing a Dolly Parton song until she calls here we go.

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Have enough I say God God is useless to us and get myself together. I can't believe I'm standing here making the session with a new level him to be alone and we stop. Alright DJ,

Unknown Speaker 11:42

yeah, those Dolly Parton with two doors down.

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Alright. All right. All right. This is the number to call 248557 3300. You're listening to ask the neighbor. We are putting it out there. Let us get Dolly Parton to give us a call. If anybody's got any connections with her agents or anything down there. Let us know what they are. Let us connect up. We're playing a Dolly Parton song until she calls 248557 3300 Every day. We're playing a Dolly Parton song. Give us a ring 248557 3300 Ask the neighbor is the show. Yesterday, we had some great talk we had asked jennifer.com She's with all things marketplace. And we were talking about all the cool businesses that she represents. It's kind of like the answer to a local Amazon. She fulfills she ships local product. So if you're looking to support local business, folks, check out all things marketplace.com. And you can input very Detroit promo code in there and get a 10% discount. That's very Detroit, all lowercase all one word, very Detroit promo code on all things marketplace.com. Also, last Friday, we had Rodney Pearson on our show from the monthly standard dot news. Check it out. That's a publication that has been produced for over five years here in the city. And it's a local paper focused on a lot of the community information also covering national information. That's the monthly standard dot news, you can check them out by going to very Detroit calm and clicking the local or today button. And that's going to take you to a page of all of the different local media that we are sharing. In the first button there is the monthly standard news, click on that check out what they have. They've got past issues that you can see. And we're going to be connecting up with them and being in this next issue coming up here in February. So that's coming out next week. We're pretty pumped about that. Thank you to Rodney Pearson and the monthly standard. We had just a great day yesterday was Monday we were talking with John Buford about goals and setting and the visions that we need to have. And these these are truths, I think across the board, it's just not for entrepreneurs, it's for how to create your life the way you want it. And you have to do it by in envisioning where you want to go and setting that path and, and being persistent about it. So no matter what you want to do, you got to take these steps to get to that next level. So we're talking about these things every Monday with John Buford, you could check it out on Ask the neighbor.com website. Now we've loaded up three of our content contributors that you can go to ask the neighbor.com you can click on John Buford. And it's got all of his channels, basically his LinkedIn, his Facebook, all of the different things all the channels that he has, from Jawan Buford, and you can check it out by going to ask the neighbor.com we also have Dr. biters information on there. That's one page he's got his own page where it links out to all of his social media, all of his websites. And then also Ask jennifer.com Or all things marketplace, she's doing events in the city. She's got product that she's selling helping people fulfill. So she's doing great. She's helping a lot of Detroiters out, get that product out, get some notice being noticed getting venues that are actually producing results for her and for her audience. Like all things Detroit happens at the Eastern Market, and there's over 8000 people attended this last show. She's helping with the garden show that's happening in the Cobo Hall. Coming up soon. So we're talking with a lot of different folks later today, we're going to have Billy Whitehouse calling in. He's a realtor from this area. And we're going to be talking about what's happening in the real estate market. So stay tuned to that. That's going to be on about 1015. Right now, we're gonna go to a piece with Kathleen Graham, our cannabis nurse.com. And please enjoy it. We'll have questions after give us a ring. Here we go. Welcome to Ask the neighbor folks. I'm Danko Souter Roschin with us right now. We've got Kathleen Graham. Hello, Kathleen.

Unknown Speaker 16:11

Hello, how are you this beautiful day?

Speaker 1 16:13

Oh, it's great. It's great. It's great. We're here in the studio. And as our audience knows, and if you're new with us here on Ask the neighbor every Tuesday, Kathleen Graham from cannabis nurse.com joins us in the conversation and we talk a little bit about some of the things that cannabis has done in our state and all of the medical pieces around it on Tuesdays, join us between nine and 10am. And you can tune in to cannabis nurse calm as we discuss all the different parts and pieces as we break down the cannabis industry. Today. Kathleen, I wanted to talk a little bit about the methods of administration slash consumption of cannabis. You know, for a lot of folks out here that are listening to the show. You know, for many, many years, this was an illegal substance many, many years here in Michigan and in America, it was taboo.

Unknown Speaker 17:16


Speaker 1 17:17

So any administration was frowned upon. And he even you know any of it. So in today's world, there's a lot of different ways to consume the cannabis or the CBD. And tell us some of the most popular ways and, you know, really some of the futuristic ways that we're doing it as well.

Unknown Speaker 17:45

Yes, there are. Some of the different methods of consuming cannabis offer little to no intoxicating effects. And they include cannabis infused topical lotions, or juicing raw cannabis. And while traditional forms of consumption includes smoking, we recommend other methods. And as a medical professional, we recommend smoking the least. But as we know, smoking joints and bowls and barns for bongs are the most traditional form of cannabis consumption, right? That usually is involved with dried, cured cannabis flour. And you can chop it up and roll it into obviously a joint and smoke it or a bond and do that niche. Usually they have water in the bowl, or the bogs to help decrease the amount of harshness from the smoke, right. So there's other methods that you can look at. And nowadays, I know outside the vaping controversy, and now that they have that fixed vaping is another option that you can do instead of the combustion smoking. And that is you can vape flour or oils. And it just it doesn't bring it to the combustion temperature it brings it to a heating temperature to create a vaping. So it bypasses the carcinogens and the byproducts from burning the leafy material. So that is important for people with our lung diseases. So if you are considering smoking, look at vaping instead of the combustion method.

Speaker 1 19:33

Well that's this. This is a lot of a lot of things have changed over these years and cannabis administration consumption for some of our folks that are listening vaping is what you're doing when you you're taking. We've seen for some years now the vaping of tobacco. It's the same as the vaping of tobacco but you're using Only the cannabis cannabinoid product in there. Is it CBD and THC in those or is it primarily THC? I mean, how is that ministered both ways from CBD to THC and vaping.

Unknown Speaker 20:16

They have both, but it's primarily either a THC or a CBD product, but rarely is rare. But you can find a one to one CBD and THC vape cartridge.

Speaker 1 20:31

What would that be good for

Unknown Speaker 20:35

somebody that is looking for an isolated product instead of a full spectrum product. And you can do, it's good for people that want that as needed, I need something that's going to be effective right now. So this is something that works immediately and lasts for one to two hours. And then the time that somebody is going into crisis, if they can take a puffer to off of a vape cartridge, and then follow it by taking an edible product, that vape medication is going to help keep them until that edible takes effect. And that that's one of the things we were going to talk about a little on later on the list. But an edible product is also available in a multitude of different products and including candies, and cookies. You can even infuse them into your regular foods to consume edible products. So they come in a lot of different forms when you're talking about the edible products is important to be aware when you eat an edible product because it is subjected to the first pass metabolism where the Delta nine THC converts to 11 hydroxy THC when it goes through the liver, and 11 hydroxy THC is three to four times more potent. And that's where we get people that have the adverse effects like paranoia and maybe hallucinations. So we want to be careful when talking about the edible products.

Speaker 1 22:12

Yeah, I think you got to be careful with all of this, you know, even even when you're dealing in topicals, it could it could damage your skin or maybe there's some irritants that you might not be aware of. I don't know how how that affects but had has there been any, any noticeable things that you've seen from does it affect some people where it doesn't topically work for them?

Unknown Speaker 22:40

I have it. So that's another big point. Topical cannabis products are generally really great and they work at the area where it's applied, it doesn't reach the bloodstream. So you're unlikely to fail a drug test if you're just applying it topically. But that being said, sometimes these topical products are infused with Eucalyptus. And there are people that happen to have a mint or eucalyptus allergy where it burns their skin and causes either a rash or outright burning of their skin. So it's important when you're talking about buying a topical product. What is in that as some other products will contain lavender or camphor and it's important to know do you have a sensitivity to those scents and if you do not to use them because it could cause either an exacerbation of your asthma symptoms or cause irritation to your skin if you're allergic to that. But in general, topical products are amazing and work great to decrease pain at the site applied

Speaker 1 23:56

at the site applied. Are there also topical products that you would use for feeling the CBD or taking in the THC?

Unknown Speaker 24:07

I didn't understand what you were at is

Speaker 1 24:09

there like is there a slow release type of patch or product like there is like a nicotine Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 24:16

Yes you can apply. They come in topical patches and they come in either CBD or THC or combination of the both. And then they have a CBM one that helps with sleeping but these are great. I actually have a patient that is a member of a bike riding club and he absolutely loves to ride his bike but he says by the end of the time that you know they go out riding all day on Saturday is back is killing him and it makes it where he doesn't want to go out and enjoy his bike club. He puts on where those CBD patches in the morning and he said is completely different. You He has no pain by the time the day is ended, and he now fully enjoys going back out and venturing around with his bike club. So, patches can last anywhere from eight hours to 96 hours depending on the patch that you get. And this is important that patches have uptake agents. So the THC could make you a little bit intoxicated, and it does reach the bloodstream so it could make you fail a drug test.

Speaker 1 25:31

Okay, good to know, these are all really good things to know. Because when you're administering cannabis, in today's world, there's there's a lot of options. There are a lot of options. And we're discussing that right now with Kathleen gramm from cannabis nurse calm, spelled ca n and a bis nurse.com. Katherine Graham is a registered nurse and a cannabis expert here in the Midwest. And we're lucky enough to have her coming onto our show between 9am and 10am. On Tuesdays Eastern Standard Time, so on 690 Am w NZK. You can also catch that on very detroit.com. And listen to that, during that time by clicking on the W NZK stream. So anywhere in the state actually you can catch the stream of this show. So if there's any friends out there that want to share that information about Kathleen Graham and how you can make a virtual appointment with her and discuss all not only what type of product but also the administration and how your current prescriptions may interact with these products and also the type of administration we're talking about the methods of administration today. We've talked about the first one is the actual raw consumption of cannabis. We talked a little bit about that. We talked about smoking, we talked about vaping. We talked a little bit about edibles. And then we talked a little bit about topical. Do you feel like we talked enough about the raw juicing the juicing raw cannabis?

Unknown Speaker 27:21

No, I don't thank you for mentioning that. Again. raw cannabis can be blended in a blender or wheatgrass juicer to create a juice that you can consume, you can actually put it in ice trays and freeze it for easier dosing and administration is also because it's not decarboxylated it is the acid forms so it won't get you high. It should not get you high at all. It could make you a little bit tired, but that's highly unlikely. And so there's a lot of benefits that you get from the THCA and CBDa that you get from this juicin And if you're into juicing, this would be really good to incorporate. The downfall of this is usually somebody that is juicing is growing their own cannabis right inside the state of Michigan we have that right to grow 12 plants of our own if we want to. But it takes that fresh plant in order to juice it.

Speaker 1 28:31

Are you juicing the leaves?

Unknown Speaker 28:35

You can you just the whole thing, the sock the leaves, everything goes in it. People juice the flower buds too.

Speaker 1 28:45

So interesting. We learned something every week here with Kathleen Graham and we've been talking about the methods of administration of cannabis. We talked about the raw juicing. Option juicing raw cannabis we talked about smoking vaping we did not touch on dabbing, but why not just touch on that before we let you go?

Unknown Speaker 29:08

Exactly. Dabbing is what is done when you vaporize cannabis concentrates, okay. So concentrates are called dabs or extracts and they come in a wide variety. Some of them are called shatter wax sauce, butter, they can come in isolate or distillate products and a lot of these are you use in a banger or was called in a porcelain nail or titanium nail in these nails are heated to a certain temperature. You can either use a blowtorch or you can get an electronic one that has a steady temperature for you. And you apply the concentrate right on that nail and then it's that vaporized and you inhale it This, these are very high concentrates with an average of anywhere just 60 to 99% thc. So it can cause people to think it can cause paranoia. But it's also very effective for people that have severe pain that they cannot get enough cannabinoids in them any other way. This works really well or somebody with Tourette syndrome that needs that I need about one or two puffs of high concentrate, to get me over to manage what's going on with my disease because nothing else is working.

Speaker 1 30:40

Boy, what, you know, again, we touch on so many different illnesses that cannabis can help with and every show that you do every time that you call in, I learned something new and I hope our audience does too. Thank you so much, Kathleen for joining our show today and every Tuesday between nine and 10am. Kathleen Graham from cannabis nurse comm Kathleen Graham is a registered nurse and a cannabis expert. Kathleen, is there anything else you want to let our audience know before we let you go?

Unknown Speaker 31:11

Just feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you develop a wellness plan for means CBD or cannabis. And it's just always a pleasure to be on your show. Thank you so much for having me.

Speaker 1 31:22

Our pleasure, Kathleen, you have a wonderful day.

Unknown Speaker 31:26

Thank you.

Speaker 1 31:28

All right, thank you, DJ. That was Kathleen Graham. And that was a pre recorded piece that we did with Kathleen Graham. Kathleen Graham is in Cabo. Right now Mexico seems like a lot of our folks are out and about traveling the world and check it out places 248557 3300 is the number two give us a call. Give us a ring right here. You can also text us at 330333 work that's 330333 work. We're going to go to a song right now and after that we're going to recite a recipe and we're looking for callers here's the tone.

For me All right, TJ.

Unknown Speaker 35:35

Yeah, that was down a summer with heaven knows. Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1 35:40

All right. Welcome back, everybody to the show. My name is Danko. slitter offski We are here on 690 Am w NZK coming at you every day Monday through Friday 9am till 11. Except on Thursday, we're only going to be going till 10 o'clock on Thursdays. So be aware of that. You can also text us at 330333 work. Right now we got a call from Sharon. Hello, Sharon.

Unknown Speaker 36:08

Hello, my friends. How are you doing today? Oh,

Speaker 1 36:11

excellent. Sharon from the Grange. Welcome back. It's been a long time since we've talked. I want to see how you are. Thank you for calling. And, boy, it was the summer I think when we talked last.

Unknown Speaker 36:24

Yes, I really had a rough year last year. After having COVID. A year ago now, I had heart problems. I had problems with swelling and eating and everything else you can think about. And it's just been December when I finally am back on my feet a little bit. We're still dealing with one issue for health wise. But I'm praying very hard that that will be taken care of shortly. And I was lucky enough to lose 30 pounds in the last three months to try and help myself to get better.

Speaker 1 36:56

Oh, good for you. So what did you do to lose 30 pounds.

Unknown Speaker 37:01

I rearranged my diet again, I'm now on a high protein, low carb diet. Hardly any salt, salts and sugars.

Speaker 1 37:10

And that's been working. So you've been eating a little differently? A little bit differently. It sounds like so are you still working with the Grange? I'm sure you're doing stuff there.

Unknown Speaker 37:20

Even though my health was not good. I did a lot of work from home by the phone and sleeping more than I want to. But yeah, the Grange is still working very hard to do a lot of good things. We found a place which is Carl arts and scraps in Detroit, where we've been trying to work with them somewhat, the VFW hall of Detroit areas, we've been working with them, getting clothing, getting blankets, getting art supplies to them, and helping out even some homeless people. We found a family that has been without a real home to live for almost a year now. They're they're living out of a hotel, and they found jobs. But they're still without a car. And they got two young kids, they're still trying to bring up oh, boy, I struggle on this road. And you know, hotel is not cheap.

Speaker 1 38:11

No. So how are you? How are you getting help for this? How do you get the help?

Unknown Speaker 38:18

Believe it or not, I'm asking for requests. Every once in a while somebody will bring in foods that can take him food clothing, we were able to supply him with coats and scarves and hats for the winter. We did find some extra cash to take advice and gifts for them. And taking him to doctors. I mean, just simple things that we can really afford. Because we don't get a lot of money right now with our pandemic out there. Fundraisers are hard to do places are closing down and opening up and then closing down. So it makes it really tough.

Speaker 1 38:52

Well, that's what the radios for, you know what I mean? I feel like the radio is that is that that that place that's always open. And a place where you know people can call in and let us know what's happening and how others can help because people are listening right now that probably can help that family.

Unknown Speaker 39:13

That would be so nice. You know,

Speaker 1 39:15

I'm guessing they're saying

Unknown Speaker 39:15

they're very gracious and loving person. They'll do what they can. They're even what I would call great Christian because they have the faith and trying to get to church even though they can't drive.

Speaker 1 39:29

Well, it sounds like a family you're trying to help and they're trying to help themselves and tell us a little bit about the Grange and what the Grange purpose is because I know we have we've talked about it on our show before but we've got new listeners here all the time, you know, and different people tuning in. So let us let us let our listeners know a little bit about the Grange and what do you do and how they could support it.

Unknown Speaker 39:53

We're celebrating another Centennial this year. I believe we're hitting around 100 We're in 75th. year are further than that. And yeah. And the thing that we were started with seven people in one small little kind of state back in those years and spread through all the states of Michigan, our largest one is still in California in New York. And who would ever think California would have a grave so huge when we're actually rural, not rural area, but we're Mark countryside people. But you know, they found that everybody needs help. And our biggest goals are community, and then agriculture and evolving legislation. That's one reason why you got your mail delivered from the city to the suburbs, because we fought and said, No, you can't deliver it all the way out.

Speaker 1 40:49

Right. So So before, so tell us about that. In the days they weren't mailing it outside the city?

Unknown Speaker 40:58

No, you had to go into the city to get your mail.

Unknown Speaker 41:00

Oh, when

Speaker 1 41:03

was this?

Unknown Speaker 41:05

Oh, back in the 1800s. Okay. Yeah, I mean, 76? I think it was, or even earlier than that? I'm not sure.

Speaker 1 41:13

So the Granger has been fighting has been fighting for rural rights for a long time is what I'm hearing? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:19

In your food labels, you know, tell you when there's like nuts in them, or where it comes from. That's our fight, too. We've been putting that in, in, in right now. They're trying to take those away from us. I don't know how many people out there have allergies. But I know I'm one with certain allergies, and they start taking those labels away. I might be in the hospital more than I want to be because the labels tell me when I can eat something when I can't. And it's as simple as MSG. If people know what's MSG?

Speaker 1 41:46

I mean, how can they try to take away the labels? I mean, who would want to take away the labels unless you're trying to hide something?

Unknown Speaker 41:55

Well, that's just it. Are they trying to hide something? Or is it because they cut the cost? Right? And that's the bottom line, they say, well, we'll be able to keep our costs down if we don't have to do all this stuff.

Speaker 1 42:06

Right? Unbelievable. You know, it's a weird world. It's a weird world. And I think it's more than the cost, I think it's like, you know, basically trying to fool you to buy a product that doesn't really have a, you know, what you're looking for, and you can't really sit there and, and drill down each product, you know what I mean, to find no information on everything. So that's a really noble cause to keep that going so that we as consumers know, what's in our food when we buy it. You know, I mean, that's a simple, simple thing. And it's funny how these large I guess, packaging organizations, you know, all are, you know, are trying to put away the truth, you know, and they're fighting in legislation to hide the truth. That's really what's happening. That's what I feel is happening, why else would you want to not have labels unless your product has bad stuff in it, and you want to hide it, so that the consumer will buy it unknowingly, and spend their money for a product that's not good for them? You know, so keep that fight up. I love the fight that you guys are fighting. You're helping community, you're helping consumers and agriculture, like tell us on the agriculture tip. What's, how does the Grange help Well, in agriculture, and

Unknown Speaker 43:27

how big organic gardening is now? Yeah, I was only a kid I was this would be back in the early 70s. My dad was trying to educate the people about agriculture, as well as into organic agriculture. Because we were putting so many pesticides out there, we were taking and doing this and doing that, to make everything so perfectly beautiful, that we were actually harming our own food. And my dad was a big person in the Grange as well as my mother. That's how come I became we were a family, we joined as a family, my brother and sister belong to it. And I just hope more people start joining, because these are fights that we can fight one on one with, compared to sometimes have bigger things that there's only one person nobody else helping you.

Speaker 1 44:18

Well, you know, that's why I think that there's a lot of folks out there that might have some time might have some ways that they can help the people that you help, you know, so I think that you know, this is a good place to share that message. So how could people get a hold of someone to help at the Grange? How does it how do you start the process? If someone's listening right now? They've got extra time on their hands. Maybe they want to do a little donation. Maybe they want to help in an event. How do they connect with you, Sharon?

Unknown Speaker 44:49

Well, at this time, I'm been using my phone number for people to call with, which I don't mind, because at this time, we don't have a high tech person I call them to help us with our phones. So stems are not computer websites and things that we're hoping to crawl back up there, you know, sometimes you go down, then you got to go back up.

Speaker 1 45:07

And that happens that happens in businesses and nonprofits and times like this, especially, you know, where

Unknown Speaker 45:16

the information person, you're the information, give me a call, okay. Then I can take and send them to the right place to talk to the next person in our organizations, because, like I said, we have a lot of area we cover and we have a lot of people that are members and non members. Some of them are too far away to take in how to be a member. You don't have to be in the city. But do you know if you're up north? Well, you can't be down here for meetings and stuff. Right?

Speaker 1 45:43

What is your number then? Can we share that to the audience? 4734474805690569. Again, that's 734-748-0569. Sharon. Karen is on the phone who wants to talk with you? Is that okay? If we connect it up?

Unknown Speaker 46:08

Sure. All right, when they call me just tell them that they heard about me through you.

Speaker 1 46:13

All right. If when you call Sharon from the Grange, let them know that you heard about her and the Grange from ask the neighbor. Her phone number, again is 734-748-0569. If you are looking to help a family looking to do some donation work, give her a call. This is Sharon from the grain 7347 for 80569. All right, we're going to connect up Karen right now. Hey, Karen, how are you?

Unknown Speaker 46:42

Good morning. Hi, Sharon. Good morning.

Unknown Speaker 46:45

Hello, Kate. Nice to hear your voice.

Unknown Speaker 46:47

And nice to hear yours we were worried about because we hadn't heard you. Glad you're on the mend the road to recovery. But it it kind of breaks my heart when you were talking about homeless family living in the hotel. And you said they were a good Christian people. And they're, you know, trying to do for themselves. But the way situation is now, I was thinking maybe you've already answered my question. But is there a way we could send a little cash donation or something? And if people don't feel comfortable with the idea of cash, maybe they could send you cash? And you could turn it in for some kind of gift card or something?

Speaker 1 47:34

What about Bitcoin? That's a little too

Unknown Speaker 47:43

much most of our nonprofit organizations would say, if you want to send in money towards ordinations, send it to the organization and then they would buy gift cards and something the reason why not everybody in this way, but they might try to spend it on things that are not needed for the family like clothing or food. So Ray do gift cards to them instead. And so that's a great suggestion and thank you for letting the others know that it is always best that way. And if you're going to send money to the Grange, we prefer checks and make it out to the grades 389.

Speaker 1 48:18

That's our number range. The Grange 389389

Unknown Speaker 48:22

Is there an address to that?

Unknown Speaker 48:27

Sure. If you're ready, I'll give it to you.

Unknown Speaker 48:29

I got 114835 at EC K LD off road.

Speaker 1 48:43

Can you spell that word or that? That word again, please?

Unknown Speaker 48:47

The road echoes Eckle F.

Unknown Speaker 48:53

I know where echo throat is I'm in Livonia turns up this way too. Yep. I bet you were neighbors kind of close in your own Westlands. This would be in

Unknown Speaker 49:04

the actually the Grange is the Westland Plymouth Grange. We originally started employment, but we get so much outreach in Westland that we became the Westland Grange, great. Westland, Plymouth Grange.

Unknown Speaker 49:17

Oh, okay.

Speaker 1 49:18

So this is Plymouth. Yes. For the address.

Unknown Speaker 49:23

Okay, Plymouth. Yeah. Okay. All right. So let me see if I Yeah, we

Unknown Speaker 49:27

have to give up. We had to give up our building about 20 years ago, because it was just too costly to keep a building that was too small to rent out and stuff. So we're doing things out of people's homes now.

Unknown Speaker 49:40

Okay. All right. Yeah, I understand that. Yes, yes. And especially if it's a smaller group than it had been 50 years ago.

Unknown Speaker 49:50

Okay, we have over 160 members at one time in our chapter.

Unknown Speaker 49:55

Oh my,

Speaker 1 49:56

what is it down to now?

Unknown Speaker 49:59

I'm afraid we're down to About 2520

Speaker 1 50:02

members. Well, you know, like there's still a good point

Unknown Speaker 50:06

to begin. So that's good. Yeah.

Speaker 1 50:09

And I mean, the your organization and what it does, I think it's, well, such a well rounded organization, you're doing events, you're helping people that are homeless, you're helping with consumers and community. So what a great organization, I wanted to double check, what is the zip code that that people could send to or a 217048170? All right, so this is

Unknown Speaker 50:36

so it's the Grange, 3891. And then they address is one four? A No,

Unknown Speaker 50:45

no, there's no two one way okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:48

I'm okay. It's 14835. Yes. Is that correct? Apples Road in Plymouth. Great. All right. And I just make the checkout to the Grange. A 389. Yes, please. Yeah. Okay. Is, can I specify, like with a little note,

Unknown Speaker 51:11

oh, please do? Well, we, we understand that some people are just out to say, maybe get food or to do our dictionary program. We had to hold back two years on our dictionary program for the third graders. We feel saddened about it, but with the pandemic we understood. And so we're hoping to get the dictionary program back on its feet again, we delivered well over 600 dictionaries a year to the left five schools alone, down to Detroit, we took some two now, even up north to if you have a communities up north. So it's our biggest, biggest program. So somebody might want to just give to the dictionary program. I'm sad to say at this point that we did lose our director of the dictionary program to COVID. Last year. It was really devastating. He was only 45 years old. Wow, he was just put his life back together for a family wise and then Ellison, he's gone.

Unknown Speaker 52:10

Oh, my gosh,

Speaker 1 52:12

that's, that's a sad story. Yes, it is. We've heard a lot of sad stories. I mean, this last couple years of people, you know, so

Unknown Speaker 52:23

make sure his memory goes on. And by putting the program back together, and hopefully finding somebody to step up and work with it.

Unknown Speaker 52:31

Alright, so I could put like a little post it note on the check and just put sure family in need or something. If you

Unknown Speaker 52:37

don't mind, make sure you have an address there. Because we always like to send thank you notes to those who have given us anything.

Unknown Speaker 52:43

Oh, that's not necessary. But I guess

Unknown Speaker 52:48

part of the part of the feeling good our community like, yeah, you know, not enough people would say thank you just for the little things.

Unknown Speaker 52:58

Right. Right. And, you know, it's people are going through hard times now. I mean, you think even if somebody's got $2 to put in an envelope or something, and then if 100 People sent $2, well, then that you've got $200. You know, it doesn't have to be a big amount. But yeah, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 53:20

no, every little thing, Trump. That's right. And I have a little jar that I put in, I put all my change in and I gained quite a bit of money in a couple of weeks. Pretty much just in that. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:34

yeah, I put, I put my quarters in one thing. But now my two smallest grandson's run over and they know where they're cute. They're like, Oh, we got $3.75. So,

Speaker 1 53:54

okay, you might be able to buy a chocolate bar now with 375. You know, the way the price is?

Unknown Speaker 54:00

You might be

Unknown Speaker 54:02

part of our world right now as the prices keep going up and up, and we keep getting lesser and lesser. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:07

Yeah. Well,

Unknown Speaker 54:09

it was good talking to you, Sharon, and maybe we can pass. You know. I hate to see people going through tough times, as you say they're, you know, trying to do the right thing and everything. So

Speaker 1 54:25

sometimes the world is a little tough on us, you know, and I'm uncertain.

Unknown Speaker 54:29

I know. It's terrible time. Yes, yes. Just love

Speaker 1 54:33

what you're doing. Sharon. You know, that's why we wanted to give you a shout out and have you give us an update on what you're at? Because I mean, Karen was talking about you and Lucy and everyone else and we were just concerned see how you were doing

Unknown Speaker 54:46

to know that all you neighbors out there care enough to even ask somebody to call and I really appreciate that. I know our members of the Grange would say how great it is. And you know your program It's really important to a lot of people. I know my life is very busy at this time since I had gotten sick, that I really didn't truly get to listen to you. And there was times I wanted to listen to you. And I could not get to the radio time to do it.

Speaker 1 55:13

Well, hey, no excuses necessary there. You know, we're here. And available between nine and 11. Most days, except Thursday, it's going to be nine till 10. And we are here open. And we have the you know, phone lines open for anyone to call. And it's a conversation every day. We don't know what's going to happen every day. And it's that's the interesting part. Karen, thank you so much for reaching out and talking with us about how to donate. That's important. And yes, thank you, Shannon, for calling in today. That was great that you update us, you know, we really appreciate it. And then there's a website that someone can go to, or no,

Unknown Speaker 55:54

well, at this time, our websites kind of down. That's why I said we need somebody who would love to work on websites. But as soon as it gets back up, it will be back up again. And we'll have the name and everything to you.

Speaker 1 56:06

Okay, very good. Thank you, Sharon.

Unknown Speaker 56:08

They can go. If they really need to, they can go to the state website, which is called michigan grange.org. Gotta be the.org. Nerd and get a hold of us that way too.

Speaker 1 56:20

All right. Very good. Michigan. grange.org is one way to connect. Alright. Thank you so much. Okay, Sharon and Karen,

Unknown Speaker 56:27

thank you so much. Oh, my God bless you.

Speaker 1 56:30

Thank you so much. All right. You're listening to ask the neighbor. I'm your host Danko Sutter. offski. We just had Sharon from the Grange and Karen on the line. Right now we've got Greg from Linkin Park. Hey, Greg.

Unknown Speaker 56:42

Hey, how's it going? Everybody?

Speaker 1 56:44

Excellent. Talking to you. Yeah. Thank you for calling in. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:49

dunkel I don't want to find fault with you. Okay. But the last time I talked on this show, you called me, Roger. Oh, yeah. He said Roger did this. Roger said that.

Speaker 1 57:06

My bad name is Greg. Greg. Greg, sorry about that.

Unknown Speaker 57:13

You have a good show, you know, thank you, sir. Yeah, you have a really good show. And I don't like finding fault. But

Speaker 1 57:22

you know what, though? I'm glad you address that. Sometimes. You know, when we have multiple callers or one after another, sometimes I get confused. So my apologies, Greg, about that.

Unknown Speaker 57:31

Okay, that's no problem. Okay. And then I haven't heard Lucy. Oh, she'd been calling in.

Speaker 1 57:40

Yeah, she called in. Was it yesterday? DJ. Yeah. She called in yesterday. And she was asking about some plant based recipes that we're going to get out there today. Actually, we've got one that we're gonna share. Second half of the show.

Unknown Speaker 57:55

Yeah, because she just always have good recipes. And I miss hearing, hearing her recipes. You know what she's gonna make or

Speaker 1 58:05

Oh, yeah, I know. I know. She's great. And, you know, we're we just had some other recipes that came in, we were reciting a rice pudding recipe yesterday that Peggy gave us. It's been one of our most popular recipes. We also had a southwestern burger that was pretty popular that was recited on here and today, which is what's the recipe we're going to give out today? DJ?

Unknown Speaker 58:30

We got a shepherd's pie. A vegetarian

Speaker 1 58:32

shepherd's pie we're going to do today.

Unknown Speaker 58:36

Okay, here's a good one that I know everybody wants to make and everybody likes their salmon patties.

Unknown Speaker 58:44

Oh, good call.

Unknown Speaker 58:47

Yeah. Canada, the Canada salmon is a little expensive. They're like $5 and can but it's easy to make the salmon patties are easy. It just makes the bread crumbs and the eggs and you mix it and I with the salmon and I put pink salmon and I put a little salary flakes. Or I could put a little cilantro. I always put garlic you know cuz I love garlic.

Speaker 1 59:15

Oh, yeah, man.

Unknown Speaker 59:17

Go Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:19

Yeah. Make garlic powder and a nickel with the salmon patties up in 10 minutes.

Speaker 1 59:25

So basically, one can one can have salmon. Salmon, right one can. It's about a 16 ounce can think salmon, Pink Salmon, pink salmon can and then we mix in some breadcrumbs and one or two eggs in there. I put to two eggs, okay. And then the breadcrumbs in the eggs keep it together but you're also then people can spice it up. You can put a little garlic in there. You can put some celery or some cilantro that you're saying and basically how many patties can you make Gotta that one can.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02

Oh, you can make them out 10 Out of just the 110 Wow,

Speaker 1 1:00:06

that's not that's not that expensive if you break it down, we're talking 50 cents a penny.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13

Yeah, yeah, it's really good deal. Yeah, I mean that's family stamina is so good for you, you know, it's got protein and calcium. Got calcium in it, you know more than milk.

Speaker 1 1:00:28

Right? But no fish is good for you in a lot of different ways. You know, the omega threes and everything that's in there for your blood. And when you add the garlic in there, you're you're eating something. Really? And then do you bake it? Or do you fry this? How do you make it?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42

I bake mine. Okay. I've heard a lot. I've heard a lot of people fry there's

Speaker 1 1:00:49

Yeah, I bet. I bet you you know, the, the less calorie way would be to bake it. You know? I mean, if you could bake it, and you like it when you bake it when you bake it? That's, that's good. Is it crispy at all on the outside or no?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04

Well, my sister told me to turn off the temperature. I should have never done it. I went from 350. I went from 350 to 375. And they got a little brown, but I shouldn't have I shouldn't have listened to her when she said turn up. Listen to her.

Speaker 1 1:01:23

Right. Every office is different to every ovens a little different. Every ovens a little different, too. So it depends on the oven. So how long do you let them bake in there for at 350?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36

Only about 10 minutes. 10 minutes?

Speaker 1 1:01:38

Okay. 10 To 12 minutes. Perfect little recipe you just gave us here, Greg, you know, this is beautiful for salmon patties? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49

Out there call. Yes. I haven't heard from you in a long time.

Speaker 1 1:01:53

Thank you, Greg. I hope you're enjoying your day. And I sounds like you're driving around.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00

I'm going to work out at the YMCA the gym.

Speaker 1 1:02:03

Alright, well have a good workout. And we appreciate you tuning in and being a part of our neighbor network. We appreciate you Greg, anything else you want to let our neighbors know.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13

Great show. Great. So appreciate that.

Speaker 1 1:02:15

Okay. All right, Greg, you have a wonderful day. Take care now. All right, that was Greg from Linkin Park giving us a salmon Patty recipe and asking for Lucy to give us a call. Right now we're gonna go to a station ID break and we will be back.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30

W NZK has available a few good hours of airtime for a few good programs to serve their communities. Radio is better than ever, and targeting an audience that listens to what you say. Learn more about this exciting radio broadcasting opportunity by calling WNZ Gay radio at 248557 3500 Verse is w NZK Dearborn heights Detroit, your ethnic superstation? 690 days 680 Nights.

Speaker 1 1:03:07

Alright, welcome back, everybody to the top of the second hour you're listening to ask the neighbor, I'm your host Danko sinner offski, coming to you Monday through Friday 9am till 11am. Except on Thursdays, we're only going to be here till 10 As of right now, so give us a call to 48557 3300 is the number we're getting some action from all around the region, Linkin Park, Livonia, the Grange and premiere in Plymouth Westland area. And we're always looking for callers. You can also connect to us through our website, you can go to ask the neighbor calm and put in an ask if you have a question there. I get the email from it. You can also text us at 330333 work. And we wanted to share a plant based recipe as we've, you know been doing here on Tuesdays. And right now DJ Chuck is going to be sharing a recipe for us. This is a vegetarian, shepherd's pie. All right, keeping on that plant base tip and DJ chop, cut. How is everything going with your meal planning and everything like that going

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12

good? Oh, good.

Speaker 1 1:04:14

Excellent. All right, here we go. Yeah, here's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17

the vegetarian shepherd's pie filling. First ingredient you need two tablespoons of olive oil. Step two, you need three shallots, minced then you need 16 ounces of fresh mushrooms sliced six carrots peeled and chopped. Fresh herbs to taste. One spring of rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. Two tablespoons tomato paste Two tablespoons flour, half cup of red wine one to two cups veggie broth. One teaspoon salt, and two cups frozen peas. So that was the pie filling and now this is the mashed potatoes. You need six Yukon gold potatoes, which is about two pounds

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32

a half cup full fat Greek yogurt. A fourth cut butter or olive oil and just some salt to taste. Now as for the instructions, there's only four steps. Step one, you make the mashed potatoes. You peel the potatoes, boiled them until fork tender.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00

You drain them, mash and mix in yogurt and butter and you're going to season that to taste. Step to make the veggies and a large oven safe pot. Heat the oil over medium heat. Add shallots and saute until fragrant. Then you're going to add mushrooms, carrots and hold herbes and you're going to pull those out later

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35

and saute until the carrots are softened. Step three. This is the gravy add tomato paste and flour to the pot and stir.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49

Pour in the red wine and scrape all the brown bits off the bottom of the pan. Let the wine cook out for a minute or two. Then slowly add the broth. stirring it until a gravy starts to form. Season with salt. And you're going to simmer that over low heat to get it thickened even further. And step four the last step the baking remove the herbes stirring the peas and spread the mashed potatoes on top and bake for 15 minutes at 350. I finished mine on the broil setting for a few minutes to get a nice and brown on top. That's uh that's it.

Speaker 1 1:07:49

All right. Do you want to repeat the ingredients one more time? Yeah, for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55

Yeah, so here's the pie filling. You need two tablespoons olive oil. Three shallots minced. 16 ounces, fresh mushrooms sliced. Six carrots peeled and chopped. The fresh herbs which she use the one sprig of rosemary, thyme and a bayleaf

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25

two tablespoons tomato paste. Two tablespoons flour, a half cup red wine, one to two cups veggie broth, a teaspoon salt, and two cups of frozen peas. And as for the potatoes, you need six Yukon gold potatoes, which is about two pounds.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54

A half cup full fat Greek yogurt. A fourth cup butter or olive oil and salt to taste.

Speaker 1 1:09:05

Alright, so that's the vegetarian shepherd's pie, ingredients and method. And so man sounds pretty good. Yeah, not too bad. You think you might make that?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16

Ah, I don't know if I'll make him. I need it.

Speaker 1 1:09:22

Yeah. All right. Well, you're listening to ask the neighbor on Ask the neighbor. We're talking about all kinds of things, things about our community, how we can help our neighbors what you may need. If you're in a situation where you have something that needs to be serviced at your house or if you're looking for a certain product. Give us a call. Let us know what you're looking for. Maybe you want to share a recipe maybe you have ideas of how to save some money. Give us a ring to 48557 3300 is the number you're listening to ask the neighbor asked a neighbor comm check out our stream at very detroit.com and you can to us all the time anywhere W NGK on the road very detroit.com All right we're gonna go to a song and we will be back Am

Unknown Speaker 1:10:29

I was young so time stood still loves all we knew you were the first so they love you man oh okay bar ha hey the star it was hard to live live through curves there was Joe there was her remount bones die new bone live was changed this Sam green brains we came together fell apart broke each other's hearts remember sound was music we dance to we rock back we found drums vowed we never remember remember when they're the same So now looking back is just a stepping stone to where we are where we said we'd do it all again remember remember when we said when we turned gray When children grow away? We won't be sad will be for all the life we've had and will remember Alright, DJ,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15

yeah, that was Alan Jackson. Remember when?

Speaker 1 1:14:19

All right right now we've got Lucy on the line. Good morning, Lucy.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23

Good morning. I'll be quick. I'm looking for a recipe from years ago. There cabbage cheese crests at rolls. How did you make them homemade? There? They have either three or four ingredients in them. Okay, our butter cottage cheese and maybe sugar. Ah, okay. It may have that caught is bad press rolls. Yeah, okay, I'm bad because I haven't unpacked all my recipe. You're not alone, but I don't get downstairs. Do the steps. Okay, right, right. anyways, that's it I'm looking for okay. And I would also like to hear another Alan Jackson, way down yonder On the Chattahoochee. All right? Is that Well, Mike knows what I'm doing.

Speaker 1 1:15:11

Mike knows. Yeah, he knows. Lucy malice Jackson, good to hear your voice. Thank you for calling in and you know Greg was calling in.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21

All right, good. He doesn't listen all the time cuz I call all the time. Okay. No, thank you, Lucy. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28

I'll get off here. So Peggy can give that good. Tyrus?

Speaker 1 1:15:32

Yes. Yes. Here we go. Really good. I've made it. Yeah. Looking forward to that. Thank you for the call. I hope you're having a good day. Why are you

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39

going off on term o'clock on Thursday? I didn't hear you say why?

Speaker 1 1:15:44

Well, it's not really up to me. Someone else has taken that time slot. Oh, no. Okay. So that's just that. I was just basically told that that so not much we can do about that at this moment. So we just got to do what we got to do with what we got. When did they tell

Unknown Speaker 1:16:06

you that last week?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:08

Oh, okay. So you'll have to see who that is? Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:16:13

yes. You will. Okay, all right. Lucy, thank you for the call later. Appreciate it. Okay. All right. Next up, we got Peggy. Hello, Peggy. Hi, hi there. How are you today?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27

Okay. I don't like that having having lose losing some of our time to somebody else either. Amen to that.

Speaker 1 1:16:34

I hear you. I know. I know. Well, you know, it's out of my control at the moment for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41

I was just thinking about Dolly Parton. I think she started off with Porter Wagoner and she decided to leave them and I think he was really upset with her. I don't think you ever forgave her, but boy she took off after she left him. Oh boy. I am calling in US short recipes today. Okay, great. This is because I have egg yolks leftover and I decided I'd make something sweet again. Nice. This is called chocolate pie from Chef's Table. Oh, came from a restaurant that was a small restaurant that was only in business for a short while and I didn't even get a chance to go out there and see what they had. But I've made his pie quite often.

Speaker 1 1:17:35

Oh good. He kept it alive.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:38

All we need is something more sweet. Something that does not like me calling in all this sweet.

Speaker 1 1:17:43

Oh no. We love it. Peggy Are you kidding me? And everybody loves it everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47

chocoholic and this is quite good. It's very simple. Okay, great. Okay, here we go. Three and a half cups milk,

Speaker 1 1:17:56

three and a half cups milk.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00

three egg yolks. Three and you can save the whites for something else. But this is when when you have the yolks and have don't know what to do with them. Perfect. Two three ounce packages of hook conserve chocolate pudding

Speaker 1 1:18:20

can serve chocolate pudding. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26

Third cup. Chocolate chips

Speaker 1 1:18:29

on third cup. Chocolate chips.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33

Two tablespoons butter, two tablespoons butter. Okay, and here's the directions. Okay. Blend the milk and yolks. One milk and heat over medium heat

Speaker 1 1:18:49

and heat over medium heat.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:52

Okay, add the pudding powder. Add pudding powder. Bring to boil and cook. Three to five minutes

Speaker 1 1:19:04

Bring to boil and cook. Three to five minutes. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:13

so you got that was the three yolks right?

Speaker 1 1:19:17

Oh, so yeah, we blend blend the milk and the yolks. And over medium heat.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25

Then when you're adding putting powder bringing to boil adding the putting three to five minutes Bring to boil now you whisk in the chocolate chips and butter

Speaker 1 1:19:36

whisk in chocolate chips in butter

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41

and pour into a prepared crust

Speaker 1 1:19:44

and pour into prepared crust. That sounds super simple.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:51

It's very simple and delicious. If you like chocolate,

Speaker 1 1:19:55

I mean this is a great recipe. It's simple. I love chocolate and I love the simplicity of this one thing. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:02

because I made a recipe that called for, you know, a lot of them called just for the whites of eggs, and then you don't know what to do with the yolk. So this time I had the yolk slipped over and I remember this one, so I made that in a hurry.

Speaker 1 1:20:17

I bet you this one is rich and delicious. It is good. Awesome. Thank you so much, Peggy for that recipe and okeydoke all of your contributions to this show. We really appreciate every time you call. We love you. Thank you so much. Okay, bye. Take care. All right, that was Peggy she recited a simple recipe for us. Right now. We've got Billy Whitehouse on the line. Good morning, Billy.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41

Good morning. Danko. How you doing today?

Speaker 1 1:20:43

Excellent. Excellent. Thank you for calling into our show. This is your first time calling into our show. But people know about the White House name.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:53

Well, we've been in the business in the real estate business a long time I grew up in the business. I tell people I've been in since I was 10. Yeah, I work with my mom and dad and sister. And we're a team, the White House, the White

Speaker 1 1:21:03

House team. So um, how can people get a hold of you or connect with you online? Before we even start the conversation?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:11

Yeah, well, we're in all the social media channels. And then our website is white houses. That's White House with an SI the n.com Ross on Facebook or Instagram, just search the White House team and welcome up.

Speaker 1 1:21:23

Nice. What a great name you have, by the way, Billy, I gotta just say, Man, how many people have the White House as their name? Come on?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:31

It's a cool day, but really proud.

Speaker 1 1:21:34

A sweet name. And you don't have to spell it? You know? I mean, no, it's easy. White House. So family's been in real estate a very long time here in this Metro. And that gives I think your company an advantage because of the history and the knowledge of the demographics, the shifts of going up and down. And what are you seeing in the marketplace right now, in real estate?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:02

Well, what's going on in the marketplace is we really have a supply shortage. So since 2008, the recession, the builder system, not keep up with with building. And so numbers can vary, but they say anywhere from four to 6 million houses in the United States we're behind. And they're really trying to figure out how to handle that. They say we can't build our way out of it. But that's really what we have to do, we have to figure out how to have housing for people.

Speaker 1 1:22:29

I mean, it's such a weird, weird time, you know, the prices are going up, you're getting less for the money. And there's not even inventory enough to buy. And there's a new crop of people that are marrying getting married and looking for homes every spring, right. So there's a whole new, there's a flow of new inventory demand, this spring, and this summer, more people are going to be looking for homes, right? And there is

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57

and suggestions I would give is when you're looking for a home, you really need to be aggressive and proactive, because the competition is out there. And you know, when you get in that in that space and are really going for it, you have a much higher chance, unfortunately, sometimes I find a buyer, we have to go through a couple of processes of them bidding on something and losing it before they realize how really competitive it is out there.

Speaker 1 1:23:23

So if you like something you better jump on it quick because things are going and people are they are people still bidding above asking price.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:31

Yeah, there's, there's a couple things. Yes, there are bidding above asking. So if you're looking for a home, you need to be proactive with looking at the home. So that means connecting with your real estate agent with a realtor and actually getting a feed directly from the multiple listing service. Because if you're waiting until it gets over to Zillow, or realtor.com, it's already been out there, it could be anywhere from 15 minutes to 48 hours has been on the market. And other people are already looking

Speaker 1 1:23:58

at that crazy times crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01

So what you want to do is you want to be the first one. And if you like something you want to be already be prepared with a pre qualification letter from a lender, and you want to create your offer packs and be very aggressive in your possession.

Speaker 1 1:24:13

Now, let me ask you this. What do housing prices look like? They're gonna keep increasing over the next two to five years.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24

I have seen no indicators of them going down. Okay, how is it the shortage of supply? You know, that is the factor that is driving up right now we have an increasing population. And that's not going to decrease. So the demand is going to continue if that increase, but the supply is not keeping up. So the basic economics say that's what's forcing everything up right now. Well, that's what we had in 2008. And why we had that recession is because there was an actual crash. There was a subprime lending situation where people were lending more money than they should have been. And that's what caused that recession. But the federal government has really put some very good, you know, oversight into today's borrowing. They're very detailed when they do qualify someone for a mortgage, and they're very thorough in their documentation. So that's being protected. Now, the problem is, is there's just not enough houses to buy.

Speaker 1 1:25:17

It's wild. I mean, so if somebody wanted to list their home right now, they could call you. And you could give them an analysis of what its worth is and what you would list it for. And then your team would market that property.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31

For sure, not only what I share pricing information, but I would also share marketing information. Because the idea is you want to be totally prepared when you come to maximize your exposures, the day you hit the market, right? That you want to have all of your digital assets, your photos, your virtual tour, your videos ready to go. Because what you're looking to do is you want to get it out to all those third party websites and all those buyers at the same time. So they get very excited about it. And then they all come in to see your home.

Speaker 1 1:25:58

So boom. Yeah. So again, that's white houses.com. Yep. Okay, my

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06

air, you can email us as the team at team at White houses.com.

Speaker 1 1:26:12

Wow, that's nice and easy to do. Alright, so, um, another thing that we were talking about when we we were talking actually in front of Detroit, bowled coffee at Eastern Market when we saw each other a couple weeks ago. And I had asked you to see if you'd like to come on our show and talk about the real estate market. And we specifically we're talking about a couple areas, like in Detroit, right. And in this Metro, there's some areas of where there's homes that need to be remodeled, right. And there's some opportunities there. I feel like that people could make a lot of money. If they do that talk, talk to me a little bit about that part that you're focused on. Sure. So there is

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57

still a lot of inventory in the Detroit metropolitan area that needs some work. And there are various loan products out there that people could, you know, have that work done. There was like a two or 3k loan, which allows people to buy a home, renovate it, and then they did one single housing payment when it's all done. So that that's one product out there. They're also for people that are renting. Michigan has this fantastic program for first time homebuyers. And they call someone a first time homebuyer, if you haven't owned a home in the past 36 months, what you can do is you can get into a home for 1% down. And the State offers a second mortgage, which is zero interest and zero payments until you sell the home of up to $7,500 towards your prepaids and closing costs. So in reality, almost for the for the price of a security deposit, you can own a home, and there's no reason to be renting nowadays.

Speaker 1 1:27:51

That's crazy. I mean, so let me let me just walk this through again, in my mind. So I can come in with as little as 1%. So if it's a house, that's $100,000, I could come in with 1000 bucks, and potentially buy that house. If I'm a first time homebuyer,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:11

you can you can it uses the same criteria is either an FHA or conventional mortgage, but then then it gets sent over to the state and the state looks at it and decides that they approve the deal. And it really is a great program. And actually this this is a program that the state did so intelligently, because every mortgage is created, part of the part of the mortgage profits is paid back into that fund. So the fund is self funding. It'll keep going it costs no government dollars, it just funds itself.

Speaker 1 1:28:46

Wow. So some interesting, interesting things happening in this marketplace. What are some areas that you like around the city? Bill?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:55

You know, I love the city and the entire metropolitan area. I mean, we live in such an exciting space, that is really transforming itself and reinventing itself. And every day, there are new projects coming online or new areas, new homes that are being renovated and being built new businesses that are being open. I mean, it's exciting all around, it depends on you know, what's your lifestyle? What do you like to do? That's really what you look for you look for a home and what you like to do on a daily basis. Where do you like to shop? Where do you like to eat? What kind of privacy would you like? And that's how you probably select the area of where you'd like to live.

Speaker 1 1:29:30

Yeah, some people want more of a more community vibe, where you're sitting on front of the porch and you're interacting with neighbors, some people don't want that. Some people want to pull into the garage and not come out. You know? And so that's all right, either way is okay, right. I mean, everyone's got a different way of living. So there's different properties that have more lands more or less land. All kinds of really, really unique products. So you You guys are selling and in helping people sell all throughout the metro. Is there? Is there a range that you guys go by? Or

Unknown Speaker 1:30:09

how far we focus on the Tri County area? So we're in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne County. Beautiful.

Speaker 1 1:30:15

And how long has the business been in business? The White House business?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:20

Well, you know, my dad got into business in 1978. And I say, I got into business in 1980. When I was 10 years old, you go into business?

Speaker 1 1:30:29

Well, it's an interesting business. And it's never boring. You know, real estate is always on the move. And we're always looking for insight on that industry. So you're saying that our there's probably some people out here listening, that would be like, Okay, I'm interested in a 1%. Down situation. And I would love to buy a house, if I could do it with 1%. Down. What is the first step? Where do they call?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:56

Yeah, well, actually, just just drop me an email at team at White houses.com. Okay, and let me know your phone number. And we'll connect and I'll connect you with a couple lenders that work with that mister. first time homebuyer program, okay, and they can have conversations, figure out which lender they feel comfortable with, and go from there.

Speaker 1 1:31:13

Beautiful. That way, you can just email team at White houses.com. And that's going to give you just let them know what you're looking for that way it also that's the email that they could use to list right if they were if there was someone out there. That's, you know what, I want to list my house, I'm ready to sell, maybe I'm looking to upgrade? Maybe I'm looking to go a little down in size. So you could help them with that. Does that the same way to get a hold of you? What if some of our folks don't email? What if our some of our folks don't email? Is there a phone number

Unknown Speaker 1:31:49

of the business support? Of course, yeah, they can give us a call our the direct line to our team is 24854081008100.

Speaker 1 1:32:01

Excellent. So good to talk to you today, Bill. It's been just fantastic. Is there anything else you'd like to let our neighbors know, before we let you go?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:12

Well, it's really, you know, if they're thinking about making a move, seriously, think about doing it sooner than later. Because year by year, houses continued to appreciate. And the other factor that is going to be coming into play quite soon, is the interest rates. So as interest rates go up, the actual their buying power will be less and less, a little adjustment of a three point or a quarter point increase in the interest rates really takes down how much mortgage they can they can qualify for. So it's important to get into the market before the market outstrips him,

Speaker 1 1:32:45

right. So it's a weird time. And I'm telling you, I know that you're running around trying to make deals and get people into houses and get more inventory out there. Thank you so much, Bill, Billy White House from white houses.com. And you can email them at team at White houses.com. Thank you for your time. It's been great talking to you. All right. Have a great day. Take care. Bye. All right, that was Billy White House from white houses.com a real estate agency that's been in this Metro for a long, long time. And a great guy. So if you're looking to work with someone, I would give him a call you can give team at white houses.com and email or you can give them a call at 248540 8100 Thank you so much for tuning in. You're listening to ask the neighbor we're here from Monday through Friday 9am till 11am Except on Thursdays we'll be here till 10 only give us a ring 248557 3300 You can also text us at 330333 work we're going to go to a tune right now and we will be back G big dream history you need to only buy history I can make you So that is his dream dream dream dream I can make you only trouble G some dream my love so and that is history

alright DJ, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:08

those are the Everly Brothers. All I have to do is dream and that was requested by Peggy in Southfield. All right,

Speaker 1 1:36:13

all right. All right, man. We've been kicking out some recipes today DJ. Yeah, I think this might be a record. Um, you recited the vegetarian shepherd's pie. Right. And then we had Greg from Linkin Park came in with a simple Sam salmon Patty recipe, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:32

I love me some salmon.

Speaker 1 1:36:33

How do you make it? Do you make it like

Unknown Speaker 1:36:34

that? Oh, yeah. Similar to that, you know, use it right?

Speaker 1 1:36:38

Yeah, you use a can of salmon. You know. And then you mix in some bread crumbs? Yeah. What else?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:46

Garlic. Like he said, Okay. Eggs. Yeah. Okay, maybe some scallions or something.

Speaker 1 1:36:52

Okay. Maybe a few mushrooms in there. And then bake it to 350. So thank you for that Greg. Lucy then called in and is looking for a recipe actually. She's looking for a cottage cheese crescent roll recipe. And if one of our neighbors out there might have it. And if it's available, let us know. 248557 3300 is the number. We are here we are ready to serve. We also had a recipe from Peggy so we had a chocolate pie recipe we also shared so there's three recipes today that might be a record here, DJ, I'm not sure I got to look back in the books. But then also we had Sharon from the Grange called in and gave us an update about what's happening there. And people can go ahead and send a check if you want to support the Grange, all of her work dealing with right now she's helping a homeless family looking for some help from our neighbors and from people that could help out her phone number is 734-748-0569 and the address that you could send a check to help out. This family is the Grange 389 address 14835 Ackles road EC K L E S road. Plymouth, Michigan 48170. Again, that's the addresses the Grange 38914835 Ackles. EC K Le s road. Plymouth, Michigan 48170. So it's been an active active day today, folks, and we are really happy that so many folks have been able to call in today. We talked with Sharon from the Grange, Lucy Peggy Karen. Billy White House we had Katelyn Graham was with a part of our show earlier today about the cannabis nurse calm. And that was our first part of our first show. So boy boy what a great day give us some love give us a call 24857 3300 is the number we're gonna go to another tune this one was for Lucy right yeah, there we go

Unknown Speaker 1:39:46

Are we down yonder Roma chan Rouge. It gets hotter than we lay in rubber on the Georgia asphalt. We got a little crazy but we never got called Down by the river on a Friday night. pyramid of cans and the pale dog in our cars and green and back when never had a plan to live in Golden Chad Fuji never knew how much did muddy water meant to me learn how to swim and alert was bottom limit in the wind is a mouse ship machine she was ready so I settled for a burger and a gravestone dropped her off early but I didn't go down by the river on a Friday night and medications and cars and dream and never had a plan to live in Chad and he never knew how much it muddy water meant to me but I learned how to spam and I learned a lot about living and little babble.

Unknown Speaker 1:41:31

down yonder Roma Chen fuchun is hotter than a hoochie coochie we lay rubber on the Georgia asphalt we got a little crazy but we never got called.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:12

really find that the wind is mouse Shin was when she was ready so settled for omega ran a great snow cone adopter all burly Buddha didn't go down by the river all the fraud and medications in the pale moon by talking about cars and green and vowed never had a plan to live in the underground the Chad never knew how much it muddy water man learn how to spam and I learned through a lot of battles. A lot of battle bout That's right.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:12

Yeah. Helen Jackson Chattahoochee for Lucy and Chester.

Speaker 1 1:43:16

That kind of rhymes man. Chattahoochee for Lucy. Oh yeah, a little bit. All right. Hope you guys enjoyed that you're listening to ask the neighbor here with DJ Chubb ca and myself. Danko Sutter offski, Monday through Friday 9am to 11 Except Thursdays till 10. All right, we're gonna go to a piece right now. That's about clarity.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:36

Here we go. Overwhelmed. That doesn't feel pleasant hanging in the air does it? The word itself brings up feelings of failure and isolation. It's also the word sadly that I hear the most from new clients. I have a friend and client who is successful, runs a great business is very active in the community and is honestly the most positive person you will ever meet. And yet, at our first coaching consultation, she told me that not only did she feel overwhelmed, she felt paralyzed. When I asked her to elaborate, she brought up words like shame, failure, fear and isolation. I assured her that she is not alone. In fact, in homes and businesses and relationships everywhere, overwhelm has become our society's dirty little secret. We fill everything. We fill our houses, we fill our cars, we fill our offices, we fill our smartphones. We fill our storage units, we fill our minds, and we fill our hearts. With more than we can manage. We think that the more will lead to happiness. But all it does is perpetuate the overwhelm. Because of this dirty little secret, the word clutter has exploded in our nation's vocabulary. From books to TV shows to magazines, you can't even check out at the grocery store without seeing the word clutter plastered over every single magazine cover. But what people don't realize is clutter is not just our stuff. It can be those physical things that clog clog up our homes. But it can also be digital, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. The physical clutter is the typical that we think of the closets that are overflowing the garages that can't hold cars, the storage units that have become a billion dollar industry in this country. digital clutter are things like the 10 2050 80,000 emails and inboxes that I see on a very regular basis. It's also things like file saved on your computer without naming conventions, so you don't know what you have, and you spend a lot of time looking for things. mental clutter, can be fears. It can also be voices, whether it be from a boss, or a spouse, or the news, just anything that bombards us. Emotional clutter can be from patterns, negative patterns that you don't even realize that you have. It can also be all those I can't voices, I can't lose weight, I can't quit my job and go out on my own in business. Now, spiritual clutter isn't talked about as much, but it can be caused from things like a lack of forgiveness, or a lack of peace. Those last two, the emotional and the spiritual clutter, they can be very subtle. Those can also be the most paralyzing. Basically, clutter is anything that keeps you from living the life that you were meant to leave anything that keeps you from living the life that you want to lead. Anything that stops you from accomplishing your work and enjoying your life. Now, it may not seem possible, but all types of clutter, all the ones I listed, have one main costs. I have a wonderful friend, mentor and business coach Barbara Hemphill. And she trademarked a phrase that sums up this universal truth. Clutter is postponed decisions.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:04

Think about that for a minute. It fits in every circumstance, the physical stuff, you walk into your closet, or if you can walk in, maybe you try to walk in, and there's a whole section of clothes, and perhaps the postpone decision is am I really going to put forth the effort or the time to try to lose that last 10 pounds and fit into this whole shelf. Or perhaps the postpone decision is am I going to clean out my storage area. So I can take these things and put them in bins and then rotate by season. Paper papers, a huge one that I deal with, we pick something up, we put it back down, we pick something up, we put it back down, one pile becomes 10 piles, and then your boss is coming in or you have friends coming over for dinner and you push them all in a bag and put them in the closet. Digital, you do the same thing with email that you deal with paper, you open it, open it but you've not making decision. Sometimes decisions are easy, just delete or reply or put in a folder. But for some reason, we postpone them. And then we get to the point we don't even want to open up our computer. Now I always had a very good handle on the first two, the physical and the digital clutter. And I understood how the other ones worked with my clients because very often there's an underlying reason that things got to the point that they did. But I didn't truly understand how those affected you and your life until I got stuck. In 2012 I had heart surgery. I had a valve defect that I'd had my whole life. And I had been told you'll live into your 80s No medical intervention go You're fine. Everything's great. Well, the year leading up to my surgery, my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Given a very short time to live, and my oldest son was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts, my heart, figuratively, and then literally broke. So by April of 2012, I was in heart failure, and I had surgery. Now I flew through, I was the model patient, I was only in the hospital 48 hours, I was up walking, I was doing fun things. I completed a half marathon 11 months after heart surgery. So everything looked great. And I was getting a lot of compliments, that I was stuck. I had massive amounts of mental and emotional clutter. My mental clutter was fierce. What if it didn't work? What if it breaks again? Why am I having these stupid, crazy, dizzy spells? Why do I still need a nap every single day a year later? My emotional clutter was guilt. Why am I still here, and other people aren't. And let me tell you those two rolled together to make some really nice spiritual clutter along the way. So now don't hate me when I tell you this part. But my house is very, very neat and clean almost all the time. And I had a client who was quite the opposite. She was depressed by her townhouse. She hadn't had people over in years, except for me to try to work on it. And we became very close very quickly. And so one day, I was commenting to her that besides this stuff that was dragging her down, she had a vibrant life. And she was doing fun things and learning and continuing her education and going on trips. And I sort of prompted her a little bit. And I said, Imagine what you could do without all this stuff weighing you down. And man, did she zing me. Because she said, Look who's talking. And she said, you keep telling me about ideas that you have for your business, and things you want to do. And she said, and you're not doing any of them, you are staying stuck. Awesome. So we challenged each other. And I must say she got through her issues a lot faster than I did. But I started facing it, I stopped postponing the decision to look at the fear and postponing the need to deal with that guilt. And so a shift with me. Now, I don't know what all of your postpone decisions are in some of those areas. Perhaps you also have a fear that you're not facing. Perhaps there's someone that you need to give forgiveness. And you haven't extended that forgiveness yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:00

But what's the answer? The key is make a decision. Right? Some are easy. Two weeks from today, we are cleaning out this garage, some are grand, I'm going to drop out of school, move to California and write a novel. Some are minuscule. Every week, I'm going to delete to sales emails or to unsubscribe from to sales emails. But the key is, it's for you. Your Clutter of any type is not a moral sentence. Guilt is not going to help whether from someone else or from yourself. So everything you do in these areas needs to be for you. And for your sanity. There's a saying change is a result of action. An action is the result of a decision. So that means that you have the power, even in the midst of that horrible overwhelm to the point of being paralyzed, you have the power to affect change by making a decision. Now it has to have an action just like with the physical stuff, you got to box it up, bag it up, take it to the donation center, you know, take it to the curb, whatever it may be. For the others you need to take an action also whether it's talk to a good friend, get out in nature and meditate journal, whatever it is, but there needs to be an action tied to it. I heard something years ago and I love how it applies here. And that is give God something to bless. In other words, do something, move forward. Make a decision take an action even if it's tiny and the universe will reward you with momentum. The bottom line is ultimately the quality of your life is determined by the decisions you make about your stuff and about yourself. So do something move forward some clutter is going to come back both the physical kind the emotional That's called life. It's going to keep coming back. But if you make those decisions along the way, and Don't postpone them, you will ultimately move from overwhelm towards what we all want. Peace. Thank you. Alright, DJ,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:18

yeah, that was from clutter to clarity. And that was Carrie Thomas. Yeah, some

Speaker 1 1:55:23

good information there. Actually. What did you think about that? DJ? You seem like a guy that cleans out all your stuff, your emails and everything. You keep your digital stuff pretty Yeah, yeah. That's good. I mean, I think I think the younger generation actually gets rid of digital stuff easier than some of the older folks. What do you what are your thoughts on that? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:55:44

I can. I can see that we're more aware, I guess. Yeah.

Speaker 1 1:55:47

And I'm, it's a weird thing. So if that is that maybe that's something we'll talk about more tomorrow. As we talk about this clutter thing and spring cleaning and all these other things that are happening in our lives. I just want to say thank you to tax solutions. consultants.com 248566336 to Renee Carcetti. Is someone that I would be calling right now, if you have any questions about your finances. If you're worried about inflation. If you're worried about your business businesses valuation, I'd give Rene concetti a call. She's an expert at this. She has programs and tools and experience that can help you figure out what the best next step is for you and your family tech solutions consultants.com 248566336 To thank you to Detroit bold coffee.com boldly brewed and Motown check them out at the stern market every Saturday where if you buy a cup of coffee there, those proceeds go to the cast cord or homeless shelter there. They're helping those folks out. And you can go to Detroit bold coffee.com online and input the very Detroit promo code to get a discount on there. You can also go to shop Detroit on very Detroit comm and click on the shop Detroit button where you're going to get a promo when you put in the promo code. There's multiple retailers now we're looking for more, we've been reaching out to more so that we can share discounts to our neighbors. If you have any ideas of others that you think that we should have included in there. Give us a call. Let them know that we want a promo code from you. 248557 3300 is the number you can give us a call today tomorrow when you can thank you to kebab Island calm kebab Island is located on 13 Mile Road just this side of Shaner 586-751-7511 Kebab Island calm check out their menu they've got specials every day. You can also say ask the neighbor sent you and they'll give you 10% off your meal. That's kabob island.com Thank you to Troy jewelers at you can find them online at Troy jewel Troy diamonds calm. They're located between big Beaver and wattles on Rochester on the west side of the road. 248-528-0962 That's 248-528-0962 They've been in business for over 35 years folks in Troy family run business you can walk in there with an idea and they can make it a reality. That's Troy jewelers located on Rochester between big Beaver and Latos to 485280962 Thank you to Lewis Tire Service located on eight mile 317 East Eight Mile Road 248-542-0930 Check them out. You get half off of your tire repair. When you mentioned ask the neighbor they focus on new and used tires and rims been in business for over 50 years folks right there on eight mile just west of I 75 fast and friendly service for you everyday there. except Sundays I believe they're not open. Alright folks, that's pretty much our show for today. We're gonna see you tomorrow, and we're going to leave you with a song Here you

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